Blank Face Playing Cards Cards (Bicycle)

Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company
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Blank Face Playing Cards Cards (Bicycle)

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Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company (7.50)

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Blank Face Bicycle Cards.

These are premium quality Bicycle Playing Cards with a totally blank face. These blank playing cards are perfect for all types of card magic tricks and mentalism effects.

Blank face playing cards available in red or blue.


Customer reviews for Blank Face Playing Cards Cards (Bicycle)



Exactly what is shown. 52 Red Bicycle Blank Cards, as if it were a New Bicycle Deck. Perfect!



The quality of these decks are really good as one would expect from Bicycle. These blank face decks are great for more customized magic tricks and is only limited by your imagination. I can highly recommend this deck or any other gaff decks made by bicycle. They are all excellent.



Exactly what you'd expect - a pack of bikes with blank faces (in a standard box). With your eyes closed you'd never know it wasn't a standard deck. No complaints.



Excellent trick deck! I use it for a routine similar to a Fool Us performance using a deck with the same back and a single card with a different colored back. Putting the card with the different colored back face up in the face down blank deck, and forcing that same card in the standard deck with the same color.



There is always a need to keep these types of cards in your drawer for when a packet trick requires a specially printed card. The quality of these cards are excellent. What do you expect from Bicycle? Exactly. The possibilities are endless and you are only limited with your imagination.

Do I need a whole deck? Probably not, but no doubt I will be having cards signed and giving them away and it's reasuring to know I have a deck to replace.



With some ingenuity, you can turn these into reader backs for ESP cards, drawings, shapes, colors, etc.

If you want to do quick simple Mentalism for up close, parlor, or stage, these are must haves!




Great Quality!



The Blank Face Playing Cards are a unique and creative addition to any card game collection. The blank faces allow for endless customization options and bring a fresh twist to classic games. The cards are made with high quality materials, ensuring a durable and long-lasting deck. Overall, the Blank Face Playing Cards are a must-have for any card game enthusiast.



Like every other product from VI, the quality is excellent. I have never been disappointed by either VI or USPCC's products. Also, I've found that the Q&A is very prompt to reply. Also, the trick came in less then half the expected time.
Incredible shipping speed!
Thanks VI!



Exactly what you would expect and hope for from the description - a blank face deck of normal bicycle quality.

I love a blank face deck - if you don't have one and you're at all into card magic, I can't recommend it enough. It's super versatile - you can use just a few cards for packet tricks, do an even more visual kind of colour change ("printing" a card or "erasing" a card both provide really good justification for an Erdnase change as it makes sense why you'd be rubbing the card). But having an entire blank deck with just a few normal cards and doing some kind of trick with a final kicker reveal that the rest of the deck is blank is incredibly powerful in my opinion.

Get yourself some of these!



Just exactly what I expected. The quality is good.



Of course there isn't a lot that I can say about them. They are of expected quality and are looking as empty as you probably want them.

A great tool and always nice to add to your order if you want to reach the minimum order amount for free shipping ;)



What's not to like here? If you need a deck of blank facers, this is a must have. Whether you want to do a trick with all the blank cards at once, or if you just need a card at a time, this is a great item to have. Highly recommended!


Mohammad Zubair

Goes without saying how good the quality of these cards is.

A must-have along with some gaffes in your kitty to create 'magic'. The possibilities of performance with this deck are unlimited. You can do your mentalism, card tricks, and with some gaffe cards and a normal deck of cards, you can perform tricks for the entire evening or session.



A very usefull deck to use with other gaff cards.



Great product.



Personally I think this is an essential item for any magician, either by taking out a few cards from the deck for a packet trick, using it as a finale for a bigger card routine or writing words on it for mentalism, so much can be done with blank faced cards. Its just bicycle quality stock and backs with no faces, but buying them will allow so many possibilities for card magic. If you are a beginner in magic and don't have these yet, I urge you to buy them now.



ine mustve been misprinted. There weren't any face cards printed in the entire deck.



As many other comments have been made, this is an amazing product for a wide variety of magic effects. The quality is brilliant and the clear faces are just as good as printed cards. If you can use a bit of imagination you can generate several good tricks, especially if you are able to swap a normal deck in and out with this blank one. I bought a red set and blue set. I can use singular cards within performance to make it look like card faces are printed. Or I can rub out a deck of cards by swapping the deck. Quality is just as good as a regular deck of Bicycles as one would expect.


Community questions about Blank Face Playing Cards Cards (Bicycle)

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  • Michael asks: Good morning VIM. Do these deck and other Bicycle decks (i.e., DBs, DFs, Invisible Deck,double blank, etc.) come in Bicycle 808 Poker card boxes? Or, do they com in the "new" Bicycle deck card the card bricks sold at Costco? Thanks for the information. Mike

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Most come with the rider back box, but it can vary (meaning that there are no guarantees).
  • phil asks: Question about your bicycle blank face cards How is the back color compared to regular bicycle cards. In the past the blank face backs were lighter in color and stood out like a sore thumb

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: They are very similar but it may vary
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  • Evyatar asks: how many cards do I get?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 52
  • Peter asks: I had a question but I’m drawing a BLANK ??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: ????
  • Gabriel asks: Are these rider back or standard ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Standard
  • Ian asks: What are the dimensions of a card ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The dimensions are the same as a normal playing card. 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
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