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Magic download (video) by Jim Steinmeyer
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Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass

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Magic download (video) by Jim Steinmeyer (75.00)

Uncover a process that will last you a lifetime. The "Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass" is a look forward at creating and refining your own magic and, in the process, learning how to innovate.

We're still pinching ourselves that Jim Steinmeyer agreed to conduct a Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was recorded and now available to cherish forever as a massive 4.5 hour download.

Jim Steinmeyer's place is the pantheon of magic legends is secure: he has designed illusions for stage and screen, including some of Broadway's most memorable magic scenes. He has worked with all the greats in magic, from Orson Welles to Doug Henning to David Copperfield. And his close-up and parlor innovations are widely regarded as game-changing and revolutionary. His "Impuzzibilities" series collects all his self-working, amazing close-up magic. As a writer, Steinmeyer has penned some of magic's most lasting modern titles: Hiding the Elephant, Device & Illusion, and The Last Greatest Magician in the World.

“Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?”

Magicians seem to be perpetually amazed, and confused, by the process of invention and design. But there’s no better way to finely tune your own performances than to develop your own process of invention, flexing your creative muscles in magic.

There’s probably no one more qualified to teach this subject than Jim Steinmeyer. His developments in magic have been called “the defining illusions of a generation” in magic. One of the most awarded and recognized magicians, he’s also received the Drama Desk Award and is an L.A. Times Best-selling author. He has created effects some of the most iconic moments of modern Broadway, as well as some of the most admired tricks in modern conjuring. And of course, he has created hundreds of effects for magicians like Doug Henning, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy and many other magicians.

With the "Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass", Jim doesn’t focus on stage illusions, but on the sort of magic that will work best for you. He examines how great magicians in the past invented their magic—he’s made a study of this fascinating subject for years—and explains what we can learn, and how to take important steps in developing your magic. Most of all, he explains his own formula, step-by-step, and his own goals for creativity. Uniquely, Jim is able to address the totality of the process.

You get two 90-minute downloads. The first revolves around “Innovating and Developing Tricks,” focusing on the tricks themselves. While the second session focuses on “Devising and Writing Presentations,” as the ultimate goal should always be integrated routines, complete effects, that serve the performer. In this way, he will have a chance to look at both the “music” and the “lyrics,” demonstrating how all the pieces can be put together. As a special bonus, this second download is accompanied by one of Jim's full scripts.

You'll also receive a complete 1.5 hour recording of a Q&A session that took place when this Masterclass first aired live. Jim answered questions from members of Vanishing Inc. Monthly and it is a true treasure trove of information.

Offering deliberate focus on a wide range of effects, you’ll invariably be inspired by some unusual interactive and close-up effects which will be useful in your own shows.


Customer reviews for Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass



great stuff! Invaluable!








Excellent lecture. Many superb ideas



Very interesting to hear the both Jim's creative process and the history he has experienced first hand. Magic is so more then just doing a trick and Jim really touched on a lot of ways he both created and performs his magic effects. It was also really interesting to hear Jim's Disney stories and how he worked through some of the problems they asked him to solve while he also admitted that a lot of the imagineering sessions he attended had a lot of things that were just not worth anything. All around the Master Class Jim did was both inspiring and very educational in providing another way to think about how we present our magic.









Jim Steinmeyer is always interesting to hear. I found several points he made that really rang a bell and were a quite appropriate for the work I do. Jim has a unique insight to problem solving and the ground rules he mentions and uses in his process give his listeners a helpful view into applying them for your own use - in your own unique way. I'm anxious to hear the Q & A session.



Jim Steinmeyer is a magicians -magician. This is a one of those classic glimpses into how he works for himself, hence others. Vanishing Inc. certainly delivers with this one.

VI Monthly




Jim Steinmeyer discussing creativity... What more could you ask for? I've replayed this several times already and the key to learning is to really listen. Steinmeyer slips in amazing insight in such a casual way that I know I'll be revisiting these videos on a regular basis. Truly a master class.





Having read several of Mr. Steinmeyer's book, I was not surprised at how he approached the topic of "Inventing Tricks." It is clear that he understands how spectators think, but he also grasps how magicians think and how that impleads the process of invention from whole cloth and instead substitutes a patchwork of minor innovations upon thoughts that have long been hand-me-downs. His presentation was well organized, as I believe his thoughts about collecting and storing thoughts and ideas are also.



Jim Steinmeyer gives us his insights on on how he creates new magic (keep a messy notebook) as well as how past magic creators worked. He illustrates the process by showing several tricks he has created. He says that magic fans are your best audience, but they appreciate seeing something new or different, not just the classics. If you are interested in being more creative, there are some valuable lessons here. Highly recommended.



I've heard great things about Mr. Steinmeyer and he did not disappoint in this seminar. Other than reading his columns in Magic magazines this is my first introduction to his thinking behind his thoughts on magic. A very thoughtful and engaging magic lecture.



This was exactly what I hoped it would be!



good material. there were moments where I couldn't understand properly what he was talking.


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  • Andrew asks: What time are the live lectures? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The lectures are prerecorded and will be released at 4pm ET on the August 7, 2022 and August 14, 2022. The live Zoom Q&A will take place August 14, 2022 (directly after lecture, approx 5.30pm ET All videos will be made available for you to download and keep forever after the events.
  • Dave asks: Is there an agenda for each recording?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A good chunk will be on creativity with some routines throughout that demonstrate his thinking
  • Newell asks: How do i pause my masterclass for this month without deleting my credit card

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  • Ivan asks: Hi - lecture is pre-recorded & you’re releasing it at 4pm ET, does that mean a link will be emailed out then to everyone who’s paid ? Thx

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes and it is also available in your VI account
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. You'll receive the link about an hour before. You can also access the stream directly in your Vanishing Inc. account.
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes and it is also available in your VI account
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