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Cube in Bottle Project

Trick (pre-order - ships Dec 31) by David Stryker and Taylor Hughes
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Cube in Bottle Project

99.95 usd

Trick (pre-order - ships Dec 31) by David Stryker and Taylor Hughes ($99.95)

Cube in Bottle Project - magic
Cube in Bottle Project Cube in Bottle Project Cube in Bottle Project Cube in Bottle Project Cube in Bottle Project Cube in Bottle Project

A project more than a decade in the making, the secret behind one of magic’s greatest mysteries has finally been revealed.

David Strikers “Mystery Cubed” bottles have been a perennial sell-out since the first day they were launched. Magicians around the world cannot get enough of these impossible objects. They are the perfect addition to any magic room or accessory for any office.

Well now, along with help from Taylor Hughes, David Stryker is finally going to teach you his closely-guarded secrets behind making your own “Cube in Bottle Project” and how to use them for two jaw-dropping effects. This project is truly the pinnacle of Rubik’s Cube Magic.

The 3 Major Secrets Unlocked in the “Cube in Bottle Project”:

How to Put a Rubik’s Cube in a Bottle
You’ll learn how to create your own impossible “cube in bottle” with an ingenious method that is surprisingly easy. Once you know how it’s done, it will only take you about 15-20 minutes to create a truly impossible souvenir that you, your clients or your friends and family will cherish forever. "Cube in Bottle ProjecT" comes with all the tools you need to get started. And, when you want to make more, you’ll be amazed at how inexpensive it is to do so.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The moment about 40 seconds into the trailer is just a fun visual metaphor. A visual penetration of a cube into a bottle is NOT part of this project.

A Truly Breathtaking Mixed Cube Prediction
Known as “Reflections”, this is the same routine Taylor Hughes has used to close his professional act for nearly 5 years in everywhere from the Magic Castle to his virtual magic shows. You start by introducing a “cube in bottle.” Several members of the audience are then invited to mix up another cube. You then take the cube back and, impossibly, the pattern matches the one on the cube in the bottle. You can then hand everything to the audience members to examine or your client to keep forever if you’d like. Full details and performance rights included.

You can check out a full performance in the second video above.

The Mind-Boggling Bottle Solve
This is a stunning visual that will leave your audience’s jaws on the floor. While instantly solving a Rubik’s Cube in your hands is pretty incredible. Doing it while it’s locked inside a bottle is truly a miracle-level effect. While this is the only time where you can’t hand the bottle out when you’re done. Don’t let that deter you. The visuals are phenomenal and the angles allow this to be performed in everything from in-person parlor shows to magic videos on TikTok or Instagram.

What’s in the Box?

Every “Cube in Bottle Project” comes with one bottle and a custom toolkit. We also teamed up with the King of Rubik’s Cubes Henry Harrius to provide you with three RD Regular Cubes (the best Rubik’s Cubes for Rubik’s Cube Magic on the market today). You’ll be ready to start making your first impossible bottle right away.

“Cube in Bottle Project” is a must for anyone looking to leave their audience with a permanent memory of the feeling of magic you provided them. You can also, of course, use the skills learned to create unbelievably unique gifts for everyone in your life.

NOTE: While the performance of “Reflections” from the Magic Castle uses an "Rubik's Dream - Three Sixty Edition" from Henry Harrius to complete the effect, Taylor used a different method for more than a year. That method is taught for anyone who doesn’t own the RD360 gimmick. Additionally, if you'd like to be set up to perform both "Reflections" OR the "Visual Solve", you'll need two bottles. Affordable refills are available here.

Cube in Bottle Project


Community questions about Cube in Bottle Project

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • James asks: Will you be selling extra bottles or does the video tell where to buy them?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While the video doesn't tell you where to buy them, we will be announcing where you can get the bottles in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
  • Dorian asks: Do the project include a source for replacement or additional bottles?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no sources mentioned but will be available soon.
  • Randy asks: What’s the degree of difficulty of the Taylor Hayes routine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's a very simple routine if you're familiar with cube matching routines. He does teach two ways to bring in the final cube; one with a gimmick and one without.
  • Matthew asks: Does the tutorial on how to make a cube in bottle teach anything new compared to the tutorials on YouTube?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While we haven't watched tutorials on YouTube, this is going to be the best resource for learning how to make this specific cube in bottle.
  • Meilech asks: This is probably the most important question that should be addressed: cost and availability of refills. The price of this routine is fine of it's just for the secret, but not if it'll cost me that much every time I perform.

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: The technique to put it inside the glass is much easier than you think and is very clever. The method is totally different from the youtube tutorial out there.
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  • Neil asks: Looks great. Do I have to know how to solve a mixed up Rubik's Cube Neil McArthur

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While you do not need to know how to solve a cube, it is helpful.
  • Franklin asks: Will the bottles used by Henry Harrius work?

    • 1. Jim answers: In theory (I haven't tested this out), they should work.
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  • Mark asks: How are the angles of the "bottle solve"? Will it only work for virtual shows, or can it be surrounded?

    • 1. Enrique answers: Can’t be done surrounded
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  • Brandon asks: With giving anything away I would assume solve in the bottle can’t be giving away or handed out for others unless you do a swap???

    • 1. Jim answers: Whenever you have to say "With giving anything away" — you should not post it publicly. Write to customer service with questions like this.
    • 2. Brandon answers: Please take down my post
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  • Rory asks: how long does it take to put the cube in the bottle

    • 1. Jim answers: 15 to 20 minutes if you are skilled and dedicated. 30 to 40 minutes for medium skill. And so on. YMMV.
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Customer reviews for Cube in Bottle Project



Great routine and excellent instructions!



Fantastic product, tutorial is very well explained. I personally love that you put the cube in the bottle yourself, it gives a real sense of satisfaction as well as allowing you to place in the 'pattern' of your preference. Reflections is a beautiful routine and whilst the solve is not fully angle proof its pretty angle proof and will work perfectly in a stage/parlour environment. Its not a replacement for cube in bottle by henry harrius as the two are very different effects in my opinion, I have both and will be using both. If you loike cube magic then this is a must have


Humboldt State University -

Great Tutorial. The package gives you everything you need to create your own cube-in-bottle. The online instructions are very clear, as you are walked through the process of creating your own cube-in-bottle. Everything you need to create your own custom bottle comes in the package. The performance is very inspiring.


Einar Aron

This one is a masterpiece. The tutorial is well recorded and well taught as well. You know exactly what you are receiving and if this fits your personality or not. This is worth your money and would have paid more for it!



I never post reviews, well almost never but thought I would chime in on this one.
I usually get disappointed when I order higher priced magic items because I find they are sub-standard in quality or lacking in some form or another, but this is not the case with this Cube In Bottle Project.
This “project”…to start, is wonderfully packed in a superbly designed box that keeps all the goodies safe and in place so nothing gets lost or damaged, and the box is gorgeous to boot. Now why is this important at all, well when I spend decent money on an effect, I love the fact that the creator(s) spent a little time on making sure that my reception and initial visual appeal of the item is pleasing, makes you feel like your purchase of their item was important to them and you spent your money wisely. Second, all the items in the package are of nice to excellent quality and the fact that they include 3 of the RD’s is amazing…way to give value to someone’s purchase…good job guys!!!
And lastly, the instructional video is absolutely fantastic and nothing is left out, finally a video that includes everything you see and more from the demo video included…again, well done!! The video is engaging, clear and nothing is left out. I felt like they were teaching slowly and clearly and they did it in a pleasant manner almost like they were enjoying sharing their knowledge…very pleasant.
One of the few items I would say I purchased that is ALMOST perfect…yes ALMOST..this has one little thing that was not included that I do not understand that could have been, and that would have made it absolutely perfect in my opinion….a small portion of the “paste” would have been greatly appreciated. To have such a complete and well designed product that has everything but that and now I have to run to find this stuff is annoying considering all is there to start upon receiving the ‘project”….but I digress.

Do not hesitate if you are on the fence about buying this, worth every penny they are asking!



This is really top of the line magic. Although it takes some work to set up, the tutorial is brilliant. It comes with EVERYTHING you need including the cubes, bottle, screw driver and other components. This is not a technically difficult effect but it plays huge! It can be combined with other effects to create a really wonderful routine. I'm not at the level where I can afford giving out cubes in a bottle, but for those professionals pulling in the big bucks this is an incredible souvenir. Definitely add this to your repetoire, you won't be disappointed!



The instructions were excellent. I was able to put a cube in the bottle without breaking a sweat. Everything you need is included in the box. Everything!



I really like this project. This will take some DIY, but this comes with EVERYTHING you need so that you can do exactly what you see right away. No waiting or hunting down things in stores. The download is very thorough and walks you through the magic and secrets. Then you go step by step in easy explanations on how to make your own Cube In Bottle. I cannot wait to perform this piece of beautiful magic with a great message. I recommend this if you like to make your own props and gimmicks. Best of all because from the moment you open the box and watch the videos, you can DIY your very own Cube in Bottle without having to leave to purchase anything else. Well except for food if you get hungry. I really enjoyed watching the download from start to finish. I highly recommend this project.