What Is A Gaff Card & A Gaff Deck?

Here at Vanishing Inc., we'll happily teach you card magic basics and provide a place to learn magic tricks and card tricks. Along with running magic conventions and providing magic tricks, magic books, coin tricks, mentalism, and general magic props like flash paper, we also are happy to provide magicians with gaffed cards. Gaff cards (or gimmick cards) are specially-made playing cards that allow you to either simplify the mechanics of a card trick or even unlock a new level of card magic that wouldn’t be possible with sleight-of hand-alone. For example, while con artists have been using the Three Card Monte to hustle innocent bystanders for century, Garrett Thomas introduced a few simple gaff cards to take the trick to a whole new level with his Stand Up Monte.

Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas

What are Gaff Cards Used For?

From beginner magicians using a simple odd-backed card in your favorite Chicago Opener or Red Hot Mama routine to professional magicians like Shin Lim using gimmicked cards to fool Penn and Teller, gaff cards have an unbelievable amount of potential. The only limit of Gaff cards is your own creativity.

It has unique innovations designed to make your magic stronger, easier, and more powerful.

Gaff decks allow you to perform effects that end with often impossible objects. The cards in this deck leave plenty of room for your imagination and presentational style to flourish meaning that the ideas on the DVD are just the tip of the iceberg.

Made by splitting cards or gimmicking them as seen in The Piano Card Project by Calen Morelli , a lot of magicians prefer to buy them pre-made like Get Out


Three card monte, Stand-up monte, McDonalds Aces and many of the other many of most popular card tricks rely on gaffed cards.

**Most Commonly Used Gaff Cards by Professional Magicians:** * [Double-backed cards](/magic-accessories/double-backed-bicycle-deck/) * [Double-faced cards](/magic-accessories/double-faced-bicycle-deck/) * Same both sides double facers * Odd-backed cards * [Blank facers](/stage-and-parlor-magic/blank-face-bicycle-cards/) * [Double blank cards](/props/sub/gimmicked-decks/double-blank-bicycle-cards/) * Mis-pipped cards * Multiple faces printed on a single card * Half and half pipped cards


Most Popular Gaff Decks of Cards:

What is the Difference Between a Gaff Deck and a Trick Deck?

A gaff deck is best looked as a utility to enhance all your card tricks. It is filled with different gaffs that can be used for a variety of tricks. Trick Decks or Gimmicked Decks are special decks of cards that have been altered in unique ways to help you perform impossible card magic miracles. You use the whole deck.