Top 10 Magic Tricks of 2023

Let's take a look at the best magic tricks we released in 2023.

When it comes to magic tricks, everyone has a different opinion about what is “best”. So rather than let subjectivity creep into this top ten list of magic tricks for 2023, this list is based on the numbers we actually sold.

Data is impossible to argue with! Just ask our CFO.

With that said, let’s get on with this definitive list of the best magic tricks we’ve sold this year.

Appearing Glass

This easy-to-do take on a classic plot in magic took the magic world by storm when it was released. It’s easy to see why. There are many magic tricks where liquid is produced. But none use this modern, clever method.

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Triad Coins (Morgan Dollars)

Joshua Jay’s neoclassic magic trick starts with empty hands. Three coins are produced one at a time. And then those same three coins vanish one at a time leaving your hands empty. There are no weird grips, no hand-washing, just pure, elegant magic. The gimmicked coins you get do all the work for you. And after many people requesting a version made with real silver Morgan Dollars, we were delighted when we could bring them to the world!

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Industrial Revelation

Unavailable for many years, this classic Jamie D. Grant magic trick is a super-sized version of the Matchbox Penetration trick. But this this take on it, 1.5lbs of metal is removed from a card box!

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Permanent Record

Ben Seidman’s name says quality. Well, it doesn’t. It says Ben Seidman, but you know what we mean. This unusual trick involves transforming a card printed on a playing card box. It’s easy, and very surprising. And like the the best magic tricks, it all happens in the spectators’ hands.

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This magic trick looks like CGI, but it’s actually a very clever gimmick that hides in plain sight. Like the best magic tricks, it does require a little practise, but when you get the knack, you can perform miracles!

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Only released a few weeks ago, this has already made the top ten best magic tricks of the year! David Regal has a knack for creating commercial, hard-hitting, easy to do magic. And “Canon” is definitely a magic trick that ticks all those boxes.

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Ultimate Oil and Water

Anthony Owen had a real talent for creating magic tricks that people loved to watch and also to perform. His version of this classic plot in magic uses some sneaky ideas to deliver one of the cleanest and fairest versions of this trick ever created.

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Cube In Bottle Project

Rubik’s cubes are still incredibly popular when it comes to magic tricks. Everyone knows what one is and how it works. So when you do something like put one in a bottle, and then magically solve it without touching it, you know you’re onto a winner!

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Vanishing Point

This highly visual magic trick lets you show five decks of cards, and make them all vanish apart from one! You need to see how crazy this looks. When it comes to visual magic tricks, this is hard to beat

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