Sleuth Ball

Trick by Iarvel Magic
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Sleuth Ball

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Trick by Iarvel Magic (179.95)

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Sleuth Ball - magic
Sleuth Ball Sleuth Ball Sleuth Ball Sleuth Ball Sleuth Ball

Conquer deception and detect lies with "Sleuth Ball", a captivating, entertaining and unique piece of mentalism for close-up and stage.

Four white balls and a singular black ball are discreetly distributed to five different audience members who are instructed to keep them out of sight in their pockets. You then invite them to play a simple game. Whoever has the black ball must lie when you ask them a question. Everyone else must tell the truth.

No matter how skilled of a liar the person who holds the black ball is, you'll always be able to identify them with 100% accuracy.

"Sleuth Balls" operate on two long-life batteries (included) that can last for over two years. Even better, if one battery runs out of power, the other one automatically kicks in.

Put simply, the "Sleuth Ball" allows you to perform with confidence every time.


  • Reliable, easy-to-use piece of magic technology
  • Works in any environment from close-up to stage
  • No stooges or assistants needed
  • Durable high-quality resin balls are built to last
  • Up to 50m working distance
  • Super long battery life
  • Backup battery ensures it never fails at the worst time

Comes With

  • 4x white balls
  • 1x black balls
  • Specially-constructed wooden box
  • Receive

Manufacturer's Warranty

Iarvel Magic stands behind their product and offers a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. This is handled by them and not Vanishing Inc. So, if you run into any problems with your device during that period, please contact Iarvel Magic directly for warranty claims.


Customer reviews for Sleuth Ball



This is a fantastic product! It works perfectly and it is one of the most beautiful looking tricks I own. You'll be able to use it within minutes of taking it out of the box. If you do close-up, parlor, or stage mentalism, this lie detector routine might work it's way into your act quickly. I highly recommend it!


Community questions about Sleuth Ball

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • James asks: Can this be recharged?

    • 1. Iarvel answers: The prop itself comes with replaceable batteries, with the device switched on, it can last for at least few years. The receiver is rechargeable and compatible with other Iarvel products.
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  • Kieron asks: Can the batteries be changed or are the units sealed?

    • 1. Iarvel answers: It comes with replaceable battery batteries, you can replace them once it's out. Even with the device switched out, it can last for at least few years.
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  • Ryan asks: Does the spectator need to take them from the box ? Or can any selection process be made ?

    • 1. Will answers: I don't have it but it seems fairly clear the spectators needs to remove them from the box
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  • Steve asks: Can the gimmick be easily concealed? Thanks. Steve

    • 1. Iarvel answers: You can hide the receiver anywhere on your body as long as you can feel it.
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  • Steve asks: It seems detection from the gimmick can be either by a light indicator or vibration? Is this correct? Thanks. Steve

    • 1. Iarvel answers: Yes, correct, there is a visual light signal to tell you which position the black has left from. This is more of a bonus function for those who needs to know that information.
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  • James asks: Given the description, one assumes that when the batteries in the black ball die, the trick will no longer work. So, this trick has a shelf life of maybe up to four years? This should be made more clear in the description as this would make it of less interest for amateurs v professionals, as the latter would get much more use. Thanks.

    • 1. Iarvel answers: The black or white ball do not require any batteries. You can switch off the device if you want to save battery, but even with it turned on, the battery will last you at least for few years.
    • 2. Rodney answers: the ball isn't gimmicked, its the box they sit in
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  • Walter asks: If the spectator picks up two balls, and sets the black one back, does it trigger the second time the black ball is taken?

    • 1. Rodney answers: so the white ball(s) are slightly bigger than the black? does it show colors on the receiver like mind ball does so you know its position, or is just a thumper?
    • 2. Rodney answers: Nevermind, I saw my answer to my question in the video. so its just the white ball(s) are bigger so they don't sit to deep as the black one
    • 3. Iarvel answers: That's a good concern, if the spectator decides to change his mind after he picked up the black ball, if he decides to place the black ball back, the signal from the receiver will stop immediately, signaling you the black ball has been placed back in the case.
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  • Walter asks: If the spectators trade the black ball, is the ball detectable or is it just the leaving of the box?

    • 1. Iarvel answers: If you can keep track of the black ball when its being trade by spectators, then yes. If not, you will only know when the black ball has left the case.
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  • Tom asks: What is the size of the box (length in particular)? And what is the diameter of the balls?

    • 1. Iarvel answers: The box measures at 30cm, and the ball is 4.25cm.
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  • Tom asks: The spheres appear to be a high-gloss paint -- yes? Are they lightweight like a ping pong orb, or heavier like in golf? More importantly, are they durable or can they be damaged if a spectator drops?

    • 1. Iarvel answers: They are made high-quality resin, so similar to billiard or pool balls, it has a good weight to it. Most importantly, yes, they are very durable, not easily damaged even if the spectators drop it.
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  • Rodney asks: I own MIND BALL which is kind of the same thing as this one except MIND BALL has 5 different color ball(s) and you can tell what color ball is removed from the box... MY QUESTION (S) if I have mind ball, is it worth also buying this product? Do they work the exact same way? since the boxes look the same, are they universal with both sets of ball(s)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The methods are different. As to whether you should get it if you already have "Mind Ball", then that is up to you!
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