Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox

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Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox

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DVD and book set by Stephen Hobbs (From $49.95)

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Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox - magic

Beginning in January of 2014, Stephen Hobbs – author of Modus Operandi: The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing, and The Essential Sol Stone – commenced a project that was heralded to be both crazy and impossible: an online web ‘zine to be released every week for fifty-two weeks devoted to his brand of powerful and practical card magic.

Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin of Vanishing Inc. were so impressed with the Technical Toolbox that they arranged to release the material as an elegantly-produced DVD set and book—with bonus material—in one package.

Stephen Hobbs’ Technical Toolbox collects all fifty-two weeks of the original web site, which included more than 170 videos (6 plus hours of material) describing over 55 routines and 85 sleights and techniques. All of Hobbs’ original introductions and meticulous credits are included in the accompanying softback book. In addition, separate manuscripts for certain effects are included as downloadable PDF attachments. The seven DVDs and softback book have been made into a beautifully produced box set.

Stephen Hobbs’ Technical Toolbox will expand your repertoire of card sleights and routines. You will be inspired to develop your own “toolbox” of card techniques by the impossible ribbon-spread switch-out, the elegant spring simple shift, the super-practical subterranean addition, advanced work on obtaining and maintaining breaks, control grip technique (it will revolutionize your handling small packet counts), a detailed discussion of the Hobzinzer cull (more information than many DVD’s devoted to this sleight alone), B.U.R.P. (Basic Universal Reverse Placement), the SHEE control, the interlaced-block transfer technique, Hobbs’ playing card mnemonic system, the rotary replacement and change, F.I.A.T. (Flexible Insertion and Addition Technique), the incredible routine “The Odds Against Me”, and much, much more.

There is so much material in the Technical Toolbox that it is impossible to describe it all; but if you enjoy card magic, we guarantee you will get your money’s worth!

Your purchase of this product goes directly to charity
Every penny of profit that Vanishing Inc. and Stephen Hobbs make from this project will go to support Vanishing Inc.'s young magicians charity, sending kids to magic camp and supporting the development of a close-up theater for young performers in South Africa.

"The call letters TGIF took on new meaning last year when weekly editions of Stephen Hobbs’ Technical Toolbox were available on his website every Friday morning. These 52 lessons in imaginative and original sleight of hand — presented in a literate and thoughtful style, and demonstrated with high-level technical skill — produced a truly outstanding, well-structured post-graduate course in card craft. Then, alas, they vanished! What a joy it is now to have them in a permanent form.” J.K. Hartman
"An innovative and indispensable stockpile of pasteboard weaponry.” John Guastaferro
“A treasure trove of moves, routines, and invaluable information!” John Carey
"Stephen Hobbs' philosophy with regard to sleight of hand with cards has always been one of ‘optimization.’ Never satisfied with something that simply ‘works,’ it must meet his criteria that includes not only invisibility, practicality, efficiency, and uniformity — it also must be downright clever! He has devised entire systems for palming, counts, culls — you name it — and they all conform to his standards. Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox is the culmination of 25 years spent in the search for this optimal card technique. In this incredible work you will find technique, sleights, subtleties, ruse and strategy; with the express aim of providing solutions that will leave your audiences devastated and clueless — many of which I consider to be THE solution. Every facet of card technique is at least touched upon in this work. From simply sublime methods for obtaining effortless breaks above bottom cards; all the way up to a method for changing ONE poker hand into EVERY POSSIBLE HAND (all ten hands, and in order!) you have at your disposal a complete course in advanced card handling." Jack Carpenter

Be advised that Stephen Hobbs’ Technical Toolbox was a web blog, not an attempt to make a movie. The videos are all simple close-ups of Hobbs’ hands with the primary emphasis on teaching intermediate and advanced card technique.


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Customer reviews for Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox



This is an incredible set of dvds! It really is a "toolbox" of material! Also, the fact that I can help a great charity makes it even better!



Great effects and advice w/o a lot of filler. Don't let the "this was shot for the web" disclaimer stop you - this is actually an advantage. The teaching is clear and doesn't waste time with "high production value" material that is functionally useless. The packaging is also quite elegant and efficient. The fact that the profits go to charity is a bonus!
As you can probably tell, I'm really, really, really happy with this purchase.



I cannot recommend this set of DVDs highly enough I had my moneys worth after the first DVD.Clear teaching of practical tools for any card magician


Thomas F

WOW...I absolutely love this set of DVDs. I've been a HUGE fan of Stephen Hobbs since the publication of Labyrinth Magazine. I was a fan when Stephen posted these videos on his website. I am so glad that VANISHING, INC. decided to put them on DVD. The BEST thing about this set is not only is ALL the material here but VANISHING, INC. has published a beautiful index booklet for the ENTIRE series. This is a DVD set I will watch over and over again. Do yourself a favor and buy this NOW!!



I seriously have to say, this is absolutely part of my top 10 magic purchases in over 20 years of magic. There is something for everyone. I bought it due to a high recommendation on his "culling technique" which I was desperately trying to learn a good one and that alone was worth the price of the entire set.

But wait. There's More... Stephen credits every book he learned a move out of and based on those credits alone, my magic library has at least tripled. Every book I purchased from his "list" has paid off in spades (to me) with even more information than just the part he credited from the book.

Eventually, I got a peek at the "man behind the sleeves and hands" (this is all you see of him the way it is shot). He makes a quick cameo appearance in a Jack Carpenter DVD (Seattle Sessions, an Eve with Jack Carpenter, vol 1 or 2 - I forget which one) so now I can associate a face with the voice. Although, If you listen carefully during the massive 7 dvd set, you will sometimes hear a hint of Thurston Howell (at least I did ) :-)

Beginner to knuckle busting, seasoned performer, you will find something for you in this series (not to mention helping a great cause). You can safely "add to cart" and never question why you bought this.



Such an incredible value for the price: seven DVDs of expertly demonstrated material, plus the book. You guys have done a great service by putting this together. It's going to be keeping me busy for a long time.

Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox by Stephen Hobbs