Vanishing Point

Trick by William Tyrrell
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Vanishing Point

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Trick by William Tyrrell (29.95)

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Vanishing Point - magic
Vanishing Point Vanishing Point Vanishing Point Vanishing Point Vanishing Point Vanishing Point

Multiple decks of cards vanish into thin air, leaving you with a single, ordinary deck. “Vanishing Point” by William Tyrrell isn’t just a card magic opener, it's a game-changing moment of visual madness that leaves your audience stunned and begging for more!

We are so excited to partner with William Tyrrell for his debut release “Vanishing Point.” While this might be his first mass-market effect, William has actually been an underground magic gimmick prodigy for years. His visually stunning magic regularly receives praise from some of our industry’s most respected creators.

Now you can experience what all the hype is about by grabbing “Vanishing Point,” his greatest creation to date. “Vanishing Point” is the easiest way to visually vanish four decks of cards anytime, anywhere, leaving you with a totally normal deck of cards that can be used for all your favorite card tricks.

“I hate that it’s that simple” Chris Ramsay

As soon as we saw “Vanishing Point” performed at Magifest, we knew that we had to find a way for the magic community to get their hands on it. There really is no better way to open up a card magic set. “Vanishing Point” allows you to take your audience on a journey into the realm of unimaginable card magic by performing CGI magic in real life!

“Vanishing Point” is designed for close-up performances but, it is also clearly social media gold. The handcrafted gimmick comes ready to be used with either red or blue Bicycle decks, so you can start blowing minds right away. You’ll even learn how just a few minutes of incredibly simple DIY is all that’s needed to customize it to fit any of your favorite custom playing cards.

  • Super easy to use
  • Resets in seconds
  • Comes with a handmade gimmick (both red and blue options included)
  • Ends with a normal deck of cards
  • Can be customized to fit any deck
  • Perfect for both in-person performances and social media videos

The detailed instructions show you everything you need for any situation, including the super simple bit of sleight of hand required to end clean when performing in person and the social media handlings with viral potential.

Grab “Vanishing Point” by William Tyrrell to add a visual explosion of magic to any performance!


Customer reviews for Vanishing Point

VI Monthly


Nice trick. Visually striking. Video is very clear. Shows a bunch of different ideas. Easily understandable. Easy to do. Video is not too long (as some are, which drives me a little crazy). Being made of paper, I suspect that if you use this a lot, that it may eventually wear out & you'll need to replace it--or make one yourself.



Takes a little practice to get this down but once that is accomplished it is easy to do and you will get great reactions. The tutorial is excellent.





This is very very nice!
Fun to play with, good explantion - very nice!



Vanishing Point by William Tyrrel was a great little 'quick flick' card deck vanish of several cards. The angle is important but once you practice it several times you will have no problem on the presentation to your audience. You have the option to set the gimmick up with various colored decks. I used several colors (no two the same) and matched them with actual-colored full decks. I present the full decks to the spectators to hold and look at. I take them back to stack them in my kit switching them for the gimmick. Then the entire stack of four of the decks vanish in a second leaving one real deck to do your next card trick. The gimmick is easily disposed of and the remaining deck is ready for your next card illusion. This is a great little opener, easy to do and happens so fast it will baffle your audience.



Love this ! A lot of fun




VI Monthly

Jeff L

VI Monthly


Great gimmick, it's a lot of fun using it.





This is a great trick depending on the situation for sure. If you are planning on making content for social media and want something that is visually appealing and quick, this is definitely a demonstration for that. In person is tricking; I would personally use it as a gag when walking up to a group of people or even a close up/parlor show as a joke of needing extra cards for the performance. The instruction is great and well made. The gimmick is also well made and seems like it will be pretty durable. There is a visual discrepancy but I think will be overlooked by most people even with a keen eye.


Community questions about Vanishing Point

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Mark asks: Does this trick require wearing long sleeves?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Nope! This effect has no clothing requirements :)
  • Alan asks: I often perform in a tee shirt. Does this work for Vanishing Point?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Yes! There are no clothing requirements for this effect
    • 2. Alan answers: Sorry, just saw the answer.
  • Will asks: What cards can you perform this with?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Great question Will! We include a red bicycle gimmick, but also include materials to customize your gimmick to blue or multicolored decks! I also include a bonus pdf and video, allowing to create a "Vanishing Point" gimmick with any deck of poker cards!
  • Jason asks: What level of skill would you say is needed to do this trick cleanly? I know level of skill is subjective but I’m 46 and just got into magic recently and like to ask before I make a purchase. I can do the different lifts, spread cull, faro shuffle (not perfect every time) and a few other things but I haven’t mastered any passes yet. I know everything takes time and practice but is Vanishing Point doable with the limited amount of skill I’ve listed or does the one sleight to leave you clean at the end require more of an advanced move? I hope I’ve asked an appropriate question and not said anything I’m not supposed to. If this gets removed I’ll resubmit with other wording. Any help would be appreciated.

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I teach multiple ways to end clean with this effect, ranging from no skill required to using a basic slight. You can chose which one works best for you!
    • 2. Jason answers: Thank you for your answer Will!
  • Marty asks: How long is the reset time?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Just a few seconds to reset the gimmick and you can perform again!
  • Scot asks: How are the angle requirements?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: At the bare minimum the angles are 180 degrees. If you are handling the gimmick as I explain the tutorial, you can have people surrounding you! Although they will not be able to see the effect if they are standing behind you ??
  • Craig asks: About 40 seconds into video / picture #5 (the multiple card box “steps” as opposed to a stack)… is that for one of the handlings mentioned or is that the gimmick in action?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: That would be part of the social media handling which I teach in the instructions and you can watch here:
  • Les asks: The trailer shows the deck being handed out. In that I assume, there is a gimmick, will the instructions show how to steal away that gimmick?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: You are left with a completely clean deck at the end of the effect! I share multiple ways to end clean, ranging from to skill required to using a basic sleight to be able to go directly into your favorite card effect!
  • Robert asks: I wonder if, instead of ending with a deck, you can have someone choose a card from a selection of decks. Then later bring back all the decks, vanish them and end up holding only the selected card?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: This visual is actually possible with some extra DIY. Dm me @willtyrrell52 if interested in details!
  • Doug asks: Is this a do-it-yourself assembly project? Do I supply the decks that vanish? Will you have this in Vegas for Magic Live? (How many questions is/are too many questions?)

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: It will be available at Magic Live! Your gimmick comes ready to go with red Bicycle decks, and we include materials to easily change it to blue or a multicolored stack of cards. I've also taught how to change the gimmick to any of your favorite custom decks, however this will require slightly more diy.
  • Mark asks: Does hand size matter to be able to hold the 4 deck gimmick and normal deck?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: If you're worried about this, give it a try with 5 normal decks of cards. If you are comfortable with that, you'll be able to use this gimmick!
  • Joe asks: It says close-up and media, how about Parlor or stage?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Works for any environment as long as you can see the decks of cards!
  • Jim asks: Can this be done sitting at a table? Thx

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Yes!
  • Stefan asks: How durable the gimmick is, is there anything to be worried about? Thanks

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: The gimmick is super durable! It is however, still a product manufactured with card box card stock so basic care such as keeping it away from liquid is required. If the gimmick ever does start to break, I teach how you can easily repair it. The original gimmick I made is still working using this method!
  • Henry asks: Are you able to hold the decks at an angle to show each individual deck to start with?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I teach the "social media handling" that's linked below on the instructions. With some modifications, you could perform this in real life but it would most likely nit be something you could do at any time.
  • Kenneth asks: Is there any palming needed to hand out the deck after the vanish? Thankyou, Ken

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Yes, you will have to ditch something if you want to hand the deck and the box out. I teach this in detail, but if you are uncomfortable doing this, I teach a few other ways to end clean that require no skill. No matter what, you can take the cards out of the box after the effect to go into your favorite routine!
  • Eric asks: What if i dont wanna vanish 5 decks .what if i only want 3 to that fine

    • 1. Mark answers: Great gimmick! I didn't receive a pdf as part of my purchase and would like to reduce my gimmick to only 3 or 4 decks, too. Can someone at vanishing inc. send me a link? I'm pretty handy with an x-acto and tape, so shouldn't be a problem! lol. Thanks for your help. :-)
    • 2. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: That could work with this gimmick! I mention it in the pdf, and a minimal amount of diy will be needed to cut off a deck. If you have any questions let me know, just remember Vanishing Inc. is not responsible if you decide to alter the gimmick.
    • 1. Mark answers: Great gimmick! I didn't receive a pdf as part of my purchase and would like to reduce my gimmick to only 3 or 4 decks, too. Can someone at vanishing inc. send me a link? I'm pretty handy with an x-acto and tape, so shouldn't be a problem! lol. Thanks for your help. :-)
  • Paul asks: Can I have the stacked decks sitting on a table, pick them up anytime during the show and then do the vanish? Or do I have to walk on holding the decks. I just don’t want to be anchored down to a set up gimmick until I want to do the vanish.

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Technically there is a way to do this, contact me if you would like to know how. However, the gimmick is really easy to switch in, so I would suggest having an actual stack on the table, and then switching for the gimmick.
  • Mark asks: Will, can you provide me with a link to the pdf instructions that covers how to reduce the size of the gimmick to 3-4 decks, please? Looking forward to adding this great vanish to my set. Cheers. :-)

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Please email me and I can give you details. The included pdf you can find in your account mentions how to do it, but I'm happy to explain in more detail. Thanks!
  • Fred asks: is this appropriate for a 13 year old?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely. It's very easy to do.
  • Robert asks: I'm assuming this has to be performed with the set-up in the right hand. In other words the gimmick is constructed to be operated this way or can it be done in the left hand? I'm one of those weird left-handers.

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I'm actually left handed as well! Yes, the gimmick is made for use in your right hand but there is a slightly different handling I teach where it is performed in the left hand. The gimmick is very easy to use, so you should have no problem performing it in your right hand, however with a little diy the pdf has materials to make a left handed gimmick. Let me know if you have any questions with it!
  • David asks: does this still include the download for the money exchange at the end.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you’ll get Kyle Littleton’s handling
  • Patrick asks: I received this but the video tutorial does not show Kyle Littleton's change to bills. Did I miss something?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It should be on there. There is a small sub-menu below the video. Please double-check.
  • Michael asks: Can Vanishing Point be customized so that the one deck you end up with at the end after the move is the new Cube 52 deck AND the specific card box that comes with Cube 52? Thanks in advance.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
  • Christian asks: I love this product and I already learned it in a day but there is a small crease along the front of my deck that is really noticeable I tried to fix it and it didn’t work what do I do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please contact us at and we can assist with this
  • Jim asks: Will this work with larger decks, such as Parlour Phoenix decks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will not.
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