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All Alone Trick
All Alone
Trick by David Regal and - $30.00

Card-Shark present their first collaboration with David Regal! The spectator names any card. You spread the deck between your hands and the freely named card appears face up in the face down deck. You turn the cards face up, revealing the other cards to be completely BLANK. No force! (all 52 cards...

Phoenix Gaffed Deck Accessory
Phoenix Gaffed Deck
Accessory by - $15.00

Gaffs for the Serious Pro If you think that Bicycle is the magician's deck, think twice, because it is official now: The Phoenix Deck is the only FISM recognized playing card deck worldwide. We are celebrating the partnership with FISM with the release of the Phoenix Gaffed Deck. It is a deck that...

Phoenix Sum Deck 2.0 Trick
Phoenix Sum Deck 2.0
Trick by - $30.00

Have you ever tried to memorize a deck of cards? It is really worth the effort, because it allows incredibly strong effects. But it is hard to remember if you are not using the stack frequently. What if the deck does all the work for you? The new Phoenix SUM Deck 2.0! S.U.M. has nothing to do with...

Phoenix Gaffed Deck Large Index Accessory
Phoenix Gaffed Deck Large Index
Accessory by - $15.00

Gaffs for the Serious Pro Our Large Index Decks are getting more and more popular. To get your full potential out of your Large Index Decks, we put together a great assortment of gimmicked cards that leverage your possibilities. Here's a deck that does not contain a single fancy misprinted card,...

Phoenix Stripper  Trick
Phoenix Stripper
Trick by - $15.00

Ask anyone who has seen it!! Without a doubt, this is the BEST Phoenix Stripper Deck on the market!! Effect: A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician even lets the spectator shuffle the deck, completely losing their card in the middle of the pack. The deck is then returned to the...