The Retreat Gift Pack (Alaska)

Book with props by David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer and Garrett Thomas
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The Retreat Gift Pack (Alaska)

74.95 usd

Book with props by David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer and Garrett Thomas (74.95)

In stock.

Don’t miss your chance to own one of these luxurious, limited edition gift packs from “The Retreat: Alaska.” Previously only available to Retreat attendees, these one-of-a-kind sets are now available to magicians and magic collectors around the world. Stock is extremely limited!

“The Retreat: Alaska” was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that brought magicians from around the world together to enjoy the serene and breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan landscape. They took a helicopter to the top of a Glacier, went ziplining through the mountains and, of course, saw a lot of magic. This included intimate performances and lectures from special guests Jim Steinmeyer, Garrett Thomas, and David Regal.

These special gift packs were produced to commemorate the life-changing experience. They contain three special sets of lecture notes from the guests of honor and come packed in a stunning custom-made deluxe box alongside a gorgeous enamel collector’s pin and GT Speedreader Marked Deck.

The small amount of these that we have available is anticipated to sell out quickly. Once they’re gone, they will never be reproduced. This is a can’t-miss opportunity for any magic collector.

Contents of the Exclusive Lecture Notes

What’s Going On Here by David Regal

David Regal offers three amazing effects and two versatile moves paired with a thought-provoking touch of theory. He begins with the eponymous essay “What’s Going on Here?” that emphasizes the importance of finding the “why”, or premise, for your routine so that your audience has the guide rails it needs for the most enjoyable and magical experience possible.

The book then jumps right into the effect section which includes a unique and entertaining approach to the McCombical Deck that ends with a funny souvenir for your helper. He also shares an amazing ring to clear glass effect for parlor and stage shows that is both visual and impossible, and a strong new twist on the beloved “Poker Player’s Picnic” effect that amplifies its impact to the point where it can even play in a platform setting. David concludes with two fun to practice sleights: “The Descending Control”—a useful and deceptive way to control a card to the top or bottom of the deck— and a unique spin on Earl Nelson’s “Slow Motion Top Change” and Hippie Torrales’ “While Burned” called “The Relocation Control” that allows you to maintain a card on top of the deck despite seemingly putting it in the middle of the deck very slowly and convincingly.

Too Dumb to Ask the Right Question by Jim Steinmeyer

This book offers a unique perspective on the distinct challenges Jim has faced when trying to capture the essence of legendary magicians during interviews. It takes you behind-the-scenes during his time as the producer of an A&E special on the history of magic when he shared a poignant moment with his friend and mentor Jay Marshall. The normally charismatic Marshall, was uncharacteristically banal and uncommunicative. It was later discovered that the interview had reminded him of an experience that had haunted him for years. Too Dumb to Ask the Right Questions is a fascinating look at the human side of magical legends, as well as the inevitability of doubt and insecurity that even they were not immune to—despite how the passage of time may lead us to believe otherwise.

Singular: An Interview with Garrett Thomas

Sitting down to chat with Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin, Garrett Thomas reflects on his Fool Us experience and discusses how, like one of his idols Juan Tamariz, he is committed to binding an audience together with an emotional thread—something that has proven to be invaluable in a post-Covid world where we are all eager for communal experiences. Speaking through the lens of his transition to stage magic, Garrett speaks on how he maintains intimacy with larger and more diverse audiences. He also shares his approach to keeping performances fresh by organizing magic based on topics rather than props, allowing for tailored sets that align with the audience's interests and your own individual passions.

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