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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

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The Weiser Wallet Trick (pre-order)
The Weiser Wallet
Trick (pre-order) by Danny Weiser and Vortex Magic - $35.00

Danny Weiser's revolutionary new wallet is here. Featuring an innovative design and brand-new INSTANT FLASH feature, this Himber Wallet is unlike anything you've ever seen! In the past, many magicians and mentalists have expressed concern about how large and awkward many Himber Wallets are. The...

If I Were a Rich Man Magic download (video)
If I Were a Rich Man
Magic download (video) by Ferran Rizo - $9.95

The magician removes a credit card from a purse frame and places it on the table. After dialing a magical pin code, a coin appears under it. This stunning effect is repeated twice. The credit card is then placed over all 3 coins causing them to impossibly vanish. Then, as a kicker ending, the...

Money, Money, Money Magic download (video)
Money, Money, Money
Magic download (video) by Ferran Rizo - $9.95

The magician removes 4 credit cards from their wallet and places them on the table. They then reveal that a coin is hidden under each credit card. These 4 coins are neatly stacked in the center of the table and the magician covers them with a rolled up dollar bill. Magically, all the coins travel...

Fragment DVD
DVD by Michael Murray - $19.00

Michael Murray never disappoints, but Fragment is on another level. This effect is truly mind-boggling. While calling it an "ACAAN" type effect would be technically correct, it wouldn't even scratch the surface of accurately describing this incredible magic trick. Fragment is unbelievably...

The Curse of Spectrum Trick
The Curse of Spectrum
Trick by Paul Gordon - $25.00

Paul Gordon's beloved trick Spectrum receives a massive upgrade with The Curse of Spectrum. This amazing magic trick is easier to perform and more convincing then ever before. The Curse of Spectrum is a real worker that any close-up magician will want to add to their set. EffectAfter 4 Ace of...

Ball Ideas Magic download (video)
Ball Ideas
Magic download (video) by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores - $15.00

More than a decade has been spent carefully honing the 9 unbelievable ball manipulation magic tricks that are jam-packed into this incredible download! There is something for everyone with these amazingly creative and visual routines: Classic Routine Features cool new techniques you can use with a...

The Hidden (Universal Edition) Trick
The Hidden (Universal Edition)
Trick by Alakazam UK - $25.00

For the first time ever, you can perform Andy Nyman's powerful psychological influence demonstration The Hidden without ANY language restrictions. Originally only available to English speaking audiences, The Hidden (Universal Edition) now features widely recognizable pictures instead of words....

E=MC2 Trick
Trick by Magic Hutong Entertainment Inc. Ltd. - $39.95

The ultimate visual bill change is here. You won't believe this isn't CGI! Change a bill into the speed of light. No SLEIGHT OF HAND NEEDED. This is the perfect trick for street magic, close-up magic or performing on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. This INSTANT change is completely...

Miracle Puzzle Trick
Miracle Puzzle
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - $675.00

A poetic mystery, an illusionette that can be carried with one hand, a display of pure elegance and beauty... A Sophisticated experience...Miracle Puzzle (Stage / Eco) by Doruk Ulgen Performer introduces a puzzle that fits perfectly in a beautiful frame, which all together is displayed upright on...

The White Whale Magic download (video)
The White Whale
Magic download (video) by Kyle Purnell - $7.95

We swear this isn't CGI! With White Whale, Kyle Purnell offers 2 fun new transpositions that redefine the possibilities of visual card magic. "Fun, visual, direct magic with a quirky twist!" Caleb Wiles "Kyle is a jerk and fools me all the time! He's created another great trick...

Traveler Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Marcos Cruz - $10.00

An incredibly easy-to-do card trick with multiple powerful endings! With Traveler, you can identify the individual cards in a deck of cards held in your spectator's hands. There are numerous options to present this prediction from having it sealed in an envelope to having a prediction appear in...

MMS ONE SHOT - In the Hands Triumph by Josh Janousky Magic download (video)
MMS ONE SHOT - In the Hands Triumph by Josh Janousky
Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $6.00

This incredibly easy-to-do and super commercial Triumph routine from the innovative mind of Josh Janousky is a true worker. It's remarkably simple, yet feels impossible. Because everything is done in your hands, this is a perfect close-up card trick for table-hopping or stand-up performers. Add in...

Sliding The Aces Magic download (video)
Sliding The Aces
Magic download (video) by Magic Encarta and Vivek Dinesh Singhi - $3.99

A gorgeous new, incredibly easy and practical take on the classic Twisting the Aces card magic plot developed by the legendary Dai Vernon. This flawless routine uses almost no sleight of hand. It's unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's so efficient, it almost feels self-working. It looks...

Palm Switch & Palm Control Magic download (video)
Palm Switch & Palm Control
Magic download (video) by Magic Encarta and Vivek Dinesh Singhi - $3.99

2 incredibly powerful and versatile sleights for the price of 1! Magic Encarta presents the Palm Switch & Palm Control. Both moves are completely impromptu. They don't require any breaks. Just pure sleight of hand. Palm Switch An instantaneous and discreet way of switching one card for...

Impossible Coincidence Magic download (video)
Impossible Coincidence
Magic download (video) by Sean Heydon - $24.60

One of the most mind-boggling and fun card tricks you've ever seen. A real crowd pleaser. Uses regular cards and doesn't require any difficult sleight of hand. Instant download!

Amazebook Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Mark Shortland - $20.00

What do Nate Staniforth, the Jerx, Marc Paul, Jon Allen, and Mark Shortland have in common? They all love "Amazebox" and contributed to Amazebook! Our most popular effect of all time is "Amazebox." And now we're pleased to bring you an ebook dedicated to the very best ways to...

Mirage Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Paul A. Lelekis - $10.00

3 amazing effects for the price of 1 in this awesome download! Mirage is an incredible new card magic concept from the creative mind of Paul A. Lelekis. It explores a whole new realm of paradoxes and is a true magician fooler. You're going to love this innovative new idea! This is what real magic...

Magicseen Magazine - May 2020 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Magazine - May 2020
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - $6.50

Here at Vanishing Inc., we have always sought to curate products which love. They must be unique, of a high quality and different. Magicseen Magazine is exactly that and we are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with them. Published in England, Magicseen is COMPLETELY different to any of...

CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag Trick
CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag
Trick by Dominique Duvivier - $85.00

The innovative effect used to fool Penn & Teller is now available with 2 decks of the incredible, Jerry's Nugget Modern Feel decks of cards(featuring all new manufacturing on Bicycle quality card stock by the USPCC). Cards in Bag is a super powerful, yet devilishly easy to perform, effect with...

4 Switch Trick
4 Switch
Trick by Magic Dream - $50.00

4 Switch is an insanely powerful and versatile principle that allows you to perform mind-boggling which-hand style magic tricks and chair tests, predict impossible coincidences, and so much more using everyday objects. This ingenious method from Pierre Acourt uses the Green Neck system to provide...

The Flash Magic download (video)
The Flash
Magic download (video) by Nick Popa - $7.95

A project 5 years in the making, Nick Popa has finally solved many of the issues that have plagued sandwich routines in the past (like needing a gimmick or duplicate cards, or not being able to show both sides of the sandwich). With The Flash, you can now have a playing card selected and lost in...

Hyper Fast Magic download (video)
Hyper Fast
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $9.00

11 insanely visual and innovative color changes jammed into one amazing download. This is an UNBELIEVABLE value. This is Hyper Fast from SaysevenT. Most of these changes are completely impromptu. No gimmicks or gaffs. Just pure sleight of hand. Download now to start learning: 1. TorzschA visual...

The Vault - Mexican Turnover: Reborn Magic download (video)
The Vault - Mexican Turnover: Reborn
Magic download (video) by Jafo - $14.00

Think you know the Mexican Turnover? Get ready to fall in love with it all over again! With the Mexican Turnover: Reborn, Jafo will help you develop a whole new perspective and passion for this insanely versatile move. You'll gain instant access to an exceptional 20-page eBook and more than 10...

Instant Artist Magic download (video)
Instant Artist
Magic download (video) by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores - $9.95

An image magically appears on a blank piece of paper. With Instant Artist, the magician shows a blank piece of paper on a drawing pad. They then walk away from it and begin painting in the air. Then, as if by real magic, they return to the sheet of paper and reveal a lovely drawing has impossible...

Horder Pro Magic download (video)
Horder Pro
Magic download (video) by Arnel Renegado and RmC - $9.95

Make any small object magically appear ON a single card with Horder Pro. This incredible gimmick from RmC and Arnel Renegado is the highly anticipated follow-up to the amazing Horder gimmick that allows you to vanish any small object behind a playing card. Horder Pro is incredibly powerful, visual...

Our top-selling new release: Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)