Permanent Record

Trick by Ben Seidman
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Permanent Record

24.95 usd

Trick by Ben Seidman (24.95)

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Permanent Record - magic
Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record Permanent Record

There’s no better way to guarantee huge reactions than by making the impossible happen in someone else’s hands. “Permanent Record” by Ben Seidman (the genius mind behind “The Oracle System”) allows you to permanently alter an object that your audience holds, leaving them with a memory they’ll never forget.

“This is going straight into my, and everyone else’s, strolling set. It’s strong, fun, and super easy to do. I love it!” Chad Long

“Permanent Record” is everything you’d want in a close-up trick. This baffling miracle rocks every room and leaves people stunned with amazement. It’s powerful, direct, perfectly practical, and so easy to perform that it’s ridiculous. This is one of Ben’s everyday carries for both professional performances and seemingly impromptu miracles. You won’t want to leave home without it.

While there are many ways to present “Permanent Record”, the core routine starts by showing your audience that there is a playing card printed on every box of cards and explaining how it has been known to influence people to subconsciously always think of that card (Ben even teaches you how to transform this into its own bonus moment of powerful magic). So, to make this experience totally fair, you’ll need them to choose a card at random

The cards are removed and they are given the box to hold while another card is freely chosen. You not only amazingly know the card they chose, but their jaws will be on the floor when they check the box in their hands again and find the card image has impossibly changed to match their new selection. They can examine the box all they want, there’s nothing to find. What really hammers this routine home though is Ben’s clever routining that leaves the spectator feeling like the magic continues long after you leave.

You’ll receive the gimmicked deck and special gaffs (in both red and blue) that make this self-working miracle possible right out of the box. For those that prefer to use an ordinary deck of Bicycle playing cards, Ben teaches you how to perform handlings of “Permanent Record” with an ungimmicked deck, as well as other complete routines that use the “Permanent Record” principle to enhance effects you likely already perform.

In total, you get more than 75 minutes of instruction in which Ben provides insights that are worth the price of this effect on their own. This includes an absolutely stellar multiple-selection routine, a deviously clever secret for amplifying all of your walkaround close-up magic and so much more. As an added bonus, Dr. Jonathan Pickard, the creator of “Ambideckstrous”, also teaches you his original handling for this idea that packs five magical moments into one amazing routine.

“Permanent Record” is a fantastic, easy-to-do showstopper that will truly blow everyone away. Let Ben show you why “Permanent Record” should be a permanent part of your set.

"I love this” Asi Wind

“I’m in love with the practicality of the design. The change happens in the most organic way possible” Franco Pascali

“This is A+ material for both professional and casual performances. On top of that, I can’t believe Ben also included his CUPS technique as part of this release. It’s not only dangerously good for ‘Permanent Record’, but nearly any close-up routine. That alone is worth the cost of the project.” Bill Herz

"Permanent Record is easy enough for beginners to fool their pals, but has enough interesting applications that professionals will be able to effectively add it to their repertoires. I like it!" Michael Close

Please note: Other box revelations have been published and explored by Mark Mason, Juan Pablo, Brad Henderson, Jason Dean and others.

Jonathan Pickard's "Ambideckstrous" was the first marketed version of this type of effect that we are aware of, and we would like to thank him for endorsing "Permanent Record", and being gracious enough to share his fantastic handlings on this video.


Customer reviews for Permanent Record

VI Monthly


This idea is amazing and can be mind blowing in a high level if you can make up to it. Ben is super clear and very didatic in the explanation, and gives a lot of content in there that makes this product super cheap for all that you will find in there.
For the Permanent Record itself, he gives many possibilities and subtilties to enhance your performance. Could not recomend more.
To point something not so good, I feeled a bit of a difficulty to fit it in my presentation on why the card in the box changes, but probably the tips que gives will be useful for most magicians out there.



Very strong effect and easy to perform, I get great reactions from it.

Only two issues I see is that without going into details, you can only perform this trick once to the same group of people. Other issue is that the design is for the old bycicle boxes, and I can't find any other boxes so I can't reuse it. I don't know if Ben is planning on releasing a new version with the modern boxes.

The video has a lot of ideas but in my case I just use the gimmick and make my own tricks.



Five stars for sure. The video explanations are very clear and well produced. This effect is a stunner and you get several routines one of which is sure to be in your skill level.



I write as, and for, amateur hobbyists who enjoy magic. We perform for friends and family and at the office. We do not do "walk around" professional performances. This one is a true "keeper" that I highly recommend. What you get is what you see. The video instructions are first-rate with lots of bonus tips and effects for more advanced magicians. The basic routine is indeed simple and convincing. Once you understand how the deck works, you almost have to put in effort to perform this incorrectly. The advertisement video does not do the best job of explaining the effect, so this one is a rarity that is better than advertised.



Another great Ben Seidman creation! The deck is great and easy to handle. Ben's video tutorial is straightforward with loads of additional material. Some of the extra material, i.e. CUPS is worth the entire price on its own.
I also have Ben's 'Oracle System.' His teachings include his thoughts on presentation and knowledge from hundreds of real world performances.
Shoutout to Vanishing, Inc's easy to access material that's immediately available on purchase.



What a fantastic release! Ben’s clear teaching and Johnathan’s added routine make this project more than worth the asking price. So many great tips that can be used beyond Permanent Record. The gimmicks are great and can be used in multiple ways when performing this effect, or incorporating them with variations. Thank you Ben and Johnathan for sharing this worker!



This is a worker. Ben does a great job of giving context, credit, details instructions and then inspiration on ways to incorporate into other routines and tricks. I'm excited to work this into an ambitious routine as an extra kicker.



Very good video production, for any new magicians everything is very well explained, so it is easy to understand and to follow, Good quality deck, love the routine, has varied methods depending on what the spectator answers is, so you can't go wrong with this routine, you get two red and two blue main gaff cards, and thd whole deck of cards are also gaffs, this is very easy to learn and easy to perform. If your a newby check out the 3 way mirror on v inc site, I practice using this all the time, so first you can check any angles as to what it should look like, but the best part is you end up fooling yourself, as you are not only performing this but the same time seeing this from a spectators point of view, this might sound too obvious for pros but Its so helpful, especially to any one getting into any kind of close up magic as this is such a great tool, and it folds and is portable, I just like to encourage those that are just getting into magic.



Clear instructions, multiple options for handling, great moments of magic and surprise...a gaff that hides in plain sight and suitable for every kind of performance
Easily 5 stars and a milky way more!



Wow. That is the best way to describe this incredible effect. I've been doing magic for only 3 years now mainly in my school and I got this out of curiosity to see how well it would work. This effect is incredible on any audience and no one will expect the kicker ending. With Permanent Record, you get more than just a card on box change. You're getting tips on subtleties, multiple gimmicks, how to make magic generally last longer on your audiences, and excellent routines. I highly recommend this to every single magician out there whether you're a beginner or extremely advanced because this is probably one of the best magic tricks out there.







Awesome effect



Excellent that so many variations are shown, allowing performers to adapt to their own styles.





There's just so much to do with Permanent Record and your own imagination. With so many of my purchases I don't use the "text book" instructions. Instead I let my mind go to places the creators probably hadn't considered. The results might surprise you so why not give it a shot? Without too much detail all I can say about Permanent Record is consider a deck switch at the end for spectator examination. It's the proverbial "icing on the cake".



basic routine is clearly explained, and for those more advanced as well. Deck is outstanding and the box takes the heat off the deck.





This is a holy grail of a trick. Get huge reactions from this one that the audience will remember. Highly highly recommend it!




First off, I have been a fan of Ben ever since I saw him perform at Magifest a few years back. Watching his show, I could tell he puts a ton of thought into what he is doing, both method and performance. When I saw this trick, it is reminiscent of a few other routines I have seen, mainly focusing on the ending line where all the boxes will have the 10 of hearts printed on them from here on forward. I really like this tagline, as it leaves a real impact on your spectator long into the future. If they walk into any store with a deck of cards, they can check and see that the card is printed there. I figured that with this product, it should be pretty solid due to Ben's work. I saw a couple of other reviews and made the purchase.

I have been able to watch the video a couple of times and worked the routine at a couple of events.

This is a fantastic worker. It comes with everything you need to perform the basic routine that Ben teaches/performs/demos for the trailer. Everything is specially printed and looks great. The packaging is great (not too big or small with nice print quality) and it comes with multiple gimmicks for various decks.

The video instructions are great. Ben starts off by going over some history and some background before starting the video instruction. He explains what you need to do to get started with the trick, so please watch the instructions first before opening everything up.
Ben goes over the basic instructions but then goes into some really fantastic subtleties and ideas that I have not quite delved into throughout my history of being a magician and performer. These are tips that help with this trick but can be applied to literally all your performances. Ben goes over a few variations of the routine from simple to a bit more complex, but he confidently goes over all the details. I say confidently because some of the routines are a bit bold, but after hearing Ben go through the explanations, I feel quite confident that anyone could use these techniques and follow the routines. The product comes with gimmicks and a gaff deck that helps with the performance. Ben teaches versions that use non-gimmicked decks which is nice. There is also the addition of Ambideckstrous which is a really fun use of the gimmick.

Overall, this is a fantastic product that I will be using from here on out. It gives a mind-warping ending that stays with the participant after the show. The quality of the product is great and the instruction is comprehensive.
Really the only con I might see people bringing up is that the trick does require you to keep some of the cellophane on the deck. I think this is a very minor "inconvenience" that greatly is outweighed by the effect. Another potential downfall of this product is if the USPCC ever changes the design. Again, depending on the design of the box, a second variation can be produced to cover this, but that will be a bridge to burn at a later time.



Very good and easy to use, great reactions



Works like a charm; I found that if I'm walking into the room with it (just hanging with friends at home kind of thing) I can forgo the wrapper and discretely hold things where they need to be, with a little roughing done to prevent slippage. But of course the wrapper is needed if you're planning to carry it around and produce it instantly with no fuss. Another bonus: the instruction said that you could use a normal card from another deck to actually give the person their forced card to hold, but I was happily surprised to find a normal version of that card was already included!





WOW. Ben Seidman has gone it again. Straightforward in it's method, but diabolical with the numerous subtleties Ben has included. And Jonathan's Pickard's additional handling is wonderful. Thanks.



I haven't performed this yet but the tutorial is perfectly clear. I love the fact that Ben Seidman gives us so many different options of presentation and handlings, and the 'original' addition at the end is perfect. I like this routine a lot as someone who doesn't usually perform for large groups of people. The gimmicks cover the four different options (back color red/black and male/female) so it is really practical. You can always have it with you and it's completely invisible if you choose to not reveal it.
Overall I'm looking forward to trying this out, and it is well worth the buy !



I’ve been using Ambideckstrous (same gimmick independently created and fully credited in the download) for a decade. I never understood why it wasn’t more popular! Ambideckstrous gimmicks were out of stock everywhere so it’s brilliant that PR has come out.

I don’’t plan to use the gimmicked deck and doubt many magicians will. The beauty of the box gimmick is you can just add it to your normal deck and carry it around all the time. Getting 4 box gimmicks is great value for price.

I think USPCC may have put a spanner in the works by changing the standard card box back. Obviously you get the ‘right’ box with PR, but when you then come to buy your next deck to add the box gimmick to you may be disappointed. Hopefully this can be addressed in any updates if USPCC don’t change back to the previous design.



Ben takes this great concept and then gives 4-5 permutations of it from beginner to intermediate+ level for the hobbyist to the working professional. The fact this is only $25, along with the excellent teaching (way beyond just the basic trick) makes this one of the best deals at Vanishing. Seriously. Great buy.



Great addition that fools laymen and magicians alike.



Very cool effect, and great handling tips for it. I’ve performed it a few times for one to two spectators and it got great reactions. Plenty of handling options to suit your skill level and preferences.



Brilliant strolling opener. I've had phenomenal reactions with this effect. While I prefer to write my own presentations to suit my style, Ben has completely nailed it with his "what's scarier: changing reality or changing your memory" hook. People are completely freaked out when they see the changed card box. I've had texts from people a week later after they've searched stores in vain for a Bicycle card box without a 10H on.

One thing: to increase my hit rate with the "favourite card" question I like to employ a kind of psychological force. First, ask whether the spectator has played poker. Follow this with, "so what's your favourite card?" The psychological contextualisation of the "favourite card" question nearly always results in them choosing the Ace of Spades.



After this effect and Oracle, I really enjoy Ben's approach to magic, meaning, and making things more personal, while creating a flexibility and options in the performance. Honestly this guy needs to write a book about the topic, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!





Using a cardbox for revealing 2 chosen cards is a very successful tool I have never thought of.



Terrific product - great effect, multiple handlings taught, multiple gimmicks included, and seriously valuable tips in the instructional video. Another winner from Ben Seidman!





The teaching in this is worth more than the price of the product. This could easily be a 20 minutes tutorial teaching the routine, but you get over 1 hour of material, going through subtleties and methods which you can use for your other routines. Great job Ben!



Not bad! There are a lot of applications and room for your own presentation/handling. Within minutes, I ditched the included deck and just put the "gimmick" into my EDC. The price point at $25 is great. I've spent more on thumb tips and sponge rabbits.


Community questions about Permanent Record

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Todd asks: I've seen the trailer and read the copy and yet have no idea what this effect is supposed to accomplish?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Simply, the effect is that you change the printed card on the box. However, you're receiving a deck that allows for a very fair selection along with a gaff to go along with the Bicycle box.
    • 2. Hector answers: It's clearly shown in the video and explained in the description that the card printed on the back of the box changes to match the spectator's selected card
  • Dustin asks: Do you finish clean?

    • 1. Andreas answers: Gimmicked deck, so no. The box itself seems to end clean though and that's where the focus is.
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  • David asks: Last two product videos I watched were more of a spoken advert for the product rather than actually showing a performance of the product. I really hope this isn't a trend. Write a description, and film a performance.

    • 1. Michael answers: There is a performance video on the page as well.
    • 2. Brett answers: Agreed. I’m at the point that if there’s no uncut performance, I’m passing on the product. If you can’t put up an uncut performance, either the trick is flawed in a way that the seller wants to deflect, or the method is so clear and well-known to magicians, no magician would buy it if they saw it.
    • 3. Kevin answers: On the page, there is a video labeled "Performance Video"; however, when I play it, it is the same trailer as the other video. I think there is an error here. Thanks.
    • 4. Gerry answers: That's exactly what I thought when I watched the video (twice). It would be so much better to see even a partial performance, not just flashes of a performance. There's just no way I would buy a product like this that appears to hide what it looks like during an actual performance.
    • 5. Barbara answers: Look up a performance. Trust me, it's worth it. AMAZING.
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  • Jesus asks: Can this trick be repeated for the same audience?

    • 1. Michael answers: No as you are always going to end with the same card permanently printed on the card box.
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  • Michael asks: Does the gimmick allow for any named card to appear on the box at the start of the trick as the performance makes it appear. I understand the ending card will always be the same, I just want to know if the randomly named card for the first phase is as free as the performance shows.

    • 1. Ben Seidman (creator) responds: Hi Michael, there are two options for the psychological force at the beginning depending on who you are performing for. When this hits, it’s awesome. On any occasion when it doesn’t, the body of the routine is still very strong. All outcomes are great regardless of the thought of card moment.
  • Matt asks: I love the original ambideckstrous and have had trouble getting the gimmicks in recent years. Does this includes the original ambideckstrous gimmick in red and blue?

    • 1. Ben Seidman (creator) responds: You betcha. Two outcomes for red, two for blue, plus the gimmicked force deck. This, along with a bunch of routines and gambits for use with both PR and other routines you already perform.
  • Vernon asks: I have very small hands (I'm a dwarf) and perform with bridge size cards. Obviously there is a gimmick; however, can that gimmick be applied to a bridge size deck and/or do I have to cover the entire poker size box with my hand?

    • 1. Ben Seidman (creator) responds: I also have small paws. I almost never perform a handling that requires what you’re concerned about. It’s far stronger to do the change in the spectator’s hands or pocket which is self working.
  • Richard asks: Any chance you might include the Ambideckstrous instructions along with this as a bonus?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: "Jonathan Pickard's "Ambideckstrous" was the first marketed version of this type of effect that we are aware of, and we would like to thank him for endorsing "Permanent Record", and being gracious enough to share his fantastic handlings on this video." :)
  • David asks: This is wonderful - brilliant work by all involved. I just wanted to check if refills would be available in the future (for the box reveal)? Many thanks David

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Refills are not available at this time but you receive 4 gimmicks (2 red and 2 blue)
  • Yong su asks: Is a PDF available? Or just a video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is just a video for the instructions.
  • Kenneth asks: So you get 2 specially printed card cases, one blue and one red, both have one card on one side of the box and a different one the other side...yes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No. We don't expose methods, but we can confirm your guess is incorrect. The case is perfectly ordinary, and can even be left with your spectator should you so wish.
  • Kenneth asks: How many performance are the gimmicks expected to last for ?

    • 1. Jim answers: If you take care of the props, they will easily last you for hundreds of performances.
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  • Kenneth asks: Is the box examinable after to prove it wasn't just a box with the Quuen of Hearts on one side and a different card on the other side?

    • 1. Kenneth answers: need to answer that question, watched a full performance and now know how it's done, box can be examined, clever method
    Post an answer to this question
  • Miguel asks: Is this like Mark Masons “under wraps”?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is similar.
  • Kim asks: Is it possible to buy the gimmicks separately when you own Permanent Record?

    • 1. Jim answers: In general, no. But you can contact customer service for help in this regard.
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  • Scott asks: Question/Statement for Ben...I noticed you are super detail oriented. I am as well. I had alignment issues with the sticker on the box. Fixed it by removing the sticker and repositioning it lower matching the placement on card ...aligning it from the bottom of sticker. It brought sticker down so only white was showing above box sticker. Making the plastic sticky to the case on any side but the back...helps with instant reset. @SirXcott

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    • Wong asks: I want to buy the card boxes using the matching design of the gimmick. now the box are come with QR code. Can anyone tell me where to get appropriate boxes? Please help .

      • 1. Wong answers: thank you. you are helpful.
      • 2. Jim answers: I've seen some at Costco and Target. Walmart may be worth checking.
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    • Antonio asks: Where can I find spare boxes with the same print in Europe?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds:®-Gold-Standard-Playing-Cards/dp/B001T7BSVI/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3KF9E4AU8EAIT&keywords=rider%2Bback%2Bbicycle&qid=1702895622&s=kids&sprefix=rider%2Bback%2Bbicycl%2Ctoys%2C120&sr=1-4&th=1
    • John asks: Do you sell refills?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We don't, but you can get the card case (assuming that is what you mean) in most places.
    • Antonio asks: Where can I find spare boxes with the same print in Europe? Asking again because the link you put on the previous answer has a golden border.

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      • Terry asks: Is this effect (and gimmicks) dependent on the current design of the Bicycle card box? What happens if the card box design is changed? I'm guessing we will need to look after boxes with that design or buy some spares?

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The effect is dependent on the bicycle card box.
      • Yong su asks: I purchased this product and it is currently being shipped. Is the gimmick design the same as the design shown in the photos and videos? The card case designs that come out these days are different. I purchased a large number of card cases in advance with the design shown in the photos and videos.

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the gimmick is the one shown in the video and images. You're safe with your purchases!
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