Invisible Triumph

Trick by Jim Krenz
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Invisible Triumph

30.00 usd

Trick by Jim Krenz (30.00)

In stock - very few available.
Invisible Triumph - magic
Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph Invisible Triumph

Jim Krenz has created a card trick so diabolical—so clever—that you’ll kick yourself when you see how it works. In effect, it’s the cleanest Triumph you can imagine: the magician slowly, deliberately mixes cards one by one, face up and face down. You see them mixed, and the spectator can even push the shuffled cards square. Yet, without any movement (or sleight-of-hand), you immediately cause all the cards to turn face down except for the selected card.

Jim teaches two of his prized handlings - the first uses a selected card while the second uses a thought of card.

You receive a special deck of cards that allows you to perform “Invisible Triumph” right out of the box and without any required sleights. What your audience receives is one of the purest, most magical card routines we’ve come across in years.

"A doubly ingenious method for a doubly marvelous triumph."Juan Tamariz
"There have recently been many Triumph effects. Jim's handling is as clean as you can get. The face up face down condition of the deck seems impossible to reconcile. The effect is as strong as when Vernon originated it. The method is simplicity in motion."David Solomon
A crystal-clear effortless and fair-looking triumph, requiring minimum effort.Rafael Benatar

Customer reviews for Invisible Triumph

VI Monthly

Laura Bautista

I must say that for my peace of mind I had to refresh the core gimmick of this trick since it was a little weak for my taste. Once done, something I completed in less than 5 minutes, the effectiveness is perfect and the effect is wonderful. It's super easy to do, you don't need any special skills and the deck of cards really does all the dirty work. The reactions are incredible, it really is an amazing trick.



Bought this a few years ago, was impressed then but did not have much opportunity to use because of pandemic distance, and recently rediscovered. Brilliant use of a deck many already own, and the setup is even easier than for the classic invisible effect. Thanks to Jim for your clever thinking on this one. Two routines plus clean up included, all so clever, so practical, and really high impact.



Wow! Been using this deck since I got it...this time. Wow! While this specific routine: Invisible Triumph is my closer... I'm getting a lot of milage between switches. LOL! Thanks, Jim Krenz... Asi... & others playing this theme?!



The effect is great. I won't be performing this because the gimmick magic dust isn't as strong it should be so the cards sadly flash. Reminds me an in&>$[ble deck that isn't coated well. Lots of potential here though and could very well work in the right situation if you doctored up the cards a bit more. But when you buy an effect, it should work as is.



I would like to say the new look for this classic effect of David's triumph will open your eyes to other things you can do with this stand alone effect , the teaching of this super ace effect is fantastic the 2 effects that you learn the little things that make key part of this effect different from all other trademarks of this old club house classes! Buy invisible triumph and wow the most modern day masters of card magicians. Make the next generation think you had 20 year of experience leading how to do it when it only taken you 25 minutes to learn.. make it easy for you ..


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