Magic by Jim Steinmeyer

Jim Steinmeyer is a decorated consultant, creator, and author. His work varies greatly from magic history to illusions to self-working card effects. And, his series on Impuzzibilities is an intriguing fun collection of impromptu and easy magic that will delight friends and family. Jim Steinmeyer is a living legend.
Impuzzibilities Book
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $16.00

Strangely Self-Working Conjuring This 30-page booklet contains 13 self-working items including interactive tricks which are...

Curious Impuzzibilities Book
Curious Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $23.00

Introducing the unbelievable EIGHTH release in the beloved Impuzzibilities Series from Jim Steinmeyer. Released in July 2020, Curious...

Unexpected  Impuzzibilities Book
Unexpected Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $20.00

AVAILABLE AGAIN! Don't miss your chance to grab the 7th, and final, installment in the massively popular "Impuzzibilities" series from...

Ensuing Impuzzibilities Book
Ensuing Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $19.00

Jim Steinmeyer is an author, consultant and producer, as well as an internationally respected designer of illusions and theatrical special...

Further Impuzzibilities Book
Further Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $16.00

Further Impuzzibilities is Steinmeyer's latest collection of novel self-working conjuring effects. It is a follow-up to his 2002 collection of...

Devilish  Impuzzibilities Book
Devilish Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $19.00

BACK IN STOCK! The 6th installment in the incredible Impuzzibilities series from master magic creator Jim Steinmeyer is available again. As with all...

Treacherous Impuzzibilities Book
Treacherous Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $19.00

Self-working magic for virtual shows, performances on TV and radio, and more! Treacherous Impuzzibilities, the 5th release in the incredible series...

Subsequent Impuzzibilities Book
Subsequent Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $15.95

The third book in Jim Steinmeyer's intriguing series is also the largest, with thirteen new effects. All are strangely self-working and...

Soft Shoe Monte Trick
Soft Shoe Monte
Trick by Jim Steinmeyer - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

"A little game called Hanky Poo, that's one for me and two for you." If you want to do a version of 3 Card Monte, forget that...

The Complete Jarrett Book
The Complete Jarrett
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $74.00

Written By Guy E. Jarrett and Jim Steinmeyer with an Introduction by John A. McKinven In 1981, Jim Steinmeyer produced Jarrett, but that was...

Bunko! Trick
Trick by Jim Steinmeyer - $25.00

"Bunko" is a complete close-up routine for magicians, with 8 specially designed bills, photo instructions and two complete presentations. Also comes...