Phantom Deck

Trick by Joshua Jay
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Phantom Deck

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Trick by Joshua Jay ($29.99)

In stock. Order in the next 3 hours, 8 minutes and it will go out today!
Phantom Deck - magic

Imagine at the end of your close-up performance, you cause every card in the deck to turn TOTALLY the SPECTATOR’S HANDS! Imagine no more—the Phantom Deck is here.

Building on the notion of the popular Omni Deck, The Phantom Deck is an entire pack of transparent, clear cards. When held together, they look, feel, cut, and shuffle like a normal deck...except that every single card is transparent. This allows you to make visual or surprise changes from a normal deck to an “invisible” deck of cards...yet it’s an invisible pack your spectators can touch and spread and feel.

The sides of the deck have been fuse-heat treated in white so they perfectly resemble a normal pack of cards. With one cover card on top, you can place the deck in a spectator’s hands, and she will be unable to feel the difference between the Phantom Deck and a normal pack.

The Phantom Deck comes with a link to a special URL with a full online tutorial.

Since publishing the Phantom Deck, two new credit developments have come to light. Luis de Matos, my esteemed friend, used the same concept (he called it the Crystal Deck) in 1987. And Darius Ziatabari and Lee Hathaway published an effect called The Crystal Method several years prior to the Phantom Deck, and one of the suggested uses was something quite similar to the Phantom Deck.


Community questions about Phantom Deck

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  • Tony asks: What box does it come in? Is it custom, bicycle, Phoenix? Also is it 52 pieces of plastic or is each piece thicker than a normal card so it’s less than 52?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi there, These are about the thickness of a playing card and there are approximately 52 in each deck although this varies slightly. The box they come in says Phantom Deck on the box, much like in the product image, so you would need to place these in a new box if you were producing them in that way. We find most people slip them into performance without a box.
    • 2. john answers: Easy as they are signing the card you switch to the phantom deck in the other pocket. DONE JOHN WILLIAMS WELSH WIZARD
  • David asks: Do we have to furnish a regular deck of cards for the trick or is a regular or gimmicked deck come along with the clear cards. Also small hands makes me ask if there is palming involved. I assume there is.

    • 1. Tony answers: The phantom deck comes with a pack of clear cards and an online instruction. You can do this trick without palming so the small hand doesn't matter.
    • 2. Steven answers: I have the original phantom deck which I love. I also have small hands which handling cards has never been a problem. Best
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  • Dave asks: Is the phantom deck I bought at Blackpool convention the same as you are selling now bought them off George on your stand also have the originals when 1st released

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We always try and improve products when we make new batches=
  • Mark asks: Do you need to carefully clean the transparent cards often? Do they get covered in marks/finger prints etc?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unless you have very oily hands, the surface doesn't pick up many fingerprints. They will pick up minor scuffs with use, but my personal deck still looks great.
  • Jeffrey asks: Is this a "3.0 ish" release? By that, I mean, are the white edges better on this version than the last two (where there were some white edge issues). I have the 2.0 but would gladly buy this if it has been improved this respect. Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This isn't a "3.0" release, but the edges are very good in this batch!
  • Vince asks: Does the instructional video teach a deck switch that is used?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
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Customer reviews for Phantom Deck



This looks AMAZING!!! I want this so bad. Can't wait until it comes out. I hope the deck switch he teaches is good, because this looks GORGEOUS.



It's been about seven years ago when someone showed me an Omni deck routine with single card sleeves. All cool but they seemed to handle terribly due to the thinness and flexibility, although carrying an extra feature: being able to put a selection inside. Maybe something to add to this in the future, but this is one hell of an amazing deck of plastic cards. Well done!



Simple, strong and effective. This by far is one of my go to effects if I really want to blow them away! The Phantom Deck brings the Omni Deck to a whole new level. The routine is simple and fool-proof ... no crazy sleights are involved. The instructional video is clear and to the point ... well thought out and fun to watch. Josh is at the top of his game and this effect is a result of his hard work. Highly recommended!



Ordered this last week and had it shipped to my parents house where I would be for Thanksgiving week. Opened it, watched the video, then performed it for the family - great reaction! This will go into my repertoire. The video instruction is quick, clear, and very helpful. Thanks guys for a great trick!



This is my closer to my close-up show. It is incredible and absolutely magical. I have yet to find a better closer.

Well done JJ! The bar is so high now, I look forward to seeing what comes next.



Words can't describe it's greatness. It's EXTREMELY easy to perform, and the instructional video teaches it very well. there truly aren't any angles, as long as you perform well. This effect gets HUGE reactions, and has never failed for me.


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the February 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Peter Pitchford

This prop will make an excellent climax to a card set in which a normal deck has been in play. Phantom Deck will appeal to a broad audience of performers because it is so versatile. It is well within the reach of magicians of all skill levels and, with a little imagination and brainstorming, many ideas will come to mind.



best opener, best finisher. this trick is a beast! i love the reactions!



So I pretty much completely knew the entire trick from the trailer except for one small thing- the card vanish at the end. So I bought it. Killer trick with killer reactions. Great job once again Josh. What I like to do is use this in combo with the PRISM deck, where I do the ace location described, the deck color change, and then I have someone pick a card and then transfer right into the Phantom Deck routine. Great job once again.



Perfect closer love it !



The Phantom Deck is Joshua Jay's take on the well-known Omni Deck plot. What makes Josh's so unique is opposed to just having a glass block in the spectators hand they now hold 52 individual clear plastic cards, and in the middle is their signed card! You can almost feel the tension after the spectator sees all the cards are clear and you spread through the deck slowly revealing that one card has not turned clear. It's really something that you have to see live to understand just how powerful it is. Another reason this is so great is because, as I've explained before more tangible you magic is the more connection your audience feels with it. In this trick, the audience supposedly feels the exact moment when the cards go from a normal deck to completely clear. Audible gasp's prove that doing magic in the spectators cans creates such a better reaction than if you were to make the deck clear!
Included is a well taught instant download, and the deck of clear cards. The one complaint I've heard from many is that the sides of the deck don't look like real cards. While it's true that it does look quite white and uneven, no spectator in the world will ever notice this. They are far too busy being mine blown that deck of cards turned clear. The last thing on their mind is "is it just me or is that card look a little bit off" of course they're off it's a deck of clear cards!

Overall, Phantom Deck is a winner, it's one of my favorite tricks to perform and a part of my walk around set. A good rule of thumb is: if it has Joshua Jay's name on it it's probably a good trick!



This effect works great to finish any card routine. You always have that one person who ask, "do it again" or "one more". However with this, there's nothing to continue on. Great product!



This is absolutely amazing I got mine about 2 years ago and have got some amazing reactions with it. This is truly amazing this is the only omni deck type routine I've ever done and I don't see a need for any other kind. The ending with the card inside gets crazy reactions. Killer effect great job Mr. Jay



This looks awesome! This could be used in conjunction with the Invisible Deck. For example, here's how I would routine this: hand the Phantom Deck to a spectator in a white (or clear!) box, have them go through the Phantom Deck and "select" one of the cards (of course, they actually THINK of a card, but it's a fun way to get them to handle the deck in their hands), then have them turn over their "selected" card and insert into the middle of the deck. The spectator puts it all back in the box and then tosses it back to you from the audience. In the process of catching the deck in midair, do a deck-switch to a real Bicycle deck (the actual Invisible Deck). Then, go through the standard presentation of revealing their card. Just a thought!



My favorite closer, I've been performing this for over 2 years now. I personally like it more than the Omni deck because your spectators see every card as an Omni (invisible object). Both parlor and close up should get you great reactions.

The tutorial video quality is great and Josh shares some more ideas on how it can be performed - apart from what you see in the trailer.

Josh knocked it out of the park with this one!



Phantom Deck, brillian, this deck is poker size deck, it feels great using this deck, even the edges of the phantom cards have been specially designed with white edges, to make it look like a normal deck of cards, it also comes with two very good videos on how to use this phantom deck.



I perform this effect at every one of my residency shows at The Mohegan Sun Casino in CT AND IT KILLS!!!!



Absolutely brilliant finishing effect to your card set. I work the corporate market & only use this when I have a group that is really into the magic having great fun & reactions..the comments & effect on the group after the revelation is so strong..highly recommended.



Wow, this is amazing and worth every dollar. Pulled it straight out of box and preformed it on my family and they were mind boggled. They have been on my case all day on how i did this trick. AMAZING DECK. Joshua Jay has made us an absolute mirical here and i thank him. 10 out of 10.



This is amazing, I use it all the time, great for building the moment up, each card is perfect and we'll produced, I would recommend this product to anybody, it's easy to switch aswell so it can be added into so many routines



This is great !! If Joshua Jay’s name is on it then you know its worth it.



Great effect, better alternative for Omni Deck, can be done on close-up or on stage. I started using it instead of Omni Deck, it’s better I think. Every card turns transparent except the spectators chosen card.



The Phantom Deck effect not only looks great, but is also really easy to do - I first saw Joshua Jay perform this trick on a clip from a TV show I saw on YouTube and I expected some difficult sleight of hand, but it couldn't be easier - without giving too much away, it's partly done on the off beat and partly in plain sight.

I was performing this less than an hour after receiving it and have never had to go back to the instructions. This is a great trick for walkaround and table hopping, especially as a follow-up to another card trick or two.

The effect gets great results and while it's not exactly done in the spectators hands, it is done with their participation, and right under their nose.

The gimmick is really well made (and quite clever in construction), is very believable (nobody will see this coming) and should last you a long time. My only concern or negative about this, is that it's a one trick pony and does take up some valuable pocket space, however, with that said, I do use it.

All up, this is a purchase I am very happy with and happy to recommend to others.



This is a great phase to my ambitious card or just by itself. Think about it like the Omni deck but on crack. The actual deck itself is hard to shuffle due to the clumping of the cards. Definitely not for cardistry but that's ok because the spectators are blown away when they see the cards. There are a few ways that you could reach the climax. I like to make it seem like I fail the first time then lift up their hands and show them the deck.



If you are only gonna carry one gimmicked deck for your EDC make it this. This is great by itself or also as the final phase in your ambitious card routine. This is worth the money one hundred percent.



This is the second deck I've got of these. (Let someone else buy the last deck as they needed it for a show ASAP). I've used these a few times and it's always gotten gasps when the cards are "gone". They are good quality and do work well with an o**i deck.



It uses a similar premise to that of the Omni Deck, where a deck of cards becomes transparent. The advantage of this over the omni deck is that at the end of the routine you can spread the cards and they all become transparent instead of a solid clear block.
Joshua uses a super method where as you spread the deck, the card that has previously been selected appears to visibly materialise in the middle of the transparent deck.
Be sure to check out how Josh incorporates it with Dan White’s “‘lit” on “the Better Show”.

The ‘change” is ultra surprising and visual.
Resets instantly
Can be performed in any surroundings.
It’s self working.

You need to carry an additional deck of cards.





The deck is so simple, but very affective. This gets great reactions. Its omni deck on steroids.
I might get another deck sometime in the future.
Really recommend this to every close up magician, especially to card magicians.
Joshua is a great teacher.



There's nothing bad to say about this product. Extremely easy to perform, and really powerful kicker ending to any card routine! Spectators are left in SHOCK after this. It's so different from other card tricks but so strong that your spectators are bound to remember you.



Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay