Sleight of Hand for Magicians

The difference between learning a few card tricks and becoming a great magician is simple: you must learn to present magic in a meaningful way, and learn how to execute sleight of hand flawlessly.

Do all tricks use sleight of hand?

It's important to note that when you want to learn magic tricks that not all magic tricks use sleight of hand, but many of them do. There are a lot of self working card tricks, which are tricks developed using subtly or mathematical principles so that the performer does not need to use sleight of hand to perform their tricks. However, many performers prefer to learn sleight of hand techniques (especially with cards, coins, balls, and money) in order to offer a wider range of tricks for their audience.

Coin magic trick

How can I learn sleight of hand techniques?

It's best to start by learning just one sleight of hand trick and perfecting that. Only then should you move on to learn other techniques. We recommend starting with a book such as Card College, which will teach you a move and then show you a trick using that technique.

Card cheat with card up sleeve

Can you fool magicians with sleight of hand?

Surprisingly, there are sleight of hand artists who are so good at their craft that they can even fool other magicians. This takes many years of practice to develop a proficiency with a deck of cards so good that magicians can't detect, let alone suspect that sleight of hand is used. These performers often perform at magic conventions and most of them teach their techniques in magic books or on magic downloads.

Who invents sleight of hand?

Many of the sleights for card magic has come from gamblers and, in particular, from card cheats. Ever since card games were played, nefarious people have existed too. So moves like the second deal, bottom deal, palming, switches, "cheating the cut" (or as we know it in magic "The Pass") were quite quickly developed by scrupulous card cheats who wanted to beat the system. Over the years, these moves were passed down to magicians who adapted and developed them for their own versions to better fit performing magic for audiences.

Sleight of hand expert Michael Vincent

Sleight of hand really moved forward quickly in the early 1900s with the publications of books like The Expert at the Card Table and with the performances of magicians like J.N. Hofzinser.

Nowadays, sleight of hand is invented by magicians of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, anyone can develop their own sleight of hand, which is especially noticeable in the flourishing and cardistry world where kids as young as ten years old are creating flourishes that are being used throughout the world.

We have worked with the very best sleight of hand artists to teach you how to become a master magician. We recommend starting with a magic download and moving on from there.

Magician doing magic for other magicians