Accessory by David Regal
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Accessory by David Regal (49.95)

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PUP - magic

A simple an elegant solution from David Regal that allows you to perform switches and add-ons right under their nose with ease.

David Regal believes that allowing coins to be examined before starting your routine dramatically amplifies how it is received by your audience. With his "PUP", or "Particularly Useful Purse", you can let your coins be examined before casually switching in any gimmicked or extra coins you need.

These aren't odd-looking Victorian Era style purses that look like a magic prop. They are supple leather coin purses that look just like any other everyday object. These 100% innocent-looking purses fly under the radar and completely disguise the power they hold.

Your purchase comes with two custom "PUP" wallets. One is black leather with red lining for formal settings, and the other brown one is designed to toss in your pocket for everyday use in more casual settings. Both have been gimmicked to allow for effortless switching of all or some of the coins that are removed from the purse for examination.

The switches are disarmingly clean as the hands are seen empty at the outset and the purse is held casually in your hands. You can even place the "PUP Purse" on the table and retrieve it later with empty hands. You are in complete control of what is being switched in and what will be "going away."

The "PUP Purses" don't just switch though. They're also a great way to add on extra coins or introduce a gimmick. Best of all, since it keeps the coins secure and ready to go (as opposed to just floating around in your pocket), it's a great tool for coin magic routines where your coins/gimmicks need to be in a precise order or orientation before you start.

Anyone who performs coin routines will love "PUP" by David Regal. It's the ultimate coin magic accessory.


Customer reviews for PUP



I like Regal's work a lot. This product excellent too when viewed in the proper context.
I learned coin magic in the mid-80s. The old timers teaching me liked handing things out for inspection and then switching in the gaffs. The switches got this novice busted more than I care to remember. Eventually I gained some mastery and could make the switches.
P.U.P purses greatly minimize the SOH, audience management, and misdirection skill required to perform a classic switching move.
For seasoned coin workers, it simplifies pocket management and allows the sort of open displays that heretofore were impossible for mere mortals.
Now to my gripes:
The purses are nicely made but are small; I doubt the purse could handle a silver dollar CSB switch, but I haven't tried that yet.
The durability of the working part of the gaff is unknown, especially if you carry your tools everywhere.
Overall, I like these purses but don't know how useful they'll be for a guy who is really set in his ways ;)



I really like these purses. I'm not 100% on the zippers but they seem solid as of now. I use one for my Morgans/Turtles and the other for Charming Chinese coins. They are so simple yet extremely useful for my style, others comment that they are small but they hold my Morgans just fine as long as you use gravity to your advantage. I actually like the size and wouldn't change that at all. I would recommend them as you get two for a fair price and you can't have too man coin purses.
My only recommendation for v2 would be to add some elastic or other "retention" aid for a little bit of security.


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  • Alonzo asks: how would you compare these to Quiver?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are very different in terms of method. They can both switch coins but PUP can only switch once. Quiver, you can go back and forth.
  • Marc asks: What color of the purse is offered for sale? In the pictures is a black and a light brown depicted.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get two purses in the package. One black and one brown.
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