The Devil's Picturebook (Download)

Magic download (video) by Derren Brown
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The Devil's Picturebook (Download)

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Magic download (video) by Derren Brown ($40.00)

A classic of magic, finally available as a download.

We all recognize Derren Brown as one of the finest mentalists of our age. His critically acclaimed writings, television shows, and theatrical productions have made him a respected household name all over the world. Everyone knows that.

What fewer people know is that years before his fame, Derren earned his living as a close-up magician specializing in card magic. He released The Devil's Picturebook in 1999, a stunning collection of card material years ahead of its time. The card magic he performs and teaches offer a rare glimpse into how Derren thinks about his magic, and how he constructs routines. Then, as now, the audience's emotions are always Derren's primary focus.

Vanishing Inc. Magic is proud to bring you The Devil’s Picturebook for the first time as a digitally remastered download. Over the course of three hours, you’ll be given a detailed, rare insight into this rare Derren Brown material. The first half focuses on Derren's “traditional” card work; featuring his Card Under Box, Oil and Water and the famous Smoke routine. The second features his incredible, pioneering psychological card material.

Part 1: Conjuring
3-Card Routine: A beautiful routine using three selections.
Mike's Move: An invisible bottom card control.
Card Under Box: As the title implies, a multi-phased routine.
Oil and Water: Derren's terrific version of this classic.
Zameil's Rose: A poetic piece in which a selected card changes into a shower of rose pedals.
Smoke: Perhaps Derren's signature close-up piece, this is a thought-of card to cigarette.

Part 2: Psychological Effects
Out of this World: Derren's wonderful additions to the classic routine.
Double Think: Two thought-of cards are discerned. The method is groundbreaking.
Extreme Mental Effort: This effect will absolutely fool you.
Invisible Deal: A fantastic concept worked into a prediction effect with cards.
Invisible Deal Force: In a way the opposite of the above, this uses the same principle.

Who Is Derren Brown?

Born in Croydon in 1971, Derren Brown's interest in magic was kicked off during his time at Bristol university studying law and German. A hypnotist called Martin S Taylor visited the university to perform his show. Derren had never seen anything quite like it and it was that moment that started off his interest, and career.

Derren Brown is now known as one of the finest mentalists the world has ever seen. Long before he came to the British public's attention with the launch of Derren Brown: Mind Control in 2000, he was working in a pub in Bristol doing mainly card magic. Card legend Jerry Sadowitz was responsible for this start to his fame, by introducing Derren to Objective Productions who made the show.

He now has won numerous awards for his TV and stage shows along with critical acclaim wherever he performs. But it did all start off with a love of hard-hitting card magic that always had the emotional hook Vernon so often spoke of.


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  • Marlon asks: Is there an alternative way of performing “smoke”, if you done smoke? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately they do not teach an alternative way of performing the routine.
  • Peow Yeong asks: Do I need to get some special gaff decks/cards? Or are these performed with an ordinary deck? Also, what is the difficulty level for performing these tricks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's a mix of psychological techniques (for card tricks) using no cards, a couple that you'll need gaffs for but nothing difficult to obtain and ungaffed.
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Customer reviews for The Devil's Picturebook (Download)



The material that is on this DVD set is just absolutely stunning. Without a doubt this is now my favourite peice in my magic library (and I have a lot!)
The effects are practical and I think they will be highly enjoyable to perform.

Buy it!... Study it!... Perform it!...



A million thanks to Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay for making this treasure available once again. The content is exactly what one would expect from the artistry of Derren Brown... wit, economy, psychology and elegance. Though not a necessary pre-requisite, this two disc set is a perfect companion for those who've studied Derren's books, Pure Effect and Absolute Magic. This production marked the turning point in his career as he transitioned from card magician to Mentalist. He unashamedly mixes both genres in several routines, effectively laying the age-old debate to rest. The Devil's Picturebook offers excellent value, priceless routines, some unique and practical moves... all driven by the brilliant psychology of one of our artforms greatest performers.



Thank you Vanishing for bringing this product back! I've been looking YEARS for this!! Everything on these DVDs is gold! The card tricks are phenomenal, the mentalism aspect is amazing! GET THIS NOW



I created an account purely to thank you for bringing back this DVD set! My partner has always been an avid lover of Derren and actually managed to get a copy of the original Devil’s picture book, but it was broken years ago and lost to him ever since. Now I can give him back a piece of his favourite mentalist and I couldn’t be more happy or excited.



This DVD only used to be available through a secret backdoor on Derren’s site. It’s a brilliant DVD set full of Derren’s close up effects. When you order this order a mind power deck as well because as soon as you watch “Smoke” you’re going to want to get a mind power deck. Same some postage and just get them together, you won’t regret it ??





Derren is brilliant at mentalism and equally great at cards. His effects are amazing and it's in the realm of intermediate. The famous "Mike's move" was why I picked this up but the entire thing is a must for card people.



Amazing to finally get my hands on a copy of this - and rather affordably, all things considered! Really interested to gain insights into how Derren works - and I can't wait to try out some of these techniques myself!



I am really glad that Derren Brown decided to release this and wanted to thank vanishing inc for making it so easily available. Great product!









This is magic that will make you kick a garbage can and exclaim, "No ! What happened How ! ? "
Or as Brown says. "The real stuff."
And Brown goes into this explaining how important it is for the audience to feel and see the process of mind reading or why and how the effect happened.
If you convince yourself it must have happened by mind control or perception you are entering into Brown's world.
And he opens the door to this world for you to discover and to be able to perform in your own way. He clearly sees this aspect as a must for good magic.
Not just he wrote something down and he shouldn't have known it.
He stresses the importance of the audience seeing the process of mind reading or vision seeing or ? whatever you believe it is you are doing.
No exaggeration there are some routines here that are not published elsewhere and for that you are getting something special, very special.
It's refreshing to feel the attitude from someone who is good at card handling, that Cards are fine but they are just objects and really mean it. Not just being fake humble. At this point it's clear he's walking away from cards. Which is cool, like why am I buying a Card download project from a guy who is developing an indifferent or slightly dissmissive attitude on the barriers card magic can have. :)
Because here is where he shares the next steps for him in the form of Mental Card Mysteries. And these routines are just brilliant and each one is worth many times more than the 40 bucks for the whole project.
I debated weather to buy this Devils' Picturebook, or to buy three or four $10 download lectures.
I learned here that rather than be just a trick monkey you can really blow peoples minds ... give the trick "the space" as Brown says.
Keep in mind still cards but you do get a sense that something special is being born.
The project's asthetics and vibe are awseome and very original. Shot in an interesting location and with perfomances for real people in a living room, dining room setting. Very intimate.
Thanks Vanishing Inc and congrats on all the Success of Brown and for sharing things it seemed he hoped would further performance artists.



Excellent, very good video production, Each one starts with a demo, followed by the tutorial, with guests for each one, good camera angles covering all the moves, very enjoyable to watch, very easy to follow. Even if you no the method Derren is using, he makes it feel like something different is going on, as he often puts a twist with in the methods he uses, Derren likes to keep the spectatators engaged while he is performing his card magic, very clever the way he puts his moves togeather, which keeps it interesting, which creates an enjoyable experience, with a great outcome, with ellements of suprise that he produces.
If your allready into card magic, then these will not be difficult to learn.



I had been looking for this for a while, so it was great to see this turn into a download. All of these routines are absolutely genius. I particularly loved his three card routine, his card to box, smoke and his psychological forces. One thing I would say, don't get this if you are a beginner. He mentions some moves that he doesn't explain, so make sure you have a basic knowledge of sleights before getting this. Amazing download, highly recommended





The Devil's Picturebook (Download) by Derren Brown