Trick by David Regal
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Trick by David Regal (45.00)

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David Regal’s closing act to his Magic Castle close-up act is finally available to you. “Arrival” is one of the most elegant card to impossible location routines you’ll ever see.

A small cloth secured with a silver cord is introduced and unwrapped. A deck of cards is found inside. The spectator selects and signs a playing card before it is lost back in the deck.

You then slowly fold the handkerchief into quarters and wave the deck over it. It doesn’t seem like much happens. However, when the spectator looks through the deck, they are shocked to find their selected card has vanished.

The cloth is carefully unfolded once again. Their jaws will be on the floor when they see their selected card has impossibly traveled into the handkerchief right in front of their eyes.

While this is strong enough on it’s own, “Arrival” truly shines when you do the two spectator routine. Two different spectators and two different playing cards are involved. After the first card is found inside the handkerchief, the second spectator is informed that their card is not gone…it is actually just “invisible”.

They are instructed to hold the invisible card and then toss it into the air. Using the handkerchief like a net, you then “catch” this invisible card. The card visibly appears on the cloth and can be immediately handed back to the spectator.

“Arrival” is a custom-designed and specially-manufactured gimmick silk handkerchief. Beyond the beautiful routines above, this utility prop allows you to make vanished bills appear, print spirit messages and more. It's perfect for everything from close up magic to parlor magic.

You get the special “Arrival” handkerchief, a silver cord and online video instructions.


Customer reviews for Arrival

VI Monthly


I love David Regal and love that latest one, Arrival is great and feminine in the same time, perfect for me. keep up the good work David, I am a fan. Patricia M.



It seems that Mr. Regal is on a roll. Yet another quality prop in Arrival. I already have a good idea on how it works when I first saw its trailer. But on how David presented it and the artistic design of the silk and on how the final routine ended convinced me that magic can truly be elevated into an art form. But for those who are new into magic, I advise you to be aware in executing the "drop off" and the silk swing as you may flash and give away the secret. Highly recommended.



Mr Regal does it again. This little gem arrived the other day and am I ever pleased with. The devilishly clever working will blow you away. Arrival does even more than what you might expect. David Regal is a very clever man. THIS WENT RIGHT INTO MY CLOSE UP CASE. You will want to use this one.


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