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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

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The Medal Trick
The Medal
Trick by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - $60.00

It only takes a second to create a moment of magic... but that moment can last forever. Harry Robson has spent a lifetime in magic creating this moment, and for the first time has decided to share it with the magic community. The Medal is a high quality, built-to-last prop that is perfect for all...

The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations Magic download (video)
The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations
Magic download (video) by Danny Urbanus - $10.00

"This is so visual, I can watch it all day" Hanson Chien This is Lazy Man's Penetrations, the best rubber band penetration you will ever see. An updated version of Bacon Fire's Lazy man penetration/Lazy go. It was already a dream coming true. But it just got better. Now instantly...

Murphy's Magic One Shot - Bold Business Magic download (video)
Murphy's Magic One Shot - Bold Business
Magic download (video) by Patrik Kuffs - $6.00

The perfect close-up drawing duplication for walkaround magicians. Bold Business from Patrik Kuffs is easy to learn and ends with an impossible revelation and souvenir. This is a super commercial mind reading routine that close-up magic workers will love performing. In this download, Patrick not...

Blink Vanish Trick
Blink Vanish
Trick by SansMinds Productionz and Robert Lupu - $39.95

There are numerous classic card effects involving a torn corner. There's only one thing missing -- a perfect visual vanish, until NOW. SansMinds Creative Lab collaborated with creative talent Robert Lupu from Romania to bring you Blink Vanish. Blink Vanish is a vanish that looks like real magic. It...

Trick by Tejinaya - $120.00

"WOW!" has entered cube magic! The WOW system collaborated with cube to expand a new world. The wonder and visuals, as usual, have made cube magic even more mysterious! Mr. Masuda of ATTO and collaborator, Syouma, devised the name, "WOW CUBE". Take out the Rubik's Cube from the...

Trick by Mago Flash - $39.95

THE SMART BOX is the new version of the classic. This new product will allow you to do multiple routines because it has several MAGICAL CONTRIBUTIONS that have never been seen! The SMART BOX has smart questions that are answered yes or no. Not only does it fall and stop under your control, it also...

Black Friday DVD Bundle 1 DVD
Black Friday DVD Bundle 1
DVD by John Rogers , Gary Ouellet and Peter Studebaker - $7.50

To kick off our Black Friday Deal of the Day, we are offering this killer three DVD Bundle. Here is what you get for one bargain price: The Gypsy Thread - Learn the real work behind one of the most popular effects of all time. Gary Ouellet takes you through everything you could want to know. Best...

Ambi Ring Trick
Ambi Ring
Trick by Patrick Kun - $35.00

Ambi Ring is a wearable modern take on the famous optical illusion, the Ambiguous Cylinder. Depending on your angles, this ring can be perceived in one of two ways -- a circle or a square. This tactile piece of illusion is meant as a conversation starter or can be applied to your favorite ring...

The Rehearsal Ball Trick
The Rehearsal Ball
Trick by Luis de Matos and Essential Magic Collection - $280.00

For the proud owners of our Professional Floating Ball, we thought that it would be handy to have a rehearsal ball similar in size, weight and with the eyelets on top. It is very useful for developing new moves, trying out the rig at a new venue, or even experimenting with different kinds of...

Haiku Book Test 2.0 Book
Haiku Book Test 2.0
Book by Vincent Hedan - $45.00 NOW $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

"Haiku" creates an incredibly fooling and direct mind reading demonstration, as well as a very personal experience for the spectator. This book test is unique in its kind and it benefits from an all-new, original method to make the effect very deceptive. In addition, its presentation is...

The Dark Veil Trick
The Dark Veil
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - $39.95

The fastest switch device in the world! The precious advice of Jean-Pierre Vallarino will guide you to make this new accessory a terribly effective weapon! Apparitions, disparitions, transformations, changes... This revolutionary accessory allows you to ditch what you want very quickly, but also to...

To Your Credit Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive To Your Credit
Magic download (ebook) by Harapan Ong - Free

Like everyone at Vanishing Inc., Harapan Ong is passionate about crediting. So passionate that he's written a book about it. So passionate he's decided to give it away free. In this 82-page ebook, Harapan explains the rules for crediting. The whys and wherefores and very practical methods to make...

HOT Trick
Trick by Lee Jah Bond and Zamm Wong - $99.95

It's a firestarter. A twisted firestarter. A real cliché in magic is when the ad copy says "you're only limited by your imagination", but with "HOT", it's kinda true. It's a highly gimmicked Sharpie that lets you ignite flash products at will. It can be operated remotely, and...

Project Straw Magic download (video)
Project Straw
Magic download (video) by Chris Turchi and Brandon David - $19.95

Drink your fill of 10 hyper-visual effects all done with an everyday organic object! In this refreshing new project, the geniuses behind "Envy-Lope," Brandon David and Chris Turchi, share secrets hidden inside every straw wrapper. Here's just a taste what you'll discover: STRAW THROUGH...

Monarch Royal Edition Playing Cards Deck of cards
Monarch Royal Edition Playing Cards
Deck of cards by theory11 - $9.95

We’ve always said that Monarch Playing Cards were fit for a king, but that statement has never been truer than now. Theory11 proudly introduces a new member into its collection of the best-selling luxury edition deck of cards of all time. With its regal purple colorway accented by striking white...

Trick by Chris Philpott - $25.00

"You've just taken the best trick deck in the world and made it better!" David Regal "I absolutely love this! It's fantastic! Amazing!" Steve Valentine "Fresh and visual! Chris has created a serious piece of eye candy. I imagine that, for the first hour or so,...

Book by Steve Spill - $125.00

The Magic Circle in London called my last book, HOW TO MAKE LOVE THE STEVE SPILL WAY, "the book of the decade." That was kind of embarrassing - but if those brainy upper-crust UK dudes think that, who am I to argue? Their review was in the May 29, 2019 Magic Circular. My wife, Bozena,...

The Receiver Trick
The Receiver
Trick by Jimmy Strange - $29.95

Two empty cups, connected with a piece of string. With this, you can transmit your thoughts to a spectator. And even though you don't say a word, they will hear your voice. The Receiver will bring your spectators back to their childhood, by using the Cup and String Telephones. You can send your...

Torn Corner Machine 2.0 Trick
Torn Corner Machine 2.0
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $35.00

A few years ago, Juan Pablo released Torn Card Evolution and revolutionized the way we tear a corner on a playing card. Now, with Juan Pablo's Torn Corner Machine 2.0, you can make your own cards! TCM 2.0 allows you to make 3 different pre-cuts on a card. It also contains additional ideas, where...

The Vault - Triumph Volume 1 Magic download (video)
The Vault - Triumph Volume 1
Magic download (video) by L&L Publishing - $14.95

The real work on the Triumph plot taught to you by the performers closest to the secret. If card magicians were to make a list of what they believed were the most powerful effects in card magic, Dai Vernon's Triumph would almost certainly be on every list. Though the plot of Triumph - cards mixed...

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