Four Ways To Do A Magic Card Trick

You found this page looking for ways to learn to do card tricks, right? What this page does is explain the different methods you can use to do card tricks. This is the best place to go to learn card tricks. In this short article, I’ll not only teach you the four ways to do a card trick, but also put in useful links where you can find out much more information about each of your magic trick options. You’re welcome! Now you might be more interested in mentalism, virtual magic, kids magic or coin magic tricks. This is not the article for you. Browse through the full list of all our articles and you’ll find something more suitable. This piece is devoted to different ways to do magic tricks with playing cards. Let’s get started.

Self-Working Card Tricks

Do not be put off by the title. There are many, many amazing self-working card magic tricks. All it means is there is no skill. No need to understand the card magic basics to be able to perform these pasteboard puzzlers. It just means someone really clever worked out some really simple ways you can make it look like you’re doing something much harder than you actually are. Magicians sometimes scoff because they’re easy-to-do, but they’ll also then be fooled by one at a magic convention. Don’t overlook self-working tricks. There are lots of magic books devoted to just self-working tricks and here are a couple to get you started.

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mathematical card tricks

Mathematical Card Tricks

For centuries, very clever math people have been figuring out how to use underlying math principles for magic. Some of these, admittedly, can be slightly procedure heavy, but some are beyond amazing. Friend of the site, Matt Baker has written an entire series of blog posts for us all centering around mathematical tricks. But to get started in exploring magic and math, here are two books to get you started.

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gaffed card tricks

Gaffed Deck Card Tricks

Put simply, this is a specially printed, or manufactured deck of cards that lets it look like you are some kind of master magician, whereas the truth is the clever cards are doing all the work for you. We put together an article on the most common gaffed decks and card and you also one on the most popular Bicycle gaffed cards. There are many different gaffed decks out there, that all allow you to accomplish different things. You could tap a coin with the deck and make the coin vanish and travel through the deck to rest above a selected card. A thought-of card can be the only one reversed in a deck. A card can be placed in the center of the deck and without touching the cards, you can make it rise to the top. The options go on and on. But the important thing to remember is with almost every gaffed deck that’s next to no actual skill involved. This lets you free your mind to concentrate on making the trick as entertaining and engaging as possible because you’re not having to worry about some move.

sleight of hand

Sleight Of Hand Card Tricks

I left the hardest until last. Using sleight of hand to do magic is a noble pursuit. It will take you practise and dedication. And you’ll mess up over and over. And it will take you years. But, the journey is so worthwhile because once you can do magic like this, you’re set for life. At any occasion someone can hand you a deck of cards and you can perform and entertain them. In a bar, at a friend’s house, at a family gathering. You’ll always be ready. There is a feeling of purity and skill when you can perform with a regular deck. A real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

It’s important to start of slowly. Don’t run before you can walk. Two oft-recommended books are The Royal Road To Card Magic and Card College. Both with slowly walk you through a move, then teach you tricks you can do with that move. As you go through the book, you become a better and better magician.

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Bonus Fifth Way To Do A Card Trick

Shh. I shouldn’t really be telling you this, but it is another method. You can use a stooge. A confederate. A friend who you’ve set up to do a certain something at the right time to help you out. This could be as simple as lying about what card was chosen to secretly stealing out a deck of cards under the cover of a handkerchief. Although it is a little “cheaty” some of the biggest names in magic have been known to rely on the stooge method.