DMC Elites: Pro Gaff Deck

Deck of cards by DMC
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DMC Elites: Pro Gaff Deck

19.99 usd

Deck of cards by DMC (19.99)

In stock.


Here's an incredible new gaffed deck, designed to unlock the incredible potential of the DMC ELITES marked deck to perform thousands of classic effects requiring gaffed cards. A professional collection of commonly used gaffs and new original cards, the Pro Gaffs v1 deck is the worker's dream. It was designed and developed in collaboration with top-tier card workers worldwide to create the ultimate deck of gaffs. It has unique innovations designed to make your magic stronger, easier, and more powerful.

Included in the deck is:

  • 3 x green double backer
  • 3 x green / rouge double backer
  • 4 x blank face
  • 2 x blank back
  • 4 x King/Ace double faces
  • 4 x mixed double faces
  • 2 sets of MacDonald's Aces cards
  • 2 full sets of misindexed Face cards
  • 8 x AC/QH Wild Card / Stand Up Monte cards
  • Coin monte card set (3 cards)
  • Escapist card set (3 cards)

After 3 years of heavy development, prototypes, conversations with ELITES users and constant design revisions, finally the incredible Pro Gaffs v1 deck is available.

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Customer reviews for DMC Elites: Pro Gaff Deck



If not the best gaffed deck, it is on the top 3. The deck features a sleek and professional design, with a black and silver color scheme that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. The cards are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. The gaff cards included in this deck are specially designed to enhance the magician's performance and make their tricks even more impressive. Overall, the DMC Elites: Pro Gaff Deck is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a professional and high-quality playing card deck that is perfect for performing magic tricks.



Great gaffe deck. Love the Mcdonalds Aces, Wild Cards, and Houdini cards included. Good idea to get the gaffe passport as well. Phil Smith and DMC are two of the great guys in magic. Always put out great stuff. Vanishing inc is always great with the fast free shipping as well. Cheers



The Pro Gaffs are a great add-on to the DMC Elites 4. Your regular gaffs and some special ones. Of course the same great quality and easy to read markings on them as the V4 and the back design is exactly the same as the V4.

Be aware that there are some red back cards but that they aren't the same red as the Elites V5.
There is no explanation on how to use these gaffs, besides that there is a lot written on gaffs, you can also buy the Passport to Gaff Decks.



I bought into the DMC Elites V5 and loved them. When I saw the Gaff Deck for DMC Elites and the Passport to Elites V5, I assumed the Gaff Deck was for the V5's. I was wrong and frankly a little disappointed. There was and still is no indication WHICH DMC Elite deck version the Gaff Deck is for in the Vanishing Inc. product copy. Caveat Emptor.

But the quality of the gaffs and the potential for wonder-making, made me order the DMC Elites V4 to match and all is well in my magical universe.


Community questions about DMC Elites: Pro Gaff Deck

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  • Jon asks: Where can I learn more about the "Escapist Card Set"?

    • 1. James answers: I've tried contacting the creators, and thus far, there has been no response. Perhaps you'll have better luck:
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  • Edward Alexander asks: Is there any vidio or instructions on how to use this deck? From the write up it sounds like a lot can be done with this deck but if you only get a deck with no instructions what's the use of having it.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The instructions for how to use this deck can be found in a separate product: Passport to Gaff Decks
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