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Trick by Christian Grace
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Switch One by Christian Grace

It's the holy grail of card effects. You display a folded card under an inverted wine glass. You ask someone to name a color, a suit, and a value, to generate a truly random selection. The card under the glass is revealed to be this exact card.

That's just one of the dazzling effects you get with "Switch One," but this is far more than a trick. "Switch One" is the culmination of years of work. It mixes a revolutionary, burnable, invisible switch with a new index that makes the impossible possible. The index has been painstakingly designed to be so inconspicuous and slim it easily will become part of your everyday carry.

Once you master the gimmickless, sleight-of-hand switch, your mind will be racing with possibilities. Yes, you can use it to reveal a named playing card, as you see in the video, but that’s just one option. You could load the index with star signs, with holiday destinations, with take away food options, with hot drinks. We never use the phrase “you are only limited by your imagination” here, but in this case it’s true!

There are two handlings taught. The easier handling (which Christian uses most often, and you can see here) requires you to index half of the deck. The advanced version allows you to reveal ANY named card and requires you to index the full deck.

The retrieval process is fast and simple, as you can see in the video. There’s no need to wear a jacket. The index sits comfortably in any pocket.

The switch itself is not only invisible, but (as Guy Hollingworth notes in his endorsement) it is imperceptible. One object melts into another invisibly. This allows you to melt, say, a card into a dollar bill, or a blank piece of paper into money. But it also allows you to switch one card for another, even when viewers are staring intently at your hands. It's that clean.

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Questions & Answers

Let's address the questions you're likely to be thinking about head-on:

Q: Can I do "Switch One" with any deck of cards?
A: Yes. Any deck of cards will work.

Q: Does the switch use a gimmick?
A: No, the switch is pure sleight of hand. It will take a little practise to get it looking as good as Christian, but it is easily within the reach of everyone. Most people can do the basic switch after watching the video, but it will take some practise to get perfect.

Q: Is it difficult to do?
A: Retrieving the named card is very simple, thanks to the special, custom-made gimmick. It will take some practice to master the switch, but once you’ve got it, you'll be using it in all sorts of applications. Christian is an excellent teacher and walks you through everything in crystal-clear detail.

Q: Is the card really thought-of?
A: Yes! In the basic handling, there is one layer of equivoque. In the advanced handling, it’s a completely free choice!

"Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc. would like to thank Cosmo Solano whose work with his "Q" index is an extremely influential and important predecessor to this plot and method. While "Switch One" and "Q" are different in many ways, it is important to provide credit and respect where it is due and we thank Cosmo Solano for his work and support.

Folded playing card
Switch One angles
Christian Grace

About Christian Grace

Christian Grace is a magic creator, teacher and performer from London. He’s created Level One, one of the best-selling magic tricks of the past five years.

Watch the full performance

Words from the Wise

"It fooled me on three different levels." —Andy Nyman
"I wish Marlo could have seen this switch. He would have loved it." —Bill Malone
“Completely imperceptible. I wish these switches had existed when I was trying to work out how to tear and restore a card!” —Guy Hollingworth
“The best and most baffling piece of sleight of hand I saw at the Session 2020 and a move that will transform my approach to several effects”—R. Paul Wilson
"I admit when Christian first sent me this I replayed it more than 10 times... And I still had no idea!" —Henry Harrius
“Looks great ... so, so good” —Chris Kenner
"Christian is a super nice, funny and incredibly creative human. Well, at least I think he’s human? It’s hard to tell because all of his creations are so well thought out, as if by AI or something. Switch one is an incredible technique, a diabolical gimmick and a wealth of amazing ideas. It will require some practice but once you get this down you will have a mind blowing effect that looks like real magic!" —Richard Sanders
"I've studied billets for years and Switch One is the most visually deceptive switch that I have ever seen. It's beautifully constructed and has the most wonderful retention of vision. It's not that hard to master and when you do you'll have a terrific switch that your audience will NEVER see!" —Marc Paul
“This switch is all I need to start a cult.” —Zee
"Switch One is clean, concise and utterly deceptive." —Colin Cloud
"Switch One includes a ridiculously deceptive billet technique. I watched it over and over again and did not see anything amiss. It looks exactly like it is supposed to look, with no hint of what is really happening. Outstanding!" —Elliott Bresler
"I’d like to say this is the best switch I’ve ever seen ... the problem is I didn’t see it ... even from right under my nose." —Mark Chandaue
"Chris is without a doubt one of the best. His techniques are innovative and practical, his effects are deeply magical and so fooling for both laymen and magicians." —Tom Rose
"There is literally nothing to see when you are looking at Switch One. Practical and beautiful in its simplicity. An absolute fooler. You’ll never use another switch." —Alexis Conran
"Warning. Do not buy these products. I’ve seen Christian do this switch a hundred times and can only conclude that he isn’t actually switching anything at all. 1/10 avoid." —Marc Kerstein
The most significant new sleight I’ve seen in a long time. The actions are motivated, the mechanics invisible. Christian has created the perfect switch." —Stephen Long
"Switch One fooled my eyes and my mind. I had him repeat it many times without explaining it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I am delighted for Christian because he is is at the forefront of cutting edge magic, technical execution and creative expression. Highly recommended."" —Michael Vincent
"This is the best thing I’ve seen yet. The holy grail." —Avi Yap


Community questions about Switch One

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Zachary asks: Can this gimmick be used to borrow (for example) a $1 bill and switch it to a $5 bill (as quickly as the card changes to a bill in the video) and then immediately hand out the $5 bill?

    • 1. Mark answers: Yes. As one of the reviewers pointed out, the gimmick has nothing to do with the switch itself. That's all slight of hand.
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  • David asks: I am a full time strolling closeup magician at restaurants. I have 2 questions. First I wear a vest with no pockets. Will the Gimick work without pockets? 2nd will the gimick last a number of years?

    • 1. Ronwald answers: The gimmick is designed to be used with pockets. It’s sturdy enough to last for years because it’s not subjected to “abuse” during performance.
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  • Lexie L asks: Is the gimmick like the in the only switch you’ll ever need because I have that and it’s a very good switch

    • 1. Ronwald answers: I have OSYN and while it achieves the same effect, switch one is more deceptive and “imperceptible”. I already know what’s happening and I still can’t see the switch. Your spectator can be burning your hands and they won’t see a thing.
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  • Simon asks: Is the switch part of this routine pure sleigh-of-hand please? If so, this is worth the cost of the download to me. I don't want to lose any pocket space so, if the switch part uses gimmicks, then its not for me. Thanks in advance.

    • 1. Simon answers: Ah, I've just seen the answer to my question in another post. No need to answer this thanks.
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  • Michael asks: Is a jacket required, or is a long sleeve shirt good enough? Whats the reset like? Can the switched out item immediately be 'reswitched'?

    • 1. Brian answers: You're going to need an accessible pocket that can be discreetly accessed, so a jacket pocket. It will reset in seconds, but again, you must realize that the gimmick does not factor into the actual switch, as the promo videos strongly suggest.
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  • Carsten asks: Is that gimmick loud?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The switch itself is pure sleight of hand and is silent. The gimmick is what allows you to retrieve the named card/star sign/bill etc. Hope that helps to clarify.
  • Qiongda asks: Could the switch be used as a billet switch?

    • 1. Ian answers: Yes.
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  • Shing Tak asks: We knew the switch technique is good but I wanna understand the index system. The gimmick need one or two pocket space? With an hour practice, how long to reach a card? (“Sxxxxh Exxxxe”by Tony Miller about 0.5 sec to reach a card and it can be perform like any card in pocket) I knew switch one load as folded card and some of the pocket index load flat but I wanna knew how many time I have to put my hand in the pocket before the switch.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You just need one pocket to put the index in. How long it takes you to get the named card will depend on your skill level. It will take some practice to perform as quickly as Christian does but the index is well made and makes getting the names card fairly easy.
  • Larry asks: If you do a switch for one card to another, are both cards full sized? ie: not half cards, etc. Also, can the switch be performed more at chest level instead of waist level, making it more suitable for standup/stage?

    • 1. Steven answers: Yes. I don't see why not.
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  • David asks: Can you use a pants pocket? It appears that a pants pocket is used in the video. And I wear a pouch on my waist for strolling Magic. Would a pouch work or would be too open?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is possible. It would depend on the pants and your practice with such.
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  • Michael asks: Will the switch work with the mystery card plot, assuming the cards are pre-scored to allow for a more perfect mercury fold? I have heard a couple of reviewers say it would not work but I don’t know if they were using pre-scored cards.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absoluetly!
  • Ben asks: How can I add this to my wishlist? I don’t see the button anywhere on this page.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is up there, in text. Here is the URL: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/close-up-magic/switch-one/add-to-wishlist/
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Customer reviews for Switch One





unreal!! cant wait to see the explanation for this routine. looks like a real worker. this guy is very advanced.




John M



This effect is a reputation maker. The explanation was laid out in clear and well thought out step by step guide that allows for the initial learning and the handling of this effect to be done within a reasonable amount of time. I agree with the description, that this is an intermediate effect, however, do not let that be the reason that causes you to not learn this masterpiece of an effect. I am looking forward to practicing and perfecting this, thank you for your generosity in creating and sharing such a great effect!



I highly recommend picking this up. I have not yet received the gimmick but I have watched the download for the switch. The money is worth it for the switch alone due to it’s versatility. It is not just restricted to playing cards and I look forward to thinking of the different things I can use this switch for.



Absolutely awesome. I picked up level one at it’s release at Blackpool so when I heard Christian was releasing another trick there was no doubt I wanted it!! Having watched the download and knowing how the effect works it’s still just as fooling!! Nice work Christian and the VI team!



Best trick I have purchased yet!

This trick/video/tool/gimmick allows you yo do the impossible.

Really had no idea where to even think on how it was done and was pleasantly surprised to receive the tool/gimmick that helps to pull this off. It is a carefully thought out item of excellent quality, and has many many uses for not only card magic but mentalism and other tricks where "outs" can be implemented.

The video is so thorough and provides some really good additional thoughts on useful items that can increase the value of what you receive, but really is useful in its own right.

It will take some practice (all the good effects do), but once you have it, it is a killer.

The handling which is at the root of the effect is impossible to spot once you have it down. I use it in several other effects that benefit from it as well.

This is a great value, and the continued support and facebook groups that have been created to provide even more ideas really give you one of the best values in magic.

Get this trick! You will not regret it.



While waiting for Switch One to arrive in the mail, I have been studying the videos to learn the handling and card switch – pleased to have the download early. I was certain I would need to perfect my mercury or some other card fold – not necessary. Also initially thought I would need to purchase or create a system to ring in the thought of card – also not necessary. The actual switch is highly deceptive and well taught and with an hour of practice I feel I am getting close to feeling comfortable in making the switch look deceptive in preparation for the arrival of the gimmick. Powerful effect that will require practice to make it look smooth. So, I will be picking up a wine glass that can comfortably travel in my close up bag – and look forward to using Switch One as closer effect in the near future. The video also teaches a routine with the addition of the stopwatch – clever, although I am not sure that this addition really enhances the overall routine and impact of the thought of card appearing under the glass. The gimmick, based solely on the video, is clever and appears well designed and constructed.





This is NOT a trick for beginners. The switch is a more advanced sleight, and it is awesome! The gimmick, which has nothing to do with the switch, is a version of similar gimmicks, but will work great if you have the pocket space. I do not have the gimmick yet, of course, but viewed the tutorial several times. He teaches it in a step-by-step way that is easy to follow. It takes some practice, of course, but looks great. Plus, the switch can be used for other things besides cards. The only thing I would've liked to have seen was what methods he used for the ditch. But it is overall an excellent trick. I'll be using this in my close-up routines.



Most imperceptible switch I have ever seen. Incredible!



I read all of the reviews on here before ordering. I have now finished watching the instructions and started playing with my gimmick (which, incidentally, arrived very quickly).

Disclaimer: I class myself as a hobbiest, so my sleight-of-hand skill is not as good as some people out there. But, I also suspect that I am in a similar spot to most people who will buy this trick.

Now... to business. Is this any good or not?

In short: YES. It's very very very good.

Having seen a couple of negative reviews on here, I thought it might be useful to offer a dissenting opinion. It seems to me that most of the negative reviewers haven't watched/ read the full instructions. Had they done so, I'd be surprised if they came to the same conclusion.

A few people seem to have taken issue with the fact that the switch itself is accomplished by sleight-of-hand. That's true. It is. But that doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact, within 40 minutes or so, I'd already done a couple of good ones in front of the mirror!

What you are paying for here is a full, mind-blowing routine. The method is practical, and fun to practice. If you are looking for a gimmick that will do all of the work for you, this isn't for you.

I'd give this 5 stars.

P.S. I haven't yet joined the Facebook group but a couple of my friends have and they say there is extra content there.



This lives up to the hype. The method is very different to what I expected but I'm enjoying messing about with it.

Facebook group is also a nice touch. It's fun to be able to interact with the creator (who seems like a lovely man).




Kidding, obviously. This is awesome. I'm only half way through the instructions and can already do the switch!



Terrific product.

For those asking, it's worth noting that the product is "split" into two parts:

1. The gimmick - this is a very clever index that hides on your person and allows you to retrieve any named card within a second (well, for me it's a few seconds but I have only had it for two days! I'm no Christian Grace!)

2. The switch - for me, this is the highlight. It's a sleight of hand switch which looks tricky, but is actually much easier than I anticipated.

I'd recommend this to anyone who is prepared to spend a bit of time practicing.






Shleppers Moving & Storage

Looked great.





I'm confused by people's reactions to this trick. There are some people saying that they don't like it because the switch isn't gimmicked and that the gimmick is actually used to retrieve the card. Isn't that a good thing? I would much prefer to have a secret, hidden gimmick to retrieve the card and then use a perfect sleight-of-hand move to switch the card in. That is good construction. The opposite would not be good construction.

The gimmick hasn't arrived yet, but I can already do the switch. Not as good as Christian yet---but I will very soon.



Best switch ever!



Christian gives you something that you’ll use forever. The true hero of this product is the switch. The other thing you get is amazing but that switch is nasty. It’s a loaded weapon, invisible magical weapon on you at all times. Also not nearly as hard as you would think. Switch One didn’t break Vanishing Inc website for no reason. People wanted it. It’s sold out. It coming back. Don’t miss it again.



Absolutely Brilliant!.
This "effect" if you will contain 2 elements that are incredibly strong and can work together or separate. You will learn one of the Most exciting sleights I've ever had the pleasure of learning. (it's not too difficult. It looks pretty natural. Extremely diverse in its application) Not to mention you get a utility that can be used with so many different ideas.
All In all, Probably one of my top Purchases this year!!!.

Not to mention the amazing community of incredibly skilled and genius minds that you get access to. All helping others, sharing tips, routines, Ideas, and more!

If you are a close-up performer or card person. You'd be beside yourself if you didn't get this. Hell, the sleight alone is almost worth the price!.



Outstanding work from Christian… this is my favourite product/release in a long time.



Switch One is single best move out there. Great for more than just cards. Was always Leary of working with billets until now. And the “gimmick” part is beautifully made with all the outs you can ask for. Thank you Christian and Vanishing Inc.



Another great release by Christian, such a nice genuine guy, The move is very deceptive once you have mastered it. As always its very well explained in detail by Christian. Also so many ideas on the Switchone fb page.
Well done guys



This product is absolutely amazing. The gimmick is well made and fairly adaptable to a numerous amount of preforming environments, as well as being adaptable to many different types of revelations of thought of cards/bills/drinks/objects routines. The switch itself is fairly simple to learn, you'll probably be able to pick it with a few hours of practice, and while it may not look like it's as good as Christian makes it seem in the trailer from the performer's side practicing with a mirror or video recording yourself doing the switch shows that it really does look just that good from the spectator's perspective. You also get access to the Switch One Facebook group that has many tips for learning the switch and working with the gimmick, along with ideas for routines from both other purchasers as well as Christian himself. This is well worth the cost, and far more.



Good Effect and Vanishing is just great to work with.



Ok, so it wasn't what I was expecting......It was sooooo much better !!!!

I love the gimmick because it is versatile enough to not just be used with cards, but in so many other situations including mentalism.

The Switch IS magic!!! So simple, so beautiful and so clean. Nothing convinces better than close up visual scrutiny from the spectator's perspective. Yes, you need a little practice (I have been doing it for anyone that will watch after about 3 or 4 hours of practice, but every time it gets better).

There seems to be a bit of controversy about the video trailer, and perhaps the actual moment of using the gimmick could have been shown but it wouldn't change what CAN be done with this and does not change the end result: A complete and total disconnection with reality for a profound moment. And isn't that why we are here?

The gimmick quality is superb, the video instructions are very straightforward with quite a bit of additional ideas, thoughts and advice on making this apparent miracle happen.

I do a great thought of card reveal with my Shadow Wallet, but Switch One, while basically accomplishing the same thing, is definitely a bit stronger and wider in scope. I like being able to "Switch" (pun intended) it up and send their minds and attention in a different direction even with a similar concept.

I love it and I'm going to use it. I don't have any regrets about purchasing it and feel I got a great value for receiving a solid versatile tool and expert video instruction on a great method that I can use for so many other things. Worth every penny!

This WILL become a classic item that you will want in your performances and your collection.



I bought this trick on release day out of pure FOMO. I own LevelOne from Christian and have watched some of his other videos and instructions online, and I've always found them to be top quality. When I opened the video instructions and saw how the method and gimmick work, I'll admit, initially I was disappointed. I am a relative newcomer to magic and hadn't seen/heard of the style of gimmick that is included here. So when I first saw it I was confused how it could possibly be used without the spectator noticing. However once I saw the method for the switch itself, and practiced in front of the mirror, I started to understand the power of the effect. The gimmick is not really the star of the show here. The method, the switch, and the instruction are all top notch, along with the quality of the construction of the gimmick itself. After joining the facebook group and now today watching the supplementary video instructions they've added to the downloads you receive upon purchasing, I really am getting excited about it. I think the switch itself could be sold for about half the total cost and still be a good value. Then adding in the quality of the gimmick, the sheer quantity/quality of the instruction given by Christian, the facebook group, and the potential other uses of both the switch and the gimmick, I am more than happy with my purchase. Not to mention, I think Christian has the best teaching style of any magicians I've learned from. He dives really deep into not just the "trick" but spends an equal, if not more, time on the psychology and purpose for almost every movement and word he does during the performance. The principles he explains really get to the core of magic more than just "here's a gadget/trick, and here's the moves to do it" style that is seen on YouTube and even in other instructional video purchases from this site. All around great stuff and I am already looking forward to the next great idea that Christian comes up with!



This is simply one of my favorite illusions. So powerful. Will definitely put the time into perfecting "the move" so that it's seamless and invisible.



This is simply wonderful. First of all, Christian is a lovely person. Secondly, he's a fantastic teacher. Thirdly, he is a great magic architect.

The sleight itself is so well designed. Great sleights feel like little machines in your hands when they're working well, but it usually takes months to get there. I love that process. But this switch feels that way *while you're learning it*. I can do some difficult things with a deck of cards, but I honestly never thought I'd be able to learn a powerful switch like this.

But I did. I was just about fooling myself on camera after about an hour.



To make things clear before you purchase: the switch itself is pure sleight of hand. It involves no gimmicks. The gimmick portion of the trick is an index system that allows you to retrieve seemingly any named card within seconds.

Personally, I won't be using the index system much because it's a bit bulky for my preferences. That being said, just the sleight itself is WELL worth the price. It truly does look like CGI when done well, and there are so many applications. You can even perform one of the cleanest signed torn and restored cards with this utility move. You can do a signed card to impossible location with the folded up card in plain sight the entire time, and no one will ever suspect that you switched it. The possibilities this utility move unlocks is limited only by your imagination.



1/10 this trick is so good I don’t want anyone else doing it LOL



Products that do what this one does that are high quality and designed for workers, like me, are few and far between. This is well above any other product of its kind that I have seen in over 30 years. The addition of all of the video instruction and the Facebook interest group puts this way beyond what other devices of this sort offer to the magician. The thinking on not only the use of the item, but the switch, is well-explained and demonstrated and the fact that there are multiple effects, some radically different than what one would consider for this kind of device, makes it a real solid addition to my toolkit as a performer. Bravo! - Lee Darrow, Chicago, IL



magic at its best







Amazing deal! I would've paid the money for the switch alone, the index wallet is just a bonus! Thanks! The video downloads are very helpful, although the short videos could have been combined into one longer segment instead of a few minutes each. The main video is professionally shot, while the bonus videos are "zoom" type calls, but the information is the valuable part, not the price tag of the production. The index wallet is beautiful and made to last through a lot of performances, which is good because you will need a lot of practice to get smooth at the required retrieval, of course. The sleight of hand aspect isn't going to happen over night, but with the proper dedication and practice, it will be an amazing tool to add to your arsenal of card and billet switches. Vanishincmagic always delivers and this is a product that I will use, and I will be visiting and re-visiting the videos over and over, as there is a wealth of info, that can't be taken in with only one viewing. This is not a "gadget" or a "toy." it is a real worker prop and "system" that I am looking forward to working on and putting into my professional act.


Cheng Nien

I have never seen such an excellent and exquisite index
I think I might use him for a long, long time.
To use this prop, you need to practice your technique for you
So you can do it best.
Just buy it,it won't let you down.highly recommend.



I have little to add to the reams of encomia that appear in previous reviews, save these few observations:Christian's fingers are far shorter than mine, so much of my practice of the switch has been adjusting the handling to my hands. Dry hands are the bane of my magical existence, never more so than doing this switch. I cannot begin to do it as described without artificially moistening my thumb.As this switch almost inevitably happens when the heat is on, it must be imperceptible and arouse NO suspicion — NONE — or the effect dies a painful death. Properly done, this switch passes the test. To all appearances, the card being unfolded NEVER goes out of sight and the moves from performable angles (all but the left side for a right-hander performer) are invisible.Worth every minute of the HOURS of attention I've already given it, with still some refinement to go. This switch is elegant and imperceptible. For those looking for an easier route to the same effect, you might want to check out Jay Sankey's switch found on p. 39 of Richard Kaufman's 100% Sankey or on p. 193 of Volume I of Gladwin/Jay's The Definitive Sankey . It accomplishes the same effect with the added advantages of being more angle-proof and finishing clean. I'll use both.











The switch is well conceived and the prop is beautifully.made. definitely the best magic purchase I have.made in a long time!




Martin S

You're getting two pretty distinct things for your money: a card index and the instructions for a specific sleight. Either could be used separately.

The sleight is superb – natural and undetectable. It looks exactly like you're unfolding a card, billet, or whatever. But in the guise of this action you're switching it for another. The instructions say it's 180º angly, but that's a bit mean. I'd say you're safe if spectators are within a 270º angle; you'll only get caught if people are burning your hands from your left and slightly behind you. More of a concern is if you have windows between your fingers. Mine are pretty bony, and I'm having to learn to keep them tight together – but it will come.

It's not a trivial sleight to learn, but nor is it a finger-breaker. I'd say the *technique* is about as hard as a good Elmsley count to do. But unlike the Elmsley, you have to learn to do it totally relaxed and casually – there must be no inkling of suspicion that there's a sleight happening – and that's what is taking me the practice. But it's a magnificent sleight – innovative, very deceptive and well explained on the video.

The magic world would balk at £70+ just for the instructions to a new sleight (although they shouldn't, for one this good), so Vanishing Inc. have bundled it with a card index, a useful tool to use in conjunction with the sleight. It's well made and durable, but nothing special and it's a shame it holds only half a deck, not the full 52. But it's absolutely the sleight you're paying for, and that alone is absolutely worth the money.






Steven Paul

This is beautifully made and well thought out. The switch sleight Christian teaches is about as good as it gets!



Finally I think this is holy grail of the switch. I have waited for so long to come to know this secret. Really Endless possibility. The performance video showing exactly what is happening. Not edited. What you get is a perfect tool for the switch. And out of sight. Really. You wont regret it. Last a life time is you use is properly. Thanks a lot. I really satisfied.



OMG!!! Switchone is awesome! Great routine! I have performed it in my show and the crowd loved it with a killer response! Totally blown away! I’ve been performing magic for 53 years (since I was seven) and I really enjoy what vanishing magic has to offer to us from the website. Thank you so much! ??



There’s been a lot of talk around Switch One, probably too much talk. For goodness sake, ever since I was a boy staring in the magic shop window eager to part with my hard earned cash people have complained about feeling cheated from X-Ray glasses through Sea Monkeys to a tiny piece of thread for the UFO flying card. The point as so often is being missed. Magic is a performing art to be practiced at, played with and finessed. If you’re looking for a shortcut you’re missing the point. Switch One is a valuable sleight that will take anybody’s magic to an incredible height. The gimmick, tool, should spark creativity for a multitude of uses. If in doubt consider a little more research before looking in through the magic shop window.



What should I say...GREAT I love it. it is so smooth this handling and absolutely worth to learn it, it ist not so difficult, to be relaxed in the performance is the key.
It is a must have! And Christian is a great teacher, he speaks about all aspects and more. If you like CARD magic you will get the BEST CARD SWITCHING !!!



Make no mistake, the jaw dropping change you see is something you'll kick yourself over not having come up with on your own. The cost of this effect is really the wallet. I don't use the wallet, so its essentially a tutorial on a very expensive card change. Still worth it, in my opinion. Just wish that had been made clearer before the purchase.






The gimmick itself is very well made but has nothing to do with the switch itself, which is all sleight of hand. That's the only reason I didn't rate this as excellent.



Switch One is an excellent piece of equipment, It is a billet index, made for folded cards that is well designed, practical, and has a number of potential uses. The instructions are for a divination of a card where one has through the apparent choices of a spectator reduced the choices to one of 26 cards. While this is a possible routine there are a number of routines which reduce the choices even more. Say to just one suit : 13 cards. The switch they show is excellent and is of value by itself for other applications. There are other switches: the paper clip switch, the jar switch. Both of these are excellent and easier switches. If you are doing a virtual/Zoom show, then you could seperate the two halves of the billet index and have them mounted on a sheet or strap. This would make the access of the index easier if you were seated with the index on your lap out of camera. The index could be used for folded squares of paper other then cards. Good Luck, this is a worthwhile purchase. LL



I have to agree with the other reviewer, Mike. The switch is great, and could have been sold as a stand-alone download because it has nothing to do with the gimmick itself. It is all sleight of hand, and can be used to switch any folded item. It really looks as good as the trailer. I wish the description gave more information on what the actual gimmick is, as I already have something similar that does the same thing. From other similar gimmicks that I've seen, it clues you in to what it is in the description. I thought I was buying a gimmick to aid with the actual switch. They should give you an option to buy gimmick only, switch only, or gimmick + switch.



This product is two separate items used in combination, so if you're expecting a single method/gimmick that switches a card for you, look elsewhere. The switch part of the effect is a really nice move and works best with cards and stiff card billets. I don't think it's such a practical move for switching paper for paper.

Personally I don't think the gimmick part of the effect deserves to be called groundbreaking - there are lots of other similar versions of this gimmick on the market. Also, to switch any card involves some post-hoc adaptation of the gimmick which felt to me like forcing the gimmick to work rather than thinking carefully about how to make it work with 52 cards from scratch (which is doable with the right design). In fairness though, the advertising copy does mention that equivoque is needed if you want to cover 52 options.

The most disappointing aspect of the product for me was the tutorial, which oddly doesn't show the approach used in the 'one cut' demo in the trailer (although it uses the same method). This seems like a major oversight. Even if the method is the same, a demo of this approach and tips on it would have been easy to include. In general, the explanation felt a bit light on detail for me. Only 30 minutes to cover two completely different principles. Why not include more demo footage from The Session or with the lady shown in the trailer? These days, I think it's more important than ever to show how the effect looks in real-time with real spectators - not just one take in a studio. Even more so with this effect, which relies on careful timing and body choreography.

Overall, if you're willing to practice the switch, which is pure sleight of hand, and are happy to dedicate 1-2 pockets to housing the gimmick, then it could be worth it.



I agree with what Mike said in a previous review. I feel burned on this one, if I could return it I would. The switch is fantastic and I'm honestly not bashing this product, I do think it's very sneaky. I just wish I knew exactly what I was getting into before I dropped the money on it. I was under the impression that it was some sort of switching device that assists with making it look invisible. Also, this whole product takes up valuable pocket space.



Honest review. Price seemed a bit high for what you get. The method is difficult to pull off. With time it does become better. I would rate this at a expert level. Vanishing Inc has been great with building a Facebook page and all. I’m considering returning it for store credit. It’s a great effect but I don’t think I will be using this trick often.



I am going to have to agree with the reviews that I am disappointed in the actual product. (Not that the physical product is bad, it is just not even remotely involved in the switch.) There looks to be ample copy on the website now saying that the switch is just sleight of hand, but I imagine that this is new due to various feedback about the product. The product is called "Switch One", there are many testimonials of the product regarding the actual "switch", there is a switch of a card to bill in the trailer, and I have seen the restored card video saying, "look what else you can do with switch". It seemed rather obvious to me when ordering that there was some gimmick involving the actual switch of the card as that was what was marketed so heavily. That is not the case, so just be aware of that.



This review requires two parts, so I will do it that way. Firstly, the mediocre part: while the quality of the gimmick/i***x is very good, the requirement of the placement of the i***x is horrible (imho). Either you have to wear a jacket, and choose to work from an inside pocket or from your belt, behind you, or you have to work in a vest or with no jacket at all, and are left with the i***x hanging from your belt/trousers at the back for all the world to see (unless you can manage your angles very well). So, restaurant work is out. Outdoor strolling may be out (back against a wall?). Parlour may be ok, but then hard to see. The gimmick is easily worth the purchase price, but the routine for it sucks. Now, secondly, I bought this for the switch, and it is beautiful! As the video shows (or fools you and doesn't show) it is smoooth, nicely done, and probably only takes weeks to practice to do. But all that practice will be worth it, because the end result will look great! Do it straight out of the box? No way. Word of warning, tho': you cannot do a different switch in your excitement to use the i***x, because the best part of the whole routine is the (non-)visible transformation/switch, and here's where the handling of the card really shines. They have to see it happen right in front of them (or not see it happen - you'll understand if you get it). VI must've priced it to get their money back for the high quality i***x, but the routine itself is not worth it (for me). So, it's like buying a trick that's headed right for the top drawer - I personally will never use it.



Not for everyone.



I never learn. Shouldn't fall for the hype. This should be a £10 video tutorial on a very smooth Billet Switch and all purchasers would be delighted.

Move is very nice but not the brand new magical concept you believe you are buying. It is no newer than Annemann. Watch the video and you think there is a switch after the declaration without need to go to a pocket. Not True!

"Gimmick" is straight to the back of that draw. Too big a flash danger as demonstrated and if someone told you you were paying £72 for a nice leather "..." you wouldn't buy. However you would know what you were buying as it is nothing any mentalist hasn't come across and probably made for themselves with bits from Staples to Theo's classic design.
Really works well you should try it.

Oh and what do I do with this pen in my pit?!



Let me start by saying that the switch itself is absolutely gorgeous. The teaching is well done, too. But that's it. That could have (and in my opinion should have) been a download.

Now on to why I think the release is "below standard:"

Put simply, the trailer is one of the most deceptive magic trailers I've seen in a while.

The "invisible gimmick" takes up valuable pocket space and does not do anything, not even a little bit, to assist with the switch. So all the fancy moves in the trailer that show switches of the dollar bill are extremely misleading. I've read other reviews that also indicated they believed this to be a revolutionary switching device and not what it actually is. I generally love things I get from Vanishing Inc. but I, along with the other reviewers who mentioned this, would definitely return this if I was able.

Unfortunately, that's the nature of the magic business sometimes. Really interesting product but not my speed at all.



This isn't a TERRIBLE trick, but the video and advertising is very misleading. Without giving anyway any secrets, the method seen in the video is only partially gone over. Essentially you get taught a method, but its not done how you see in the video. Also calling this an "invisible gimmick" is just flat out a lie.

The quality of the product is decent enough, but yet again, I feel swindled by the video showing one thing, and the explanation video doing a different performance. Also to truly do ANY card, some assembly is required.

Disappointing. This trick alone will make me think twice before ordering another trick.



2 things both the bad and the good.

The Bad - I would want to know before purchasing that the trailer promises an uncut performance but this is misleading because what is shown is not what is taught. You cannot simply have your hands at your side the way it is shown and have a spectator get to "any card" and then "produce" it with the dominant hand staying below the waste for the critical moment using the gimmick as taught.

It is actively misleading because words to the effect of "the performance is how it looks every single time" is not right because it tries to sell you on the idea that from the moment the process of identifying the card by the spectator to the moment of the revelation the dominant hand stays below the waste is not what is taught or ever explained. It would be true if the method taught was actually demonstrated in the "uncut
performance." So, in my mind, you are paying for the hype. With all of this "bad" said, you can still accomplish what is promised but the system

The Good - The switch method taught is good and requires practice. It should be achievable by most who really do practice it. It may take a few hours but magic requires practice. I would feel better about paying the price, not so much for the gimmick, but for more instruction on ways to use the switch technique taught in other contexts....Billets, bills, business cards, etc. It would be nice to see performances of these other switches.

So, with all of that said, it is simply not worth the amount charged but it is a good technique.

Switch One by Christian Grace