Virtual Impuzzibilities

Book by Jim Steinmeyer
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Virtual Impuzzibilities

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Book by Jim Steinmeyer (24.00)

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Since the era of Zoom magic shows began, many magicians around the world have been using Jim Steinmeyer's beloved Impuzzibilities books to find inspiration mind-blowing tricks that are suitable for a virtual environment.

Now, with Virtual Impuzzibilities, the 9th release in this massively popular series, Jim looks to intrigue and inspire you with 14 different effects designed to fit perfectly into any virtual magic show or even socially-distanced live performance.

The biggest book in the series, Virtual Impuzzibilities includes effects like:

  • Red-Scarlet and French Dressing: two interactive Oil and Water variations
  • Virtual Applause: A mind-reading feat that simultaneously solves the applause problem many virtual shows experience
  • Enigma Test: A surprising and amazing word test
  • Zeitgeist: a fun effect where members of the audience cast a spell on another person
  • And much much more!

As with the other Impuzzibilities books, this is a limited print that is likely to sell out quickly. Grab your copy now.


Customer reviews for Virtual Impuzzibilities



The problem with this series is that there are too many “perfect” effects. Quite literally, one could take this book and make a complete act from it. Mix in the other volumes, and presto, you have a full evening show.

As for the price point, why wouldn’t you buy this book? It costs less than almost every other book, and everything contained between the covers is solid, hard hitting magic.

Buy it, and while you’re at it, buy all the other volumes too!



A must have for the Zoom era performer. With little effort most of the effects can be performed not only on zoom or other virtual shows, as for live audiences of thousands. Jim’s writing style is very persuasive and instructions are extremely easy to follow. Can’t recommend it enough. Now I’m very curious to read the other nois on the series

VI Monthly


Jim Steinmeyer does it again. This time with VIRTUAL possibilities woven into the fabric of his usual quality assortment of wonders. Especially enjoy the simplicity and playfulness of "The Deck That Knows". With a deck of cards and some super glue, you have a real worker...that bears repeating. Glad to add to this my collection.

VI Monthly


I like that the book is well-written and that it focuses on the scripts rather than the methods.

However, these are not really magic tricks, they all feel like puzzles.

It's true that they can be performed virtually, but I wouldn't include any of these in my performances. Perhaps aside from the final item (The Enigma Process), they're not magical, they don't feel impossible, and someone more prone to puzzles and mathematics could pick up on any of the methods used.

They're just interesting.


Community questions about Virtual Impuzzibilities

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  • Tony asks: Are the tricks different from those in the other books in the series or is this just a collection of those in the previous books which work virtually?

    • 1. Jim answers: We contacted Jim and asked about the contents. He says that the book is not a compilation from other books. There are 14 effects, and the material is published here for the first time. It's new effects for Impuzzibilities readers.
    • 2. Tony answers: Thanks for the quick answer. I was suspicious that this was coming out so quickly after the previous one (which I haven;t yet got). This series is absolutely wonderful and I have been performing many of the events from the earlier volumes online with great success! Will be ordering as soon as you have it!
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  • Mark asks: Would any of the effects be suitable for a virtual presentation that's one-way? (i.e., there's an audience but it's not interactive).

    • 1. Dottore answers: Yes, they all should work for virtual shows.
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