Magic by David Regal

David Regal is as funny as he is great. He is a truly diabolical thinker, and at Vanishing Inc. we are huge fans of his prodigious output. His latest book, Approaching Magic is a large book full of great close-up, card and stand-up magic.
Interpreting Magic Book
Interpreting Magic
Book by David Regal - $75.00

Where do we begin about Interpreting Magic? Theoretically, this book shouldn't be good. David Regal is prolific and just ten years ago he published the outstanding Approaching Magic, which contained a lifetime worth of magic and wisdom. It's almost unheard of for a magician to publish more than two...

All Alone Trick
All Alone
Trick by David Regal and - $30.00

In David Regal's "All Alone," a participant names any card. You then spread the deck between your hands and the freely named card is the only face-up card in the face-down deck. So far, so normal. But then when you turn the cards face up, you reveal that every other card is completely...

Approaching Magic Book
Approaching Magic
Book by David Regal - $75.00 NOW $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

David Regal has created more great close-up magic in the past decade than anyone else I can think of. His previous books, Star Quality, Close-Up & Personal and Constant Fooling (volumes 1 and 2) contain enough material to keep a magician practicing for a lifetime. But, Approaching Magic is...

Sudden Deck 3.0 Trick
Sudden Deck 3.0
Trick by David Regal - $29.95

In our opinion, this is simply the best way anyone could start any card routine. Within a few seconds you instantly establish yourself as a magician your audience are going to want to watch perform. What Happens? You show your audience what a card box looks like before it’s assembled and printed. A...

Leap of Faith Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Leap of Faith
Magic download (video) by David Regal - $8.00

Leap of Faith is a beautifully constructed piece of visual card magic by David Regal. It has all the elements that make for a good card trick including presentation, misdirection, and sleight of hand. The effect is straightforward; a card magically travels from one place to another. If you didn't...

Sudden Deck 3 Trick
Sudden Deck 3
Trick by David Regal - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Sudden Deck 3 is one of the best deck productions we've ever seen. You show an empty, unprinted and unfolded card box and visually make the card box become printed. Then, you close the box and very cleanly produce a normal deck from inside. The deck can then be used for any other effects. It is...

Trick by David Regal - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

CHEATING KIT is David Regal's handling of Peter Kane's classic WILD CARD, an effect that always gets strong reactions. Now, David Regal has added a new and entertaining spin to it - how to cheat your friends at cards! Blank cards turn to ACES OF SPADES using TWELVE specially printed cards from The...

Clarity Box Trick
Clarity Box
Trick by David Regal - $80.00

Card to canister... with a clear difference. When unveiled at The Magic Castle, magicians returned over and over to watch the moment that seemed impossible... when a card that had been isolated within a clear box turned out to be a spectator's signed selection. The folded...

David Regal In The UK DVD
David Regal In The UK
DVD by David Regal - $50.00

Learning magic from David Regal is like drinking a glass of fine wine. It's wonderfully satisfying, complex and best in small doses. Too much Regal will f you up! Wayne Houchin Here in Hollywood, we've made our attitude about David Regal clear: We tried to export him to Britain. Not...

Disposable Deck 2.0 Trick
Disposable Deck 2.0
Trick by David Regal - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Perform a trick. Crush your deck into a ball and then throw it away! Disposable Deck is a versatile utility gimmick used by magicians around the world. Contains 200 Disposable Deck gimmicks, DVD instructions and a full performance and explanation for the amazing audience...

Close-up And Personal Book
Close-up And Personal
Book by David Regal - $55.00

"This stuff's so clever it's criminal!" Max Maven These words were uttered by Max Maven shortly after reading David Regal's Close-Up & Personal. Fortunately, Regal has managed to escape prosecution, due not only to his inventiveness, wit and originality in magic, but also to his success...

The Gold Standard Trick
The Gold Standard
Trick by David Regal - $75.00 NOW $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

What is The Gold Standard? It is an 18k gold-plated tie tack or lapel pin that does something special with great economy: a card is returned to the deck, and an instant later it is seen impaled on your tie tack. You can pull on the card, and spin it on the post. Best of all, when you remove the...

Premise Power & Participation - Volumes 1 - 4 DVD or download
Premise Power & Participation - Volumes 1 - 4
DVD or download by David Regal - $22.76 - normally $29.95 each

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we are big David Regal fans. His books Constant Fooling, Approaching Magic and Close-Up & Personal are amongst our favourite to be released in the past few decades. These DVDs show David Regal performing some of the effects from those books for a live...

Linking Finger Ring Project Trick
Linking Finger Ring Project
Trick by David Regal - $250.00

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we are DRAWN to products that exude quality, by creators who create the kind of magic we believe in. We ask you this: what could POSSIBLY be more memorable, more lasting, than the image of THREE BORROWED RINGS LINKED TOGETHER? The effect is now a timeless classic. But...

Pure Filth Trick
Pure Filth
Trick by David Regal - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

EffectTwo couples trade partners, then magically reassemble, with NO MOVES. This is repeated, and the magic happens VISIBILY. As a climax, the couples "get together" in an unexpected and startling manner. The routine can be performed in a manner suitable for any audience...or as PURE FILTH.Comes...

Constant Fooling 1 & 2 Book
Constant Fooling 1 & 2
Book by David Regal - $30.40 - normally $40.00 each

Apart from being a magician, David Regal makes his living as a writer for TV series. He is an expert in his field, and this really shows through in his magic. Regal's presentations are original, captivating and funny. He's also a natural when it comes to structuring the magic to...

Vortex of Refreshment Trick
Vortex of Refreshment
Trick by David Regal - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

Originally published as "The World's Greatest Invention" in Approaching Magic, it's not a card trick, and not a coin trick. It's baffling, amusing, and astonishing. It can be performed for a room filled with sophisticated adults or at a kid show. It's the kind of trick that you read in...

The Regal Ring Chain DVD & props
The Regal Ring Chain
DVD & props by David Regal - $69.00 NOW $52.44 (SAVE $16.56)

What has more impact than performing a stunning effec with a cherished object? Fashioned by a commercial jeweler, The Regal Ring Chain is a specially designed prop that enables the performer to secretly introduce a borrowed ring onto a stainless steel neck chain. Just as...

Red Streamlined Convertible DVD
Red Streamlined Convertible
DVD by David Regal - $25.00

An assembly of four odd-backed kings combining ease of handling with a smooth, unforgettable ride. No Gaffed Cards. No Gaffed Anything. The assembly of four cards is classic plot, and the incorporation of four odd-backed cards in an assembly, a Lynn Searles idea, makes for greater impact, clarity...

The Power of Love Trick
The Power of Love
Trick by David Regal - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

The Power of Love is an effect designed to be performed for a COUPLE. Spectators mix HEART cards with "trouble cards." Cards are turned face up and face down as they are mixed. At the conclusion, the HEARTS are the only cards reversed - LOVE TRIUMPHS! Includes full-color deck of custom cards and...

Regal Color Changing Deck DVD & props
Regal Color Changing Deck
DVD & props by David Regal - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

If you are looking for a colour changing deck routine with a difference, this may be for you! Effect A card is selected Its back changes color Then its face changes color The backs of the entire deck change color Then the faces of the entire deck change color ...

Off With His Head Trick
Off With His Head
Trick by David Regal - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Did You EVER Want To Kill A Guy?Those are the first words of Off With His Head, one of the most effective card tricks you will ever perform for a woman.Four blue-backed Kings are displayed One is elected for slaughter and the spectator shouts "Off With His Head!" A King now has a bloody red...

Restored Credit Trick
Restored Credit
Trick by David Regal - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Imagine a flashy, quick-hitting trick that is always in your wallet, always ready to go, never needs a reset, and uses a unique gimmick to create the impression of advanced sleight of hand... That's Restored Credit. Restored Credit is a broken-and-restored credit card routine. It was explained in...

Clink DVD & props
DVD & props by David Regal - $39.95

Sometimes we let a video speak for itself. This is one of those times. Vanishing Inc. favorite, David Regal, has created a way of producing a coin that visibly falls into a clear glass. Any glass and anywhere. Just watch the video to see how true this statement is. ...

In Flight Trick
In Flight
Trick by David Regal - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

EffectThe performer hands a spectator a deck of cards and instructs him to make sure all the cards are different, and to then shuffle the deck in any manner he desires. At that point a rubber band is placed around the deck and the deck is sent out into the audience where three different spectators...

Altered States Trick
Altered States
Trick by David Regal - $15.00

An easy-to-do, offbeat card routine that never fails to impress. A card, selected from a blue-backed deck and signed across its face by a spectator is torn in half. One half is placed in a blue card box and the other in a red card box. The spectator's partial signature is on the face of both...

Triple Vision trick - David Regal Trick
Triple Vision trick - David Regal
Trick by David Regal - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

A Test-Condition Impossibility! EFFECT: When the magician notices that he's missing a few cards from his blue-backed deck, a few cards are randomly chosen by a spectator from a red-backed deck and added to the blue deck. When the magician discovers the missing blue-backed cards, they match the...