Close Up Sleight Of Hand Magic Tricks

OK. You’re interested in learning some close-up sleight of hand magic tricks, are you? You’re in the right place. Here at Vanishing Inc. we love close-up magic tricks (especially card magic with playing cards and love sleight of hand. Once you’ve mastered card magic basics, it’s time to up your game. It’s time to learn magic tricks. Here are two magic tricks, two magic books and two magic videos you can get today and start learning new sleight of hand magic tricks.

Sleight Of Hand Magic Tricks

Switch One by Christian Grace

ALT TAG One of our best-selling tricks, Switch One combines a sleight of hand switch which is taught beautifully and a very clever index. This lets you seem to be able to freely predict not only a named playing card, but almost anything. Star signs, holiday destinations, meals, drinks and so on. Yes, the switch is pure sleight of hand, and will take a little practise - but most things that are worthwhile in this world do take a little time!
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Phantom Deck By Joshua Jay

ALT TAG This is Josh’s upgrade to the popular OmniDeck plot. But rather than a solid perspex block being the reveal, it’s a deck of 52 clear plastic cards. This seemingly small change affords you a double climax and improves the effect hugely.
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Sleight Of Hand Magic Books

Close Culls by Harapan Ong

ALT TAG You’ll almost certainly be familiar with Harapan Ong’s work via his bestselling Principia book. Here, we have Harapan’s work, thoughts and ideas about culling. If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to cull cards, this book will talk you through that sleight of hand move and inspire you with wonderful effects that utilize that move.
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Rune’s World by Rune Klan

ALT TAG Rune Klan is Joshua Jay’s favorite magician, and for good reason. Here is a man who is a huge celebrity in his native Denmark. He’s reinvented himself many times over. Starting off as a hard core coin magician, then becoming a stand up comedian and now touring new theatre shows every two years. This book breaks down his work and will leave your mind reeling with ideas. His sleight of hand with coins at the start of the book is astonishing.
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Sleight Of Hand Magic Videos

Technical Tool Box by Stephen Hobbs**

ALT TAG Stephen Hobbs’ Technical Toolbox will expand your repertoire of card sleights and routines. You will be inspired to develop your own “toolbox” of card techniques by the impossible ribbon-spread switch-out, the elegant spring simple shift, the super-practical subterranean addition, advanced work on obtaining and maintaining breaks, control grip technique (it will revolutionize your handling small packet counts), a detailed discussion of the Hobzinzer cull (more information than many DVDs devoted to this sleight alone), B.U.R.P. (Basic Universal Reverse Placement), the SHEE control, the interlaced-block transfer technique, Hobbs’ playing card mnemonic system, the rotary replacement and change, F.I.A.T. (Flexible Insertion and Addition Technique), the incredible routine “The Odds Against Me”, and much, much more. There is so much material in the Technical Toolbox that it is impossible to describe it all; but if you enjoy card magic, we guarantee you will get your money’s worth!
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Devil’s Picturebook by Derren Brown

ALT TAG You’ll know Derren Brown as a mentalist, but did you know he started off as a sleight of hand card magician? The material in this download was once offered on VHS in limited quantities and then traded for very high prices in the secondary market. This download is a remastered version of the original tape and contains Derren’s card magic work. His thinking is second to none and this is highly recommended.
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