Trick by David Regal and John Guastaferro
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Trick by David Regal and John Guastaferro (39.95)

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Picturesque - magic
Picturesque Picturesque Picturesque

Two card magic legends join forces to reimagine a classic of card magic.

“MacDonald’s Aces” is widely considered to be one of the best card magic tricks of all time. This beautiful Ace assembly where all four Aces impossibly travel from separate packets into one leader packet is a clear and powerful piece of magic that has stood the test of time. While many handlings have been introduced over the years, few have revolutionized the effect like “Picturesque”.

Brought to you by two masters of their craft, John Guastaferro & David Regal, this masterpiece makes “MacDonald’s Aces” more elegant and memorable than ever. The main “Picturesque” effect incorporates all of the court cards as well, transforming the effect into a dazzling ballet of cards. Every switch, display and count is motivated and choreographed to perfection. And it’s easy enough for everyone from beginner magicians to working pros.

Every “Picturesque” set comes with all the special cards you need and a gorgeous vegan leather wallet to carry everything.

This amazing project also comes with two bonus routines.

The first is “Vino Royale,” a remarkable stand-up magic approach of “Picturesque”. It uses wine glasses so the whole audience can see, and all the magic happens when the glasses clink together. This is the best way to bring “MacDonald’s Aces” into a parlor magic performance.

You’ll also learn “Royal Gathering”. This special approach to “Picturesque” developed by David Regal allows the Aces AND the court cards to assemble into their own packets—despite the playing cards being thoroughly mixed.

Beyond these three great routines, the “Picturesque” project is filled with stunning new vanishes that you can apply to your any ‘MacDonald’s Aces” effect. If you haven’t performed an Ace Assembly before, then there’s no better way to start. If you already perform “McDonald’s Aces”, then you’ll learn how to turn it into a truly “Picturesque” work of art.

"Picturesque is magnifique!” Larry Wilmore

"A superb routine. Clear, concise, baffling." Raj Madhok

"Such a significant leap in overall clarity. The 'one degree' here truly is GOLD !" Shannon Clark

"Picturesque delivers sublime, symmetrical satisfaction." Jack Carpenter

NOTE: Included cards are made with red Bicycle Playing Cards.


Customer reviews for Picturesque



Now, I want to perform McDonald's aces. This is a version that I can present in a calm, elegant, dare I say; Picturesque. I absolutely love this. The on line instructions run over an hour with all kinds of extras. I really liked the background information presented at the beginning by Mr Regal. I know that you hear this quite a bit, but this is now going straight into my routine.



This comes in a Quality Presentation Box, with a magnetic closing flip lid, Plus you receive a quality card storage wallet. Comes with a nice clean video production, with The intro the guy explains the history off the
Mc Donald Ace routine, which is very interesting, Would off been good if they could of provided a booklet with some off the history and the quotes that the guy reads out. This comes with three great routines, plus at the end various card moves are demonstrated and taught. For a beginner they might struggle with some off the off the moves, although they are easy to do, The mechanics could off been definitely shown and be explained in more detail, especially in the first routine, Otherwise this is a great video production, And three routines that look impressive.

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Well, if you're a card guy and you don't get this, you're just not payin' attention! It's a mini-clinic on MacDonald's Aces with a few new ideas and a consolidation of old ones. Oh, I have a few quibbles. I would rather have seen this a a book or booklet with the enclosed gimmicks. The video, though far from the worst I've seen, has too much filler. Even so, the performances and explanations, once you get to them, are clearly presented and well thought out. MacDonald's Aces has always had a place in my repertoire, often active, currently dormant. The ideas presented by Regal and Guastaferro have rekindled my excitement in the effect.


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  • Steven asks: What level is this trick for? Sleights involved?

    • 1. Jim answers: Medium level, but it will depend on your level of experience, and how much you rehearse. Some, yes. Nothing too challenging, in my opinion.
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  • Danny asks: Is this a Download or DVD?

    • 1. Jim answers: Online video.
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  • Danny asks: Can we purchase extra sets of the cards?

    • 1. Nick answers: None are available at this time.
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