Close Culls

By Harapan Ong
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Close Culls

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Book or download by Harapan Ong (Book $24.99 or download for $18.74)

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Alongside the double lift and the pinky break, the cull is perhaps the most important move in card magic. Few people do the move correctly, and even fewer use the move for anything other than secretly sorting cards. That all changes with Close Culls.

Singapore's Harapan Ong is a leading expert on all things cull, and here he teaches the move in gorgeous, photographic detail. Everyone reading will learn the move. And then he explores new and exciting principles with the cull. Finally, he puts it all together with a collection of extraordinary and offbeat effects. This is a definitive treatise on this underused but critical sleight.

Like all our publications, we have worked carefully with author Harapan Ong to produce an elegant, accurate, and fascinating collection. We treated this booklet as if it were a hardbound book. You'll notice the quality immediately when you read through it, in both the instruction and the layout. The production values are what you expect from Vanishing Inc: cutting edge artwork, slick design, carefully edited prose, all in an attractive booklet.

We pre-sold the book at The Session 2014, and we sold through our entire stock in under fifteen minutes. Now it is finally available to the magic world.

Contents of Close Culls
  • The Spread Cull - A detailed explanation of the move
  • The Cavorted Aces – A new treatment on the classic Cavorting Aces
  • Cull the Police – The age-old robbers plot gets a modern facelift
  • Full Deck Oil & Water – A great way to end your oil and water routine
  • Two Heads are Better than One – An unusual application of the spread cull
  • Slap Me Silly – A handling of Bill Goodwin’s "Slap Exchange"
  • The Delayed Cull – A truly extraordinary move to do a cull while showing both sides of the pack
  • The Cull Switch – Just what it sounds like ... a switch with the cull!
  • The Buckle Replacement – One of Harapan’s most prized original moves, finally tipped
  • The Princess Card Trick Revisited – A great handling of the classic Princess Card Trick plot
  • A Convincing Card Fold – Harapan has combined the cull with a devious card fold
  • Cull-our Change – This visual transformation uses the cull and a little something else
  • SwitchSand - The spread cull put to an intriguing use within a Sandwich routine
  • Scattered Sandwich - A Sandwich routine that is destined to become a classic
  • Indicated Replacements - Max Maven's "Third Degree" given the cull treatment
  • The Buckle-llectors - One of Harapan's crowning achievements in both method and effect
  • Utterly Mental Reverse - a direct application of Harapan's Cull Tap Reversal
"Harapan fooled me so badly with his cull I had to get his book. His cull is about the best I’ve seen and his book contains not only great routines using the cull, but some great original techniques as well. And the puns throughout are hystericull." Guy Hollingworth
"This is an excellent book for learning the Hofzinser Cull and some clever applications." Justin Higham
"Harapan Ong, the brilliant young card magician from Singapore, now living in London, a Member of The Magic Circle, has written Close Culls, a brilliant book on one of card magic’s most useful, yet most often neglected, sleights — the Cull. The well-illustrated book contains a chapter on how to perform the Cull which has many useful tips, plus several variations, and 12 good tricks which use the techniques taught. The level is intermediate to advanced, and if you put in the work your magic is sure to improve." Matthew Field
"I’ve seen Harapan perform some of these tricks live and he completely fooled me even though I knew he was culling. So I bought the book and wasn’t disappointed. It takes a unique look at what the cull is truly capable of and teaches some brilliant tricks along the way." Stephen Long

118 pages. Perfect bound.

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Customer reviews for Close Culls



Everything Harapan touches is gold and this is no exception. He has a solid understanding of the cull and therefore can set you on the right path. I myself am horrible at culling more than two cards. Slowly with this help of this book I will conquer the cull and everyone will finally respect me!



This book is just amazing, Harapan is just an amazing magician and author , the explanations were amazing, the cull is a move that I have always wanted to use more but I only really used it as a control, this book was great and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in card magic.



I just have to say that this is one of THE most amazing magic books I have ever read. It is very innovative and clever. If you watch the Roadrunner Cull DVDs, master the cull, and then read this book... Well let me just say that you will be one amazing magician! Once you are able to perform the effects in the book flawlessly, you will be fooling people very hard. (One of my favorite effects in the book is called Utterly Mental Reversal, but every single effect has amazing potential.)

- Ari



Within the 118 pages, Harapan has contributed some outstanding efforts to "cull-workers" who are still looking for ways to improve their knowledge and mechanics. The move "Buckle Replacement" worth the price of the book and it has significantly enhanced the world of cull.

Still reading the reviews? Go get one now and make sure it sits in your library from now on.



Harapan has some fantastic work on the cull. The ideas are innovative, efficient and above all, practical. Two of my favourite ideas in the book include how to switch a card sandwiched between to face up cards in the centre of the deck, and a way of loading multiple cards into different places in the deck as you spread the cards. There are lots of other good ideas throughout the book too. It is written very clearly and the instructions are easy to understand. Highly recommended!

VI Monthly


The spread cull was always a sleight of last resort for me, as I had simply never managed to master the technique. Close Culls got me over the hump. By far the best explanation of the technique (and the rationale for it) I have seen! I'm not as impressed with some of the applications of the technique in the book, but I got my money's worth in the first chapter.
Also, as a statement of personal preference, what a RARE TREAT it is in the era of "quicky instructional videos" to learn a move from the printed page! Thanks Josh, Andi, and most of all Harapan for taking the time and putting in the necessary effort to produce this important work!


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  • Roberto asks: How much of the effects in this book use gaff cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No gaffs!
  • Jörn asks: Does the book include videos to illustrate the moves?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, there are no videos. However, Harapan does have a Cull download on our site that includes many of the same routines from the book.
  • Caleb asks: How many pages does the book have?

    • 1. Loïc answers: 118, as noted near the end of the description.
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