The Real-Life Tarot Deck

Deck of cards by David Regal
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The Real-Life Tarot Deck

21.95 usd

Deck of cards by David Regal (21.95)

In stock.

The Tarot deck has just been updated. Updated in a comical way. By David Regal!

Trust David Regal to take a venerable, sometimes spooky, set of cards and drag them into the modern times.

Not many Tarot decks have a card called "The Vomiting Cupid". Even fewer have "The Conspiracy Theorist". We don't think a single one has the life-changing event "Moving Back In" depicted!

This whimsical, funny, and unique set of cards is a numbered limited edition.

When you buy, you'll be also given a link to learn an incredibly powerful Marlo version of "Spectator Cuts The Aces" you can perform with this wonderful deck.

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Customer reviews for The Real-Life Tarot Deck



Card Size: Exactly the same as standard tarot cards
Card Stock: They FEEL like PLAYING CARDS. Perfect for handling
Readings: You can give very fun readings with these cards.
Booklet: There’s no booklet, there’s no separation of Major/Minors — that’s fine, especially if you already read cards. Just use your imagination. I grabbed 21 of my favorite labeled cards and recreated Rick’ PPF to great success.
Packaging: These are presented as GAMING cards with a great “Cards against Humanity” angle

Overall: 10/10


Community questions about The Real-Life Tarot Deck

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  • Chi Fung asks: Does the deck comes with little booklet explaining the cards ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not
  • Stacy asks: How many cards are in this deck, and is the artist of the cards named?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We are not sure how many cards are in total, I would suggest around 50, No the artist name isn’t on the cards
  • Noah asks: Not intended as a review, but a question: in the video, when the array of cards are shown near the end, there's a card with a pair of eyes looking in through a window. Its caption is "Menance." Is that supposed to be "Menace"? Would love these cards, but I'm now worried about typos.

    • 1. Courtland answers: In response to the previous question about the number of cards, there are 78 (like a full tarot deck) plus two with "minimal instructions". Note also that the link to the short training is on the outside of the wrapper and is very small - don't throw it out accidentally (like I did).
    • 2. Stephen answers: Menance is not an old English word, though I suppose you could sell it that way. It is the only misspelling in the deck, but it does unfortunately mess up an otherwise nice-looking card.
    • 3. Terry answers: Yeah I received mine,yes you are right about the spelling
    • 4. Terry answers: The response I got was it was a typo.Then I got a response saying it was an old enhlish spelling that could be used as presentation(real life tarot deck!!!!!!!!!!
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