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The Oracle System

Trick by Ben Seidman
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The Oracle System

40.00 usd

Trick by Ben Seidman ($40.00)

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The Oracle System - magic
The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System The Oracle System

For more than a decade, Ben Seidman has guarded "The Oracle System" carefully. Now, he's finally ready to share it with us.

“The Oracle System” is a simple, powerful, pure demonstration of mind reading that is bound to immediately become one of the most moving and impactful pieces of magic in your show. Using nothing more than 10 tarot cards, you will deliver an unforgettable experience to your audience.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a tarot card reading. “The Oracle System” is instead a series of powerful mentalism reveals that just happen to use tarot cards.

"The Oracle System" is all about your spectator--their lives, their choices, their future. The structure of the trick allows you to explore personal relationships and reveal intimate information. You're able to predict the choices someone will make, and even the thoughts they think, using a powerful, original cocktail of methods.

Here’s a sample:

Your spectator and you each shuffle a packet of five matching tarot cards. You each eliminate four of the cards leaving just one...which, impossibly, matches theirs every time.

You then show that every card in each of your packets match, proving you each made the same decisions at every stage of the routine.

There are multiple ways for this trick to go, each as strong as the other. What’s most important is that Ben teaches you how to focus your energy on being present in the moment and to deliver a performance that feels deeply personal and wholly authentic using a mixture of cold-reading, intuition and the specially-printed tarot cards.

Includes vegan leather carrying case, ten custom-printed tarot cards, and a comprehensive instructional download. You also get access to an hour-long conversation between Luke Jermay and Ben Seidman in which they discuss never before shared tips on Tarot effects and Cold Reading.

“This fooled the @%#* out of me.” Shin Lim

“Ben’s wickedly clever, interactive effect with tarot cards will make you look smart, insightful and magically intuitive.” Michael Ammar

“Ben Seidman is a genius. If he’s going to share something, anything ... you buy it immediately! This creation is testament to that. It will truly become the most moving moment of real magic you share with someone. So use your new powers wisely...” Colin McLeod

"What Ben has done is create a lovely frame for delivering a personal reading as part of a commercial magic performance. This is a tough balance to strike, and “The Oracle System” makes the reading feel natural while ensuring a strong, impossible climax. If you’d like to try your hand at giving readings, this is a great way to practice because you have a foolproof safety net. If you’re an experienced reader, this tool might actually be dangerous.” Eric Mead

“I love this type of mentalism! Ben Seidman has taken a neat trick and turned it into something that will be remembered. A guaranteed strong ending allows you to focus on delivering a personal reading and on making a genuine connection with your spectator. Close-up mentalism at it’s best!” Mike Pisciotta

“I love it. Seriously great thinking.” Ran Pink

“I want to buy every set so I can burn them. This is so strong, I want to be the only one performing it.” Mark Calabrese

“Ben Seidman has created a masterpiece! This is something I love and will use. It is the perfect piece for the discriminating mystery performer and their modern day audience. Bravo!” Jon Stetson

“This goes beyond mind reading, this is soul reading. I literally felt like Ben was connecting with every thought and emotion I was experiencing. Definitely a game changer. I will carry this on me; always” Spidey

“This is so good, you don’t need a quote from me” Eric Dittelman

"A thoughtful and powerful effect, with secrets of audience management that will make anyone a better magician." Kostya Kimlat

“”The Oracle System” is the perfect effect when you want to deliver an emotional impact for an intimate audience.” Karl Hein

"When a top pro releases an item, it has my attention. You can see that Ben has done this, thousands of times, and he passes on all that knowledge to you. Recommended for anyone looking for powerful close-up" Danny Archer

“With “The Oracle System” Ben Seidman has not only combined a classic method with a beautiful presentation; he also has delivered a tool that will raise the temperature on anyone’s cold readings.” Jared Kopf

“Who would have thought a diminutive red-headed comedy magician would have such a profound take on doing a legitimately mysterious and commercial tarot reading? Damn him!” Max Maven

Please note: The creator retains all broadcast rights to this routine. This means that you are welcome to perform the routines taught in live performance settings only. All broadcast rights are withheld by Ben Seidman. Performing "The Oracle System" on television, or through any broadcast medium (live, or pre-recorded) is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For permission to perform The Oracle System outside of a live performance, please contact Ben Seidman directly.


Community questions about The Oracle System

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Pablo asks: How hard it it to do? It looks very easy but I'm not sure.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The effect is much easier to do than you may think. There are some basic slights involved and you will need to practice the method for a little bit, but most people are up and running as soon as they finish the instructions.
  • Ralph asks: Can I ask for more details about the interview with Luke Jermay? I'm a big fan of his.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure! Included in your purchase, you also get access to an hour long conversation between Luke Jermay and Ben Seidman. You get to be a fly on the wall as these two giants of mentalism discuss the Tarot and Cold Reading.
  • Teddy asks: If the effect always the same as the trailer? Or does it change?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The core effect is always the same. There are a couple of different outcomes that can occur but each one is as strong as you see in the trailer.
  • Carl asks: Two questions: 1. Do you get everything you need to perform the effect? 2. Does the effect have to be as long as Ben makes it? Or can you make it shorter?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 1. Yup! 2. You can make the effect 30 seconds long if you want to. It is completely customizable.
  • James asks: Will refill cards be available for past purchasers?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes - we expect to offer these from March 2021 onwards.
  • Molotov asks: Are these gimmicked cards or can you use any tarot cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Oracle System comes with a special set of cards for you to use.
  • sam asks: Is there a version/way to do this virtually that’s taught?

    • 1. Csanád answers: It says in small print that you can only perform this live, you can not broadcast it anywhere without Ben's permiton. The no broadcasting policie I think would apply to this as well.
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  • Bud asks: Is there any writing involved by either the spectator or the magician, or do the Tarot Cards eliminate that process?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No writing involved at all.
  • Glenn asks: If you want to perform this for more than one person in a room--where each person's story can be told--are there enough variant outcomes to do so? Thank you--Glenn

    • 1. Haig answers: The short answer is yes. The variety comes from how the cards are dealt. Without giving away any details, it is safe to say that people could watch you perform this routine for one person then another with different outcomes. Your patter and information can be customized to each person regardless of what is dealt.
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  • C. Scott asks: Wondering if they ethnically source the vegans for the production of the vegan leather.

    • 1. C. Scott answers: Spell check lets me down again, damn it!
    • 2. Daniel answers: Vegan leather is essentially a leather-like finish material that does not use animal skin. It's made from a range of different materials like vegetan, pineapple leaves, PVC, glazed cotton, cork, apple skin, polyurethane, etc... This option is less harmful to the planet than cow leather and it's respectful with the animals. Congrats Ben for choosing this material!
    • 3. Richard answers: No problem brother, all good natured fun!
    • 4. Richard answers: Don't mean to nit-pick, but I think one cannot obtain "leather" from a vegan, regardless of ethnicity.
    • 5. Adam answers: I will say, the wallet looks like leather and even smells like leather. I was actually impressed with the wallet but the true beauty is in the tarot cards, wow!
    • 6. craig answers: Ahh the reason I read the random stuff! Nice
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  • Gary asks: Do you need to see colors to use the special tarot cards? I’m color blind so that would be an issue.

    • 1. Kane answers: I’m red green colour blind and haven’t found it to be an issue
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  • Kane asks: Will we be able to purchase extra sets of cards in future without having to buy the whole package again?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Yes, in the future, when they are released.
    • 2. RLee answers: Does this mean that a card (or more than one) is destroyed/given away every performance? That would make it a no-starter for me...
    • 3. N answers: Any update on when the replacement cards (w/o video) will be released?
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  • Mark asks: How do we get in contact with Ben if we’re seeking permission to perform this in broadcast situations?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Write us at Magic@VanishingIncMagic.com
  • Richard asks: Are the instructions sent to our accounts digitally? As I have purchased it and there's nothing showing, thanks.

    • 1. Richard answers: Ignore this, found them!
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  • Tom asks: I noticed that an earlier comment stated refill cards would be available March 2021. I'm curious as to why there would even be a need for refills? Is this to be able to avoid getting the same (or near same result) with the 10 original cards? Are these refills "non-tarot" in nature? Different than the originals?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Cards get dirty and bent with use. The refills are simply a new set of the cards to replace soiled ones.
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  • Maksymilian asks: Are there any age restrictions? Can it be performed by/for a 14 year teenager?

    • 1. Dottore answers: None.
    • 2. Stephane answers: Nudity on the lovers card though...
    • 3. Sam answers: the nudity on the lovers card is no more explicit than Renaissance sculptures/art that 14 year olds are doubtlessly studying in school. It is not detailed, and not very evident with a glance. However, the lovers card only serves in the routine as a replacement for the devil card when performing for sensitive audiences, so the lovers card can be left out of the routine completely if there are concerns about the performer or the audience.
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  • Glenn asks: If you want to perform this for more than one person in a room--so that each person's story can be told--are there enough variant outcomes to do that? Thank you--Glenn

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This effect is repeatable about 90% of the time. In the other 10%, it's repeatable but less ideal. Either way, this effect is much different than a standard tarot reading. It's power comes from the ability to truly connect with your spectator and create an unforgettable moment. Doing that with everyone in the room may ultimately lessen the impact.
  • Corey asks: Looking at some of these questions I am wondering if the effect uses something consumable that I have to keep purchasing after buying and using the original? Thanks.

    • 1. Dottore answers: Nope.they are just cards get dirty and bent with use.
    • 2. Donald answers: I get dirty and bent with use too.
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  • Russel asks: Can you get a full deck of these cards? Not necessarily a full deck of special cards, but a full deck of cards that share the same back design as the special ones.

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: If they are the exact same as the cards on the trailer as well as “normal size” Tarot cards (not poker size), then yes. I own several “Rider Tarot Deck’s” for about $15 ea from Amazon or book stores that sell such things. The “Rider - Waite” tarot deck is probably the most common deck out there. The backs on my decks match the backs on the trailer, so, if they are the same cards, I have several extra decks. Just be aware that even different versions of the Rider - Waite tarot deck can have different back designs so be sure if you want to match 100% (without the extra somethin somethin on this set). I do short tarot readings and palm readings after shows sometimes but in a lighter way and this will be a nice lead in to my “extra” work. It really helped me get repeat magic gigs when I was working as a full time magician.
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  • Darrin asks: Another person asked about refills is this a one time trick Or with the refills be with a different looking cards of the Taro

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's no need for refills for this.
  • Michael asks: Are you going to produce a matching full Tarot deck please?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No plans to.
  • Myles asks: Can a Facebook group be created for people who have purchased The Oracle System to discuss ideas?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no plans to do that right now.
    • 2. Ben Seidman (creator) responds: Hey, thanks for asking. Someone created a group. It's new and there's not much action yet. However, this will be a good place to discuss in the future, so feel free to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/776043196449117
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no plans to do that right now.
  • William asks: Do I need to keep one hand under the table the entire time as in the video?

    • 1. Tim answers: Look at the video again.
    • 2. Tim answers: On the other hand ... I've seen the full video. What you get when you purchase the effect. I'm not sure what you saw.
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  • Paul asks: Can someone explain how much of this is a matching trick and how much is cold reading? Is there something about the cards or the patter that helps with the cold reading?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: In a perfect situation, the matching and cold reading go together to create a one-of-a-kind experience for every person. Built into the cards and the routine are some devious little secrets that help turn a cold read into a warm (or even hot) read. However, you don't have to worry about your cold reading skills in the beginning as you always have the matching cards aspect to fall back on. Essentially you can cold read with a safety net.
  • Kari asks: As a pastor I’m not much into tarot readings, but this looks really fascinating. I was wondering if I could somewhat easily create my own cards that aren’t tarot? Is that possible once you see the method?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cold/warm reading aspect of the effect is really heavily linked to the tarot both in terms of presentation and method. If the matching aspect is what appeals to you, then you might want to look into ESPitome. It’s in Larry Becker’s World of Super Mentalism 2. It uses ESP cards and achieves a similar "matching cards" effect. Hope that helps.
  • Alfons asks: Is it possible to get the video with Luke Jermay without the Seidman magic trick?

    • 1. Marc answers: Of course not. Buy the "Seidman magic trick" and you get the video. The Oracle System is much stronger than anything I have seen from Jermay.
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  • Duane asks: Does The Oracle System teach a novice how to do a cold reading and obtain the audience's personal information?

    • 1. Tim answers: No. It provides a rock solid base to explore your quest. As L.J. says in the download " Cold Reading can only be learned by doing it " The download ( 2 hours? ) is a masterclass. In....
    Post an answer to this question
  • Kevin asks: Are the cards on plastic or paper stock?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The are made on quality card stock.
  • Seth asks: Someone on another site said he couldn’t use these because of eyesight issues, as the necessary something is hard to see. My 53-year-old eyes aren’t that super anymore... what’s your take on the visual issue?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's really impossible to comment on *your* eyes :) However, we always offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if it turns out your not-so-super eyes can't see the something, then ship it back for store credit or a refund. Hope that helps. We always want everyone to be wholly happy with anything they get from us.
  • Matthew asks: Can I use this over Zoom, or is that included in the long list of places I’m not allowed to use the magic I thought I’d just purchased?

    • 1. Thomas answers: Apparently you missed this at the end of the description: Please note: The creator retains all broadcast rights to this routine. This means that you are welcome to perform the routines taught in live performance settings only. All broadcast rights are withheld by Ben Seidman. Performing "The Oracle System" on television, or through any broadcast medium (live, or pre-recorded) is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For permission to perform The Oracle System outside of a live performance, please contact Ben Seidman directly.
    • 2. Matthew answers: Hi Thomas. No, I didn't miss that (although it would perhaps have been more helpful if it had been included upfront rather than halfway down the page after about 20 promo quotes). It just doesn't explicitly mention Zoom. It's debatable whether Zoom, as a conferencing platform, fits into the category of 'broadcast medium'.
    • 3. Sam answers: It does.
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  • Bruce asks: If working on stage. Can you get stage size cards? Thanks

    • 1. Jim answers: No stage size has been printed. Sorry!
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  • Dave asks: Do you fool people into thinking this us real and not a magic trick? If so, not cool.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: How you present it is up to you.
  • Joseph asks: Is this good for complete beginners? Do I need to have knowledge of cold reading?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Cold reading (or rather warm reading) is covered in GREAT detail in the download with Ben and Luke Jermay - you'll be off an running in no time.
  • RLee asks: Even tho' it says this is not a Tarot card reading, could the whole session be used *as a reading*?

    • 1. Jim answers: Theoretically, yes.
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  • Timothy asks: Do I have to touch the cards? Can I just drop the packet on the table and instruct my spectator what to do?

    • 1. Timothy answers: Nevermind. I watched the video closer and saw that the second card is a duplicate of the first.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Philip asks: Refills were due to be in stock by March 2021 but I can't find them here on the website ... is this still on the agenda?

    • 1. Jim answers: Until refills are released, you can write customer service and they will help.
    Post an answer to this question
  • RLee asks: Hey, since the "replacement cards" issue has been asked a number of times, how about this: any opinions on laminating the cards to insure long life?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can absolutely laminate the cards but as long as you keep them in the wallet and make sure you perform on a clean surface, the cards will last a long time.
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Customer reviews for The Oracle System



Never has a trick lived up to expectations better. Everything about this item, from the packaging, through to the instructions, through to the quality of the effect... is wonderful.

I have no interest in Tarot Cards but I'll be using this trick. If the trailer hasn't convinced you, here are five good reasons to get hold of this:

1. If you've ever wanted to try cold reading, I can't think of a better way to dip your toe in the water.
2. The specially gimmicked cards are so clever, and surprisingly easy to use.
3. You get more instruction than you could ever wish for. If memory serves, it's over 2 hours of video tuition PLUS you get a helpful PDF too, in case you'd rather read the method.
4. The "chat" with Luke Jermay is almost worth the price of the product. Watching it, I felt like I was taking a mentalism masterclass with two of the finest names in the field.
5. You can perform this is almost any setting. There are virtually no restrictions to worry about.



The trailer gave me chills. I don't really do mentalism but this has made me want to try. *****



I picked this up as part of the Showtime promotion. I think the reactions in the video speak for themselves. In a world where we often see fake trailers, I challenge anyone to find actors good enough to react in the way they do here. The effect is like poetry. It permeates spectators in a way I've not seen before. Emotional magic at its best. Well done VI and Ben.



If ever I was to give a trick a 10 out of 10 rating, it would be now. I pick up most Vanishing releases but this is the best to date!



Really great. Love the stock of the cards too and the wallet is a nice touch. I've not performed it yet but even as an amateur, I think I should be able to pull this off. Thank you.



Probably the best all round magic trick I've bought.

Instructions great, props great, extra content great. AND YOU GET TO SEE FULL PERFORMANCES THANKFULLY!



I get a feeling that most of these reviews are going to say the same thing. It's an incredible trick and the entire package is beautifully put together. I particularly enjoyed the session with Luke Jermay. He's a master with the tarot and the conversation between him and Ben was very insightful.



Challenge: I challenge anyone to spend $40 on this trick and not feel like you got incredible value for money.





I have been waiting for a chance to post a review of the Oracle System, having bought one of Ben's last sets. I have been involved in magic for more than 5 decades. Like many of those who may read this review, I have been taken in by clever writing in ad, almost as deceptive as the supposed trick they were hawking. But this one, dear readers, is the real thing! If anything, the advertising copy is understated.

The custom-printed Tarot cards are fantastic. The care and attention that has gone into the design is more than first-rate (is there such a thing?).

And I'll bet we've all be victim to buying a quick routine thrown together to go with a clever (or not) gimmick. But this, dear readers, is the real thing. The manuscript that accompanies the Oracle System is detailed, fun-to-read, and obviously the result of the routine being continually honed by hundreds if not thousands of performances.

This routine does not present much of a technical challenge, thereby allowing you to relax and fully engage with your spectator and focus on the performance. Notice in the video that has been posted that the spectator was already fully engaged, entertained and amazed even before the "reveal." This is not a simple "Hey, look, I predicted your card" routine. If that is what you want, then this is not the droid you are looking for (makes a Jedi hand gesture).

Get the idea that I really like this one? You're right! I can't comment on the video with Luke and Ben, as that wasn't available when I bought directly from Ben (hey, Ben, are you reading this?!). And a vegan leather wallet to carry the cards -- what a deal (where did they find vegan cows?).





Amazing product!

The quality of the product itself is incredible. The card stock is great and works perfectly for the routine. The artwork is classic but with slight changes to make the performance play bigger. The wallet looks authentically aged, not over the top, but looks like something you would find in an old antique shop.

The download teaches the routine in great detail, with options to use or avoid certain moves. Ben does an excellent job teaching in both an entertaining and informative way. The interview with Luke Jermay is fantastic, so many golden nuggets of information provided in the hour.

The routine speaks for itself, it is super powerful. The system is built in a way that you can confidently practise your cold reading knowing you have the safety net of solid information to fall back on, the spectator doesn't even know they gave you the information. You can play this routine in so many different ways, it is entirely customisable.

This is the best product that I have picked up in a long time. So much so that I had to order another as a spare.

TLDR: An excellent quality, well taught, perfectly thought out product that provides incredible value. 10 out of 10, would recommend.



I buy a lot of magic. This is probably my favorite purchase of the last year or more. I was especially impressed with the long, the long, thoughtful conversation between Ben and Luke Jermay. And the design and quality of the cards themselves are tops. Well done!



Its Ben Seidman and Vanishing Inc, so its a superb product! Great tutorial and instructions download. Cards are great with a sumptuous wallet to boot. There was also a really informative Vanishing Inc Q&A with the brilliant Bein Seidman, hosted by the charismatic Colin Cloud. The Oracle System ostensibly making its debut in my repertoire.



I'm always impressed with the quality of Vanishing Inc's products. In fact I can safely say that all the Vanishing Inc (VI going forward) products I've purchased from them have lived up to my expectations. What I can also safely say is that a lot of magic tricks I buy, I learn and practice (sometimes mastering them), perform them for family and friends then place them in a draw never to be used again as I continue to use my old favourites in my set (sponge balls and the like). With this though, I can see this being something I will use again and again (I speak in future tense because a) need to practice it and b) Covid.
The accompanying video is over 2 hours long, 1hr and 15 of that is dedicated to teaching all aspects of the effect in great detail, it should be noted that Ben is a fantastic teacher and I even found myself laughing out loud at some points during the video, he is genuinely funny. The last hour is a conversation with Luke Jermay, which is insightful and provides some extra food for thought when learning the effect. The video is high quality and well produced as is usually the case with VI's instructional videos. It also comes with a downloadable PDF of written instructions, which is amazing because it allows you to quickly reference things without having to find which specific place in the video.
As for the product itself, high quality cards in a very nice vegan leather wallet, much tastier than vegan pulled pork let me tell you.
There's not much left to say other than the good reviews are right, this is an amazing effect that is also a high quality product and is well worth the price and taking the time to learn.









The cards and wallet are beautiful. The ideas and routines that you are taught should allow you to be able to work them to your own style of presentation. The video goes in depth as to how to use the cards and covers a lot of "what if" situations. I will be using this for a long time!



Just yeah, everything it said it was, it is. But more.

Read that again.



outstanding effect



This is a fantastic product!

The gimmick and wallet are superbly made and it is clear that a lot of thought went into making everything look authentic. This could be an heirloom passed down by a psychic aunt! That's what I will be telling my audiences!

The routine has clearly been thought out and worked in front of real audiences over many years. There are a couple of moves that need to be learned, but they should not be beyond anyone used to handling cards, and you do not have to be a sleight master to perform them. There is a bit of memory work involved, but it is not difficult, and I had it mastered within an hour of practising.

Above all else, the routine structure is great, and there can be a different outcome every time it is performed. This is the kind of stuff that I love to find and buy, because this is a routine that I will be using all of the time, from now on. Already, I have devised a kicker prediction to add to the basic routine, and I am certain that I will come up with other little twists to add to it, as I get more familiar with the handling and the readings.



Really innovative effect!



Although I haven't gotten deep into the method as yet, I can tell you I already can tell this is special. The packaging is exquisite, the cards are elegant and Ben's easy going narration keeps you interested and well informed. I'm sure most of you have spent $40 or more on tricks that weren't nearly as sophisticated and many were disappointing. This trick is well worth the money, and frankly, I'm surprised you can get this at that price.
However, like the ad says, "this isn't for everyone". You have to be willing to go one-on-one, close-up and extremely personal with people. The Tarot cards can't help you with that aspect.



Brilliant. Super. A true worker that I will use to the end of my days.



Outstanding video presentation and instruction. Extremely well thought and produced! Need more like this...





This is fantastic! Let me give you several reasons for my love of the product:
1. It is really well made. The faces are very colorful and easy to see when they match.
2. The case is very nice. It would have been easy for VI to save money and leave off the case, but it is really nice and protects the cards well.
3. The teaching is beyond wonderful. Ben has a great gift for communicating well and this is one of the finest teaching videos I have seen in quite some time. The difference between writing a script and clearly teaching the trick and just trying to explain "off the cuff" are huge. The inclusion of the PDF is genius. The user can go back over particular parts of the routine without searching for it on the video.
4. The effect itself is great. If you would like to get into doing readings, but are afraid, this is the piece for you. It allows "hot readings" and the spectator will remember the hits and particularly the fact that the performer matched the cards.
5. The teaching on reading, and the discussion with Luke Jermay are both a great course on reading that will get you well on your way to being very successful.
As you can intuit, I am a great fan of Ben's work and particularly this piece. With practice you can have people standing in line at your close up table for nothing but this trick.
A real bargain for the work that has gone into this. Highly recommended.
Sam Lamerson



Just switched into Mentalism and what a wonderful way to start! Another great purchase from Vanishing Inc!





it's just amazing how easy cold reading suddenly can be. Because of the current situation, I've only been able to perform it three times so far, but it's a real killer. And i Love the beatiful wallet. No language restriction.




I can’t speak any higher other than you get an awesome very descriptive very long video tutorial it might be daunting to most people it was to me and honestly took me about a month to really get through it and understand it all but if you are getting this of course you want to invest time into your performance and the cards do most of the work for you except a certain slight that can also be avoided however I recommend it as does Ben.

Vanishing inc* has done an amazing job with this release. I apologize for not purchasing it directly here I purchased it in the US and wanted to let you guys know for those looking for reviews and things out there that I am a huge supporter of vanishing Inc. and Ben’s Oracle project.

in addition you also get a long chat Ben has with Luke Jermay which makes the trick and knowledge as well as the overall cost much more worth the cards themselves or the trick. You’re learning things that you would have to read in really long endless books which for me would be difficult because I learn better one on one or video being on the autism spectrum, however even the PDF is very inviting looking. I recommend that you take this slow if you start to have difficulty but you’re gonna have to be bold and take chances however with me I have a gift with music and I’ve been a musician 25 at my 29 years whenever I hear anything I can play it tell you the key the cords all that so when I use it to my magic and mentalism advantage I’ve been told by many people to say how my intuition with being on the spectrum I basically you can say that as my reason for putting down my card first before they put theirs as I am getting visions and I truly do whether it’s magic or PTSD. this is really fun even to practice but I hope after the pandemic we will all get to share some performances of this. I’m really glad it took off the way it did because I really felt like there’s no way I could finish this video and I feel so glad I did it and I hope I made everyone proud just got to stick with it and if it becomes too problematic all at once I got to take a break and revisit it another day so that’s what I did. Like I said the talk with Luke is worth more than the trick alone because you’re getting two different kinds of people teaching cold reading techniques that are not the details because you don’t need to do that level for this trip and there are other outlets that they recommend of course, but Ben tends to do more of the comedic style and Luke I would do more of the serious sale. I think you will all love this and can’t recommend it highly enough. Next time hopefully I’ll get it from VANISHING INC MAGIC but it is a product from them so I am supporting and just happen to get it when I saw it come out. Hope you guys have a great week reach out to me on Facebook if you ever have any questions! - Andrew Ace



Extremely pleased with quality / appearance of the cards, carrying case, and online instructions. Looking forward to performing this interactive routine. One of the cards had an ink blotch on the back that could have been considered suspicious – appreciate VI promptly issuing a replacement.



When I first saw the trailer for this, I pretty much knew how it was done. I even thought about making my own. I'm so glad I decided to show respect for Ben and purchase it. The cards are great, but the real value is Ben's excellent thoughts and teaching. Ben's routine, and thoughts from Luke, are well worth the cost of the effect, even without the cards. 5 out of 5. Hands down one the best effects I've bought.



My favourite routine at the moment. After I have watched the instructions I immediately prepared my standard Tarot cards for doing the Oracle System. But as soon as the cards arrived I switched to them. It's just a perfect arrangement and the only routine I haven't changed a bit from the Seidman instructions.

Tonight I have performed it three times in a row with colleagues from work and I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. It was pure fun! For the very last card I asked to choose someone from the workplace. The spectator laid down the devil card - and thought of me! The revelation was so funny, puzzling and for everyone around really ... magical.
Thank you, Ben Seidman, for giving us the Oracle System!



This is probably my best magic purchase so far this year! I am usually not a Tarot-guy, but this is the perfect "After a set" trick, when sitting down at a table with a few people. The quality of the product itself is great, but the teaching alone is worth the price. I have never done any
Cold Reading before, but this is the ideal "Starter Package". Even if you don't want to do any Cold Reading, you can still do a routine with it.



I do love about everything with this routine. The context of Tarot gives it an almost natural flair of the "supernatural" or however you may want to call it. As Ben says "bringing the cards out changes the temperature in the room". It has a bit of a Jazz element o it, which I believe is an absolute stronghold for this type of presentation. And finally it sets an excellent structure around a reading. It is a perfect safety net for venturing in this area of performance. Highly recommended.



The Oracle System is real magic. The Tarot cards are great quality and the instructions are the best. As an added bonus you sit in on a conversation between Ben And Luke Jermay where they talk about tarot and cold reading. I had to wait for seconding printing because first sold out so fast. Vanishing Inc fulfilled the order promptly and was able to track it every step of the way. It is easily the best trick of the year.



Buy it



Everything as advertised and more,classy props and solid teaching, this will require some serious practice and rehearsal, as the script is so well thought out ,that you will want to do it justice and not be worried about techniques .Give it the practice and rehearsal that it deserves and you will stun and amaze.



Let me be clear about something, and I do not say this to brag but to point out how obvious the value of this effect was to me. As soon as I started watching the demo, I knew how most of it was done. None the less, I stopped watching the demo and placed my order. In fact, I jumped at it.

Y'see, while I knew I could sorta duplicate it on my own, it was clear that it would take me hours and hours and hours of work to finesse any single component of this effect up to Ben Seidman's level. Was having Ben do the work for me and give me the benefit of his experience worth a mere 40 bucks? Oh hell yes!

I bought it and starting watching the instructional video. Once again, I didn't get far before I stopped. This time it was to send an email to a colleague, saying, "Have you seen this? You *gotta* see this!"

I'm still not sure exactly how I'll be using The Oracle System. It will need some massaging to fit my performing persona. But it will definitely find a comfy home in my repertoire.. Just thinking about it damn near makes me giggle.



I was a skeptic at first as I felt this did not suite my magic preference. but the product and routine was very good. Hope to master this soon.



This is a fantastic effect. Beautifully made, endless possibilities and variations. The combination of hard-hitting moments with cold reading is very clever. You choose for yourself how hard you go into the Tarot and its meaning, and that too I find interesting to experiment with.
Although I have not yet tested it in the real world, I am sure that this effect will become stronger and stronger with every performance.
A very extensive explanation video with fascinating additions by Luke Jermay... In short: do not hesitate, you will use this.
This is something -although it does not require difficult moves- that you have to practise and prepare well, but that is actually true for all great magic. Right?



Absolutely amazing, leaves everyone speechless while giving the shock factor for them to remember for a lifetime. What a great piece of mentalism. This effect is priceless.



This is how this is supposed to be done, not with playing cards or esp cards. This is by far the best tool for any performer so many possibilities. I’m excited to delve into this type of performance. Highly recommend this, great instruction. This is a reputation maker in the right hands.



I got this direct from Ben at the Session in 2019. I saw him perform it on stage and it went down a storm. It’s a brilliant twist of Jazz Mentalism with so much more added. It gives you the opportunity to be bold with readings and so many free hits.
The leather case the cards come in is a nice touch. My only disappointment is it’s getting a general release, I liked that not many people had it or knew about it ??



Good quality cards match available tarot cards. I also carry my esp testing deck which works well with this effect (without the mystic feel).



It’s not often I buy new effects. When I do, it’s as the result of curiosity or to explore new areas with which I’m unfamiliar. I’ve long been interested in cold reading and the prospect of the effect’s developer who’s work I have long admired, in conversation with Luke Jermay was a very tempting carrot. This effect is beautifully presented on high quality stock and offers the purchaser a crash course in top class mentalism. Seldom have I been so impressed by the full package on offer here. For those who view the entire video download there are very rich rewards to be had, especially after Seidman’s instruction when he discusses approaches to this system with Luke Jermay. The trick itself is really strong, however the delight here is in the presentations on offer which are explained fully and fluently. Seidman’s intelligent and confident presentation belies the time and effort required for a fluent and effective performance, but the effect’s versatility is what makes it a powerhouse of great fun. Knowing magicians as I do, most will read the instructions try the effect, fail and discard. This is good news for the minority who will absorb the method and in doing so will transform a clever and entertaining side show into a really worthwhile and most important truly memorable routine. I recommend this system to anyone who wants to try cold reading but doesn’t know where to start. There are enough direct hits built into this system to help build the audience’s confidence in the performer and sustain the performer through to a variety of powerful magical climaxes. It’s not an easy routine to learn but done well this effect could make your reputation as someone who can actually deliver real mind reading, it really can be that good.



Honestly the most powerful tarot card effect out there!!! I'm not a mentalist and really don't like using mentalism in my acts but this isn't a mentalist act, it's a powerful story that connects with your audience! Ben you're amazing!!!



It is explained very good and easy understandable. The casing and the cards are in a very high quality and feel super good. However you just need to take your time learning the trick but if you take your time and practice it a lot and you feel comfortable in the end then this is a killer trick and you will get super good reactions. Furthermore the cards will help you a lot to make the cold reading easyer for you and it will work every time



As soon as I found out Ben was releasing this I jumped all over it. I’m friends with Ben on Facebook and he’s a class act. Brilliant performer and creator. The Oracle is one hell of an effect that has lovely and unique props. This effect does take practice and it’s all about your ability to make a connection with your audience. The video teaching is really good. The Oracle System" is all about your spectator--their lives, their choices, their future. The structure of the trick allows you to explore personal relationships and reveal intimate information. You're able to predict the choices someone will make, and even the thoughts they think, using a powerful, original cocktail of methods. Definitely add this especially if you want something different ! Also when you purchase from Vanishing Inc you are getting great support as and IMO they are the best magic shop around.



Loved it when I bought it...then let it mellow a bit before pulling it out again on vacation. Now it is golden. Love Ben's thorough approach to the experience, where method and mentalism meet, which makes this "kill" on many levels. Handlings are not difficult and frankly appear quite spontaneous and very chill. But the revelations of apparent symbiotic psychic connection are powerful.



Amazing effect! This is something I will actually use both in a show, and for creating a magical experience one on one!



This is a wonderful Product, High Quality, Great instructions, and best of all this is an easy trick to create and use your own personality. THank you



This is great. Everyone should be using it. Easy to understand the process and Luke Jermay is just an added bonus. Trailer is accurate. Buy it. This will not be thrown in a drawer and never used. No knowledge of tarot cards is necessary. Vanishing Magic gives you a solid gold product. Fool everyone. No angles and can be done surrounded. Thanks for a wonderful effect.



clear and compelling



The Oracle is worth the money to purchase and the time to learn. The presentation takes some memorization and work, and it is worth it for both.



An amazing and mindblowing trick.

I love how this is so much more than just a card trick. Using those tarot cards and the "reading" gives the trick a really mysterious touch. You could do this with an ordinary card deck - but this version is so good and so thoughtfull it really lifts a "normal" card trick to be a wondefull closer.

I do close my table hopping with this piece of art and it never fails to impress.



This is a GREAT trick! For the participant it’s not a trick but a true experience. The routine takes them on a short personal journey and is much, MUCH more than just a simple card matching effect. It’s a card matching effect with an emotional impact. It’s also a great tool for those that are intimidated by the the thought of cold reading. It’s an excellent way to learn cold reading without any risk. It’s like cold reading “light”. It’s also an excellent way to learn meanings of and get familiar with tarot and using an oracle (hence the name) to affect a reading taking pressure off of you, yourself because interpreting the cards & “you” aren’t reading the participant because “the cards say…” the reading.



Wow this is really good. Anyone interested in incorporating tarot cards into their mentalism then this is a great place to start. Wonderful thinking and use of tarot cards to achieve emotional connections with your audience. I love the cards and the wallet. Thank you Ben.



Ben Seidman is a fantastic magical entertainer. This is a very personal mind-reading demonstration that will blow your audience away. I'm in love with the concept and can't wait to perform this in my upcoming shows. A no-brainer, just add to cart! Way to go Ben!



I love this type of effect and have been using ESP cards which are great and I have had some good reactions. I have now been using the tarot cards and the interest level has increased dramatically, people just find the designs more interesting. You can do a straight match up routine as per the ESP cards or now you can give a brief reading, just a couple of lines are all you need. The cards and instructional video are both of good quality and you dont need 20/20 vision.



This is a purchase I've been so happy with.
I'll admit, when I saw the method I thought there was going to be a huge learning curve to it (even though the video reassures you there's not).
Part of me thought it'd take forever to get it down naturally just because it's such a clever and well hidden method... but it didn't.
I had it down right away and it's unbelievably easy.
Very powerful effect.







Love this! The cards and wallet are great quality and the video explanation covers all you need to know to get rolling. If you have never attempted readings this is a fantastic way to get started and hone your reading skills. Plus you always have the effect to fall back on. The Oracle is a win, win.



This is a trick definitely worth its money. The quality of the products you get (wallet + cards) is excellent. The video tutorial and explanation is very thorough and explores almost every single detail on how to handle this trick in every circumstance.

I would say a big bonus of this trick is that it is very repeatable because it offers multiple endings based on what the other person will do.

You can do very simple versions of it if you are a beginner or you can really go into really deep waters if you are a master of mentalism.




This subtle but powerful gift from Ben will make you appear to be a master in tarot. There is an out for every occurrence and it is apparent that Ben has used this in his routine for years. Every thing is thought out and has been tested on hundreds of people. This is now in my close up act and is cherished.



I was a little skeptical of this effect. I wasn't sure how well the cold reading was for this effect but it seems fairly simple. I will likely not be using the cold reading part of the effect (since that isn't my style) but I plan on using the cards. I learned the full system in only a few minutes and have it down to a comfortable level. Now I just need the right routine (which I think I have).



I have added to my tarot routine that I study during Covid, and it is fabulous, did a different way for a quick read and my last party of 200 people ....the line was long....been a woman might also be an advantage ! Ben I am pleased. Patricia M.



Not really for beginners. This is all about presentation, improvisation and good scripting. The effect itself is easy to perform. I have no difficulty seeing the backs of the cards. The real difficulty is tailoring the effect to the individual spectator and the revelation of the information. Cold reading skills are imperative. It can go wrong if not properly scripted. The creator's demonstration in the instructional is great but it's just an example of one scripting option. It's a utility device really. With a little imagination the possibilities are endless. Brilliant system.



This is an incredible product. It's very powerful. It can have a huge emotional impact on spectators. People cry sometimes. I'd recommend to any potential buyer that they possess some cold reading skills before performing this. There are endless ways to present this system. The tutorial couldn't be better shot. Ben is very thorough is his instruction. It's a very good instructional. I love this product but, like I said, it can play very heavy so bear that in mind when scripting.





This is a brilliant piece of magic. It took me a little bit to work out the method, but once I did, it was incredibly easy. The cards are well made and beautiful. The instruction may be the best of any effect I have purchased. The style of presentation is beautiful. This is a top notch effect and one that I will perform regularly. Beautiful piece of magic!



This effect is absolutely amazing!! From start to finish it really connects you as a performer to your audience or spectator in ways other effects just don't. Ben really released something special with the Oracle System. It's getting added to every close up or walk around show I do going forward. One thing I'll note, take care of the cards, I got coffee on one and immediately people claimed they were marked (for a much more obvious reason).



This is a very powerful effect.



just astonishing, this goes beyond magic performance into a true piece of art.
This is not an easy piece to learn, but that is actually a good thing because it offers room and better connection after every trial.

I just love the idea and the reading part so much that I want to try this routine with everyone who is willing to give me the time.



I can't say enough, how great this trick is. I don't like calling this a "Trick" it is an experience like none other.
The cards are very well made, sturdy, and should last a very long time. The "special" part of the cards is ingenious.
The bi-pouch they come in is a great Segway to the presentation. All you have to do is leave it out, someone will ask about it. ... and the story begins.
Ben does a great job explaining everything, including multiple ways to perform and the subliminal ways to get inside someone's head.
One thing I would say to anyone buying this.. use your own presentation. Ben's presentation, works for Ben. You have to incorporate your own personality and style. Be the real you, with a very unique skill.
I am excited to see what Ben comes up with next.







One of the best routines you can perform if you really want to get your audience involved! The connection you can make with them is very strong. But is not easy, as you need to remember things and make the presentation part of you. But all the effort and work you need to do is totally worth it!!! And the price it has is a gift!!! Totally recomend it!!



A beautiful matching routine that emotionally takes things beyond the comparative coldness of similar ESP routines.

But man, I wish creators would think about people with poorer eyesight. This is one of the most difficult to read m+++++g systems I've come across. It could have been sooooo much clearer. Should have got Phil Smith involved. That one flaw makes it almost impossible for me to perform in the real world. Shame as I love everything else about it.



Lets get honest. This is an intimate trick that plays well in specific environments but it won't keep your audience member up at night. Most mentalists would consider this a "minor miracle". You can do this in walk around at a corporate event but it won't get the reaction that it's worth. It's all about the build up and the connection with your volunteer. You can learn this skill by performing and getting a better understanding of emotional connection ( Additionally, you will need some practice and a firm understanding of cold reading).
The product is well made and the tutorial is heavy with lots of subtleties and insight on the creative process. Is it a good effect? Yes. Are there a million other effects that are stronger and easier to get to the climax? Absolutely.

The Oracle System by Ben Seidman