Omni Deck

Trick by Jerry Andrus and Dan Korem
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Omni Deck

30.00 usd

Trick by Jerry Andrus and Dan Korem (30.00)

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Jerry Andrus and Dan Korem's Omni Deck has returned! The effect is simple: after an Ambitious Card routine, the deck all of a sudden turns to a solid, see-through piece of Perspex. It’s a weird illusion and looks great! I’ve seen people scream when they see the deck change to a see-through block and I think you will too.

The Omni Deck comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions for a basic Ambitious Card routine, making use of the gimmick. Chances are that once you get comfortable with it, you’ll want to experiment and come up with your own routine.

The deck is well made and will last you a lifetime. That’s a whole lifetime of screams and gasps that you’ve got ahead of you – quite an investment!


Customer reviews for Omni Deck



This is such a great closer to any card trick. Incredibly strong and fooling. Every person that I've shown this too has jumped out of their chair after seeing a deck, that they can feel, become opaque.



A durable, strong gimmick that is bound to remain in repertoire for a very long time, the only problem you will face is not using it as the finale for all of your effects! At the end of a set you have the ability to make an entire deck of cards transform into a block of glass in the spectator's hands, surprise is one of the few things that magic does better than any other form of entertainment, and let me tell you the Omni deck will not just surprise but astound them, they will have never seen anything like this in their life. If you want to get the best reactions from your audience, there is little better than the Omni Deck.



Such a clever invention. Delivers like it should. Leaves to spectators speechless. Definately recommended and worth the price.



Works as it should, batteries not included!



I've been wanting to get one for years and I finally got one, the Omni deck gets the job done the way its painted is OK but for the price it's not bad. Also I delayed for years because I wanted a routine that was me and I finally found it. This is in the right hands is devastating, magic props are the tools we have I feel the need to use them as I see them. I'm glad I waited and decided to purchase it, thank you Vanishing Inc.



Great trick, gives great reactions and it's really good. It is great for close-up magic. I am really happy about the purchase, and I show this effect often. I’ve replaced it lately with Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay, but sometimes still use it.


Community questions about Omni Deck

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  • Timothy asks: Is this the same Jerry Andrus that created the dragon optical illusion and the linking safety pins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That is correct. He was a genius!
  • John asks: Are the edges of the Omni Deck painted on or textured grooves?

    • 1. Jim answers: The ones that I have seen are textured with some white on the edges.
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  • David asks: What's the difference between the Omni deck and Phantom deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Omni Deck is one solid block. The Phantom Deck is 52 individual "omni" cards.
  • Jeff asks: Is this the version that's made slightly smaller than a standard deck in order to make palming a card off the top easier?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe that this is an exact size of a deck and not the slightly smaller version.
  • Janner asks: Can a card be inserted into the block?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can't be with a normal Omni Deck but you'll want to check out Joshua Jay's Phantom Deck if you want to insert a card.
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