Card College Light

Book by Roberto Giobbi
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Card College Light

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Book by Roberto Giobbi (35.00)

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This is the first of two books in the "Light" series. It's a collection of card tricks that require absolutely no sleight of hand. Instead they rely in clever structure, subtleties and routining.

The 21 tricks have been compiled into complete routines, each lasting around ten minutes. So not only will you learn some great tricks - you'll also learn some complete performance pieces with great patter and presentation.

If you're an experienced card magician, you'll probably be aware of most of the tricks, but you will definitely learn from the routining that Giobbi provides. If you're new to card magic, or just looking for some easy tricks, you'll also take even more away from this book.

Pages 170 - Hardbound w/ Dust jacket


Customer reviews for Card College Light



Reading this book gave my knowledge of card magic breadth and character. In a world of knuckle busting sleights, it was a breath of fresh air to read through card tricks that don’t require sleight of hand. I love learning about methods, and this reinforced to me that there is a whole lot more to card magic method than just sleight of hand.



Amazing book!! I am still quite new to all this, I have Card College 1 + 2 and will add the remaining three as soon as I can. The Card College books are brilliant, but as I said I am new to this and find myself struggling with a lot of the sleights, even some of the fairly easy ones. When I came across this title I bought it without hesitation on the strength of the Card College volumes, and I'm so glad I did, it is absolutely brilliant. I can now learn some great tricks to show my family whilst practising from the other volumes. It has made a massive difference to me, at last I feel like I am getting somewhere, and the frustration is nearly gone. I know it's all about practice, practice, practice, but this has made such a difference. so much so I am just about to order volume two, Card College Lighter, and will definitely be getting volume three. I can't recommend this book enough



Everything that Roberto writes is gold!
If you are new to card magic this is a great start with some easy to achieve effects that are pre packaged into mini routines.
It will take some practice initially, but with no sleights you will quickly pick it up and be performing for friends and family.
If you can afford it get the two other books in the series (Lighter & Lightest) as a complete set.

Strongly recommend!!!



What a book! Roberto Giobbi presents seven routines of three tricks each, complete with scripts. He encourages you throughout to develop your own scripts if you wish and to mix and match the tricks into your own routines. Most of the tricks are wonderful but there is as much value in the routining. He does a wonderful job of taking advantage of the procedure of one trick to set up the next. Since the spectator experiences each effect as a somewhat distinct event they never suspect that you have set up another killer effect right in front of their eyes. Giobbi really elevates what could be transparent tricks into mysterious impossibilities. I can not recommend this book highly enough.


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  • David asks: Are the tricks in the Card College Light, Lighter, or Lightest series drawn from the 5 volume (regular) Card College Series or are they additional to the regular series?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, they are different than the regular series.
  • Jason asks: One thing I don’t like about a lot of collection of card effects of the kind featured in this series is that they fill out the content with minor variations on the same principle rather than featuring different or different combinations of principles. Is that something i will dislike about this series?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hopefully this will shed some light on your question: The Presentation of Sleightless Card Tricks Routine 1 T.N.T. The magician reveals two cards chosen in a way that would seem to make this utterly impossible. Intuition. Through the power of intuition, two spectators are able to separate the shuffled deck into red and black cards. The Telephone Trick. The performer's medium is called and is able to discern over the telephone the card freely selected from a shuffled deck. Routine 2 Thot Echo. Someone selects two cards under the fairest conditions, and the magician succeeds in finding them. Royal Flush. Ten cards randomly chosen by a spectator are thoroughly shuffled by him and then dealt into two poker hands. The magician's hand is shown to be a royal flush! The Waiwiki Shuffle. A subconsciously controlled swing of a pendulum reveals to the performer the identity of a chosen card. Routine 3 Fingertip Sensitivity. The magician guesses the actions a person performs with a packet of cards under the table. Muscle Reading. Someone chooses any card, then shuffles it thoroughly into the deck. Thanks to the magician's ability to read this person's unconscious muscle impulses, he is able to successfully find the card. The Lie Detector. Someone notes a card and shuffles it back into the deck. She next takes seven indifferent cards, keeps them hidden and calls their names to the magician; but for one of the indifferent cards she calls the name of the card she selected. Because the magician possesses the sensitivity of a lie detector, he is able, unbelievable as it may seem, to discover the woman's card! Routine 4 The Circus Card Trick. After the audience has become convinced that the performer has failed to find a selected card, he manages to save the situation in a surprising and amusing way. The Fingerprint. A freely chosen card is replaced in the deck by the spectator, under the strictest conditions. In spite of this, the magician is able to find the card by means of the “fingerprints” left on it! Magical Match. The magician twice determines, in an inexplicable manner, the exact number of cards the spectator has cut from the deck. Routine 5 Cards Never Lie! Someone selects a card and shuffles it back into the deck. The magician asks three questions about the card, and his subject either lies or tells the truth. Nevertheless, the performer is able not only to ascertain the chosen card, but he also immediately produces the other three cards of the same value! Digital Dexterity. A chosen card is shuffled back into the deck by the person who selected it, and the deck is placed into the magician's pocket. With seemingly unbelievable dexterity, he is able to fish the chosen card out of the deck! Think Stop! Someone freely selects a card, then shuffles it back into the deck. Nevertheless, the magician is able to find the card through that person's silent thought-command alone. Routine 6 Card Caper. Two spectators each select a card from a deck that they shuffle themselves. They further shuffle their cards back into the deck. Nevertheless, the magician is able to find both spectators' cards in an astonishing manner. In the Hands. Someone from the audience shuffles a deck of cards and remembers two of them, which he himself loses back into the deck. In spite of these impossible conditions, the magician is able to locate both noted cards. Back to the Future. The magician transports himself into the future, memorizes what happens there, returns to the past, and then predicts the occurrence in the present: a confusing story with a clear effect. Routine 7 Manto. The magician writes a prediction and places it inside the card case, which a spectator guards. An audience member and the performer mix the cards face up into face down, throwing the deck into a chaotic condition. Nonetheless, the prediction states how many cards lie face up and how many of those are black and how many red! Vernon's Miracle. The magician finds a card selected under the fairest conceivable conditions. That Is the Question. The magician asks no questions, yet he answers them while guessing and finding a freely and fairly thought-of card. Afterword A list of recommended books on card magic. Notes Further background on the tricks.
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