Trick by David Regal
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Trick by David Regal (39.95)

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Canon - magic
Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon

A powerful, easy-to-use tool from David Regal that enables you to predict or produce any card nearly anywhere.

“Canon” is everything you’d want in a card magic effect. It’s direct, powerful, versatile, and easy. The devious method will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Any card is named. You then draw attention to an envelope or box on the table that’s been in plain view the whole time. It’s opened up to reveal the named card inside.

This specially gimmicked deck of cards allows you to produce any named card from an envelope or card box in plain view. There is no equivoque, forcing, or fishy procedures. It really is that clean.

You’ll learn two amazing routines, including a sleight-free, no-palm effect where a named card is produced from an envelope that’s been in view the whole time. If you’re comfortable with palming, there’s also a killer routine where a card that was named and found in a red deck appears inside the box for a blue deck.

The true value of “Canon” though is its versatility. Our minds started racing with possibilities as soon as we saw it, and yours will too.

“Canon” comes ready to use out of the box with a red deck, blue deck, or basically any deck of cards you want. You also get the perfect envelope so you can get started right away with the core routine.

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Customer reviews for Canon



Such a great trick...such a great method.



Canon by David Regal is a powerful and direct card prediction of any card named. Particularly flexible -- can use the back design of the cards of your choice. Flexibility also extends to how to produce the prediction card using the special packing envelope provided or more advanced handlings including a second card box. I prefer an envelope that fits in my pocket to avoid carrying a second deck of cards.

VI Monthly

Laura Bautista

I love Canon! It is an absolutely wonderful set of divination and chosen card production techniques. All its details are taken care of with great care, the phases of the routine perfectly justified and the sleights are super basic and simple. The card is produced in an organic and lethal way. In addition, the video explains two different ways to proceed depending on the level: a basic way with the envelope and an advanced one without having to resort to it. Brilliant!



I always love David Regal products, and this is no exception. Well thought out trick or system as he calls it. Many options only limited by your imagination or creativity. His tutorials are always well shot, no music, and he explains everything in detail. I like that he suggests other options to presenting this as well as beginner and more advanced handlings.


Bruce F

The laws of physics clearly forbid the immediate production of an honestly thought of single card from a box sitting in full view, by a sleeveless magician, as seen in the video.
Remarkably, David Regal’s Canon does just that. His brilliant gimmick and excellent teaching is going to make this the perfect addition to my daily carry deck.

I will need a bit of rehearsal of David’s unique moves and some creative thinking for my own personality, but I can’t wait to get out and perform my own versions of reality-bending, logically impossible, close-up Canon miracles.



I own it. Very clever. And I am Very Happy with the purchase.



canon brilliant



Super smart thinking by David Regal again. I was fooled by the trailer on first viewing as what I saw and what I thought I saw didn't match. And that's because everything the construction of the routine is well thought out. The subtleties aren't just magician-pleasers, they're psychological touches that genuinely affect your spectators' perception of what they're seeing.
It comes with a special envelope for an easier handling. To be honest, I don't think I'll use it with the Canon deck but it will come in useful for many other mentalism prediction-style routines.
The teaching and product are A+++. Very reasonably priced too.

VI Monthly


love it



This man is a genius. The video explains several methods and techniques and is well worth the study and practice. David shows handling from beginner to advanced, so regardless of your skill level, this can work for you.

As always, developing patter is the key here and David gives you some ideas.



Still waiting on the package but just watched the tutorial. David Regal and Vanishing Inc. just blew a certain super hyped any named card effect that came out a couple months ago out of the water in my opinion. Can’t wait to get it.

VI Monthly


David Regal is always bringing his A-game. However, the "extra" handlings could be stronger. The gimmicked deck is powerful...there could be so much more. Who's gonna do the work on making this transformational?


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JS Magic

Review with real world performance footage!

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  • Omar asks: Can you shuffle the deck? Can this be done with small hands? Can you use any deck of cards (e.g. Phoenix)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You cannot shuffle the deck. There is a handling if you have small hands. You have to use the deck that is provided but you can use a Phoenix card as a cover card.
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