Invisible Triumph

Trick by Jim Krenz
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Invisible Triumph

29.95 usd

Trick by Jim Krenz (29.95)

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Invisible Triumph - magic
Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph

The cleanest, fairest, and most direct Triumph we’ve ever seen. You’ll kick yourself when you learn how diabolical and fooling “Invisible Triumph” is.

"A doubly ingenious method for a doubly marvelous triumph.” Juan Tamariz

“Invisible Triumph” by Jim Krenz is one of the easiest ways to give any audience a moment of pure amazement. This picture perfect, test conditions Triumph routine can be accomplished without any sleight of hand required. It’s basically self-working.

A crystal-clear, effortless and fair-looking triumph, requiring minimum effort. Rafael Benatar

A card is selected and lost in the deck, which is then slowly and deliberately mixed face-up and face-down. The cards are very clearly interweaved one by one in different directions, and the deck is shown on both sides (a magician fooler). It is clearly a chaotic mess, and you can even let your helper square the cards. Then, without any movement or sleight of hand, you make all of the cards magically turn the same way…..except for the selected card!

"An excellent routine." Paul Wilson

“Invisible Triumph” comes with a specially-made deck of cards that is ready to go right out of the box and handles most of the hard work for you. In the detailed instructions, Jim teaches everything you need, including a brilliant bonus handling that uses a thought-of card.

"There have recently been many Triumph effects. Jim's handling is as clean as you can get. The face-up, face-down condition of the deck seems impossible to reconcile. The effect is as strong as when Vernon originated it. The method is simplicity in motion." David Solomon

Grab a copy of “Invisible Triumph” and discover one of the most magical card routines we’ve ever offered.


Customer reviews for Invisible Triumph



If you have a Triumph effect or want to get one this is well worth it to add to your repertoire. Super easy to do , well taught in the tutorial. A great closer and fun to do.


VI Monthly


Great trick and the tutorial was straight forward and well done.



So pleased that VI re-released this. The best triumph routine out there.



I was very happy with this purchase. The method is reliable and actually very fooling. I tried it on some friends and they were all stumped. Another great Jim Krenz release.



A superb method and Jim is an excellent teacher.


Laura Bautista

I must say that for my peace of mind I had to refresh the core gimmick of this trick since it was a little weak for my taste. Once done, something I completed in less than 5 minutes, the effectiveness is perfect and the effect is wonderful. It's super easy to do, you don't need any special skills and the deck of cards really does all the dirty work. The reactions are incredible, it really is an amazing trick.



Bought this a few years ago, was impressed then but did not have much opportunity to use because of pandemic distance, and recently rediscovered. Brilliant use of a deck many already own, and the setup is even easier than for the classic invisible effect. Thanks to Jim for your clever thinking on this one. Two routines plus clean up included, all so clever, so practical, and really high impact.



Wow! Been using this deck since I got it...this time. Wow! While this specific routine: Invisible Triumph is my closer... I'm getting a lot of milage between switches. LOL! Thanks, Jim Krenz... Asi... & others playing this theme?!

VI Monthly


Where to begin? Well firstly, this is a nearly synergistic meeting of effect and method. In retrospect, this is the application of an age-old method to an age-old effect, maximizing the potential of each. Why has this not been thought of before? The effect is classic and cannot be achieved more directly. The method relies on a careful preparation of the deck that most would be more than capable of doing on their own. The cards I received needed enough patchwork to the preparation as to warrant throwing out the baby with the bathwater and preparing my own deck from scratch, although you and I both own decks that can be adapted to the purpose. The good news is that, though this deck could be considered a “one trick wonder,” it can be used for other carefully chosen effects. It is, after all, a complete deck of 52 cards that can be stacked in any order and handled as an ordinary deck in most circumstances. With reliable preparation, this trick is a stunner for the layman and a confuser, if not a fooler, for other magicians.

VI Monthly


I guess I'm the outlier here. This does have the potential to be an absolute fooler, but it's not 100% reliable. In practice, I've found the selected card doesn't always display and when searching the spread for it, you could feasibly reveal the method. I noticed another reviewer mentioning that they had to improve the gimmick for the effect to work. Maybe I have a lemon deck? Plus, I think it's really expensive, considering you could buy a replacement deck on this site for less than a quarter of the price.


Community questions about Invisible Triumph

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Richard asks: Bicycle? If so, red or blue? Is there a choice?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Bicycle, red only.
  • Mark asks: Can the chosen card be different every time ?

    • 1. Jim Krenz (creator) responds: With the thought of card version, absolutely. It could be any card in the deck of 52. With the chosen card version, it can be a different card with about ten seconds of prep, before your performance.
  • Don asks: How does this differ from Jim Krenz's "Victorious Triumph? As always, thanks!

    • 1. Jim Krenz (creator) responds: Hi Don! The effect is the same, but the method is different. Invisible Triumph also includes a thought-of card variation, which cannot be done with Victorious Triumph. I hope that helps!
  • Darren asks: Can the cards be examined or shuffled by a spectator?

    • 1. Jim Krenz (creator) responds: Yes, at the start of the routine.
  • John asks: Hello ,is everything supplied with this trick ie the gimmick and the pack ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
  • Jerry asks: With this deck can one perform the bonus effects on Jim’s Victorious Triumph (cards across, ace assembly)? Thank you.

    • 1. Jim Krenz (creator) responds: You cannot. Invisible Triumph uses a different method than Victorious Triumph.
  • Brett asks: Can the deck be used for other card tricks or is this built just for this effect?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's built just for this effect.
  • Richard asks: As a beginner in magic, is this fairly easy to do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely.
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