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David Regal's Color Changing Knives

Trick by David Regal
$125.00 Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
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David Regal's Color Changing Knives

125.00 usd

Trick by David Regal ($125.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
David Regal's Color Changing Knives - magic
David Regal's Color Changing Knives David Regal's Color Changing Knives

David Regal has done something we're VERY grateful for: he has taken the classic "Color-Changing Knives" and given it a radical update in props and in routine. In other words, if you want to do this great, classic effect, this is "the" version to get. Why? We'll give you three reasons:

  1. They look like real knives...because they are. These are NOT doctored knives after-the-fact. They're designed for the paddle move from the ground up, with maximal "color" space to change. But, they look just life the knives some would carry in their pocket.

  2. Not sharp. This sounds like a small point, but because these props could be handled by spectators, the knives aren't sharp, though they give the illusion that they are.

  3. The best ending. This set comes with a final production knife that looks and feels exactly like a Swiss Army Knife. This way, the final change is one not just of color, but also of size and shape, into a knife brand everyone is familiar with.

These knives are a dream to perform with. The benefit is in the detail: for example, one side of each knife is smooth and the other is rough so you can identify the color in your pocket...by feel. They have a good weight, and the shape makes it easy to do the paddle move. They will last a lifetime, and the routine provided by David is surprising, visual, and logical. And in the end you produce a totally different kind of knife.

Important note: The Color-Changing Knives" set comes with four knives that, while not sharp, are pointed and could injure someone if not used properly. By clicking this box you consent that you:

*** Are older than 18 years old at the time of purchase

  • Will use assume all responsibility for the use and misuse of this product, including but not limited to harming yourself or others
  • Will hold Vanishing Inc. harmless for any damage or injury as a result of use of this product.**

Customer reviews for David Regal's Color Changing Knives



I have wanted to perform the Colour Changing Knives for some time, as they very much 'fit my character', as we magicians say, but until now had not found a set of knives that suited me, and my wallet.
David's knife set could have been designed for me. The quality is great, they should last a lifetime, and the price is very reasonable.
This will be the knife set to which all others will be compared. Buy them and you will not be disappointed.
Thank you, David Regal.
Zero Jones



These knives are everything that you could want from a color changing knife. They are beautiful, hefty and safe. The routine given is easy enough and an instant add on for any performer. I do recommend Ascanio’s color changing knives book, to help you develop more of an interest in expanding on your handling of the knives. Tools like this should not be limited to one routine.



I've been practicing "color changing knife" routines for several years. The knives I owned were average and lackluster. The David Regal Color Changing Knives are top-notch and are easy to manipulate. The download instructions are clear and masterful. Thank you Vanishing Inc. for the quality you that you continue to provide.



I purchased the knives in Feb 2021 as a backup to another set of knives I have. The quality seemed great and love the knives. David Regal has never disappointed. I enjoyed his routine. Anyway, because I wasn't actively performing with this set, I put it away with the rest of my (inactive) magic supplies. Items I have that I've learned but not actively using. Yesterday, I took out knives because I lost my other set and was going to start using these. The metal on 3 of the knives are now all oxidized and in pretty bad shape. They look like they were sitting in salt water or something for years. Again, these were sitting in the original package with foam for months. They were handled a few dozen times by me only at home. Not sure why they look the way they do but I would think it has something to do with the types of metal. I tried cleaning it with a polishing cloth but nothing. The Swiss knife looks the worse. :( For the price, I wouldn't have expected to have this problem. My cheaper $20 set that I've had for years still look brand new.


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  • Steven asks: Any sleights required for this?

    • 1. George answers: Yes. The slight required is not hard to do, but it will require a lot of practice to do it well enough for performance.
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  • Stephen asks: what is the length of the knives?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are 3” long.
  • Flygare asks: Can I stick all of the knives to a magnet?

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