The Best Easy Card Magic Trick: Finding a Person’s Card

Everyone wants to learn how to amaze friends and family with card tricks. While we do have some great recommended resources for beginners in card magic, we’re often asked which magic trick is the best for a beginner to learn.

One of the most popular easy card tricks for kids and adults involves having a playing card selected, lost in the deck and then found again. While there are an endless amount of ways to accomplish this, we want to teach you the most simple way to perform this famous card magic trick, no sleight of hand required.

So, grab a deck of cards and get ready to perform one of the easiest card tricks you can do today.

magician Dynamo performs a card trick for kids

Magic Secrets Revealed: Key Card Technique

The secret to this easy card trick relies on a magic principle known as the Key Card Technique. This is when you memorize one card and strategically place it near the selected card without the audience knowing. In this trick, the key card is right above the card they selected.

So, as you’re searching through the deck before your big reveal, all you need to do is find the “Key Card” you memorized. Their chosen card will be right next to it.

While the Key Card Technique is used in the most popular beginner’s magic tricks, it’s also one of the most powerful magic secrets of professional magicians.

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Materials You Need

This “pick a card” trick doesn’t require any special props or tools. An ordinary deck of cards is all you need to impress everyone you meet. In fact, even that old deck of cards in your drawer that is missing a few cards will work.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Easy Magic Trick

1. Before You Begin

Let your helper shuffle the cards. As they hand the deck back to you, quickly glance at the bottom card and memorize it. Don’t make this obvious or stare at it. This should take no longer than a fraction of a second.

In our example, we’ll use the Queen of Hearts.

Queen of Hearts Magic Trick

2. Selecting a Card

Spread the cards and have a card selected. Turn your head while they show everyone else so you don’t see. Make sure you emphasize that they remember this card (as well as anyone else who sees it). Let’s say it’s the Ace of Spades.

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2. Having the Card Returned

Cut the deck and place the top half to the right. Point to the packet of cards you just cut off and instruct the spectator to place their chosen card on top. As soon as they do, you’ll complete the cut by placing the rest of the cards on top of everything. While doing this, make sure to emphasize that you are losing their card in the middle.

Status Check: You currently don’t know what card they chose. But, the card you memorized (the Queen of Hearts) has been strategically aligned above their card. This allows you to easily find their card later.

3. Hiding the Secret

You can now let your helper cut the deck a few times if you’d like. As long as they give the deck straight cuts, and don’t shuffle it, the key card will remain next to their selected card. This helps make the secret to this magic trick harder to figure out.

4. Finding Their Card

Ace of Spades Card At this point, you don’t know what their card is. But you do know the card you memorized. So, all you need to do is spread through the cards with the faces toward you and locate the card you know (the Queen of Hearts). Their card will be directly to the right of this key card.

As you’re going through the deck, pretend like you’re reading their mind. Even if you spot the key card immediately, act as if you’re struggling a bit before eventually cutting their card to the top of the deck.

Place the cards face down on the table and ask them to name their card out loud. Turn over the top card to reveal you found it and collect your applause.

Pro Tip: While the spectator was cutting the cards, they may have cut your key card to the bottom of the deck. If that happens, you have a miracle on your hands because you don’t need to cut the cards again. Their card is already on top!

Best Easy Card Trick Video Instructions

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