9 Reasons You Should Learn Magic Tricks

As Vanishing Inc. is the largest magic shop in the world, we feel it’s extremely important to spread awareness about the benefits you can receive when you learn magic tricks. From improving critical thinking skills to offering a way to break the ice at social gatherings, there are so many ways learning magic tricks can help adults and kids enrich their lives.

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One of the best parts about magic is that it can be just as good of a hobby as a profession. Every team member at the Vanishing Inc. magic shop is a professional magician, yet we all started out as magic hobbyists and magic enthusiasts. For some people, this will be as far as their magic career ever goes. And that’s completely fine.

You don’t need to perform magic or mind reading to enjoy many of its intrinsic advantages. This is no different than attending an opera or movie, despite the fact you don’t act or sing. Many fans of magic simply have a deep appreciation for the art and the amount of creative thinking that needs to go into making the impossible happen.

While learning easy card tricks is a great way to entertain friends and family, the art of magic offers way more than just pure entertainment. At its core, it inspires people from all walks of life to be more creative in their own lives. So, even if you have no intention of ever being a professional magician that performs magic on a Las Vegas stage like David Copperfield or street magic like David Blaine or magic on tv like Michael Carbonaro, there are still so many ways to benefit from learning magic tricks.

In fact, famous tv and movie director JJ Abrams is an amateur magician. In his TED talk he discussed how the famous Mystery Box from Tannen’s Magic Shop in New York City (one of the most famous and last remaining physical magic shops in the world) inspired many of his blockbuster movies.

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Didn’t know JJ Abrams was a magician?

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Magic is an inclusive art form with so many possibilities. You can start at any age. Magic tricks are not just for kids. Even an adult over 30 can still learn to do magic tricks. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy it. But, no matter how you experience magic, there’s undeniably so many reasons you should start learning magic tricks.

So, why learn magic? We'll tell you!

9 Benefits of Learning Magic Tricks

1. Keep Your Body and Mind Active
Creating a good magic trick is like solving a puzzle. It’s a full brain workout that helps you sharpen your creativity and problem-solving skills. So, it’s no surprise that learning magic tricks offers many of the same benefits as puzzles and brainteasers.

2. Improve Mental Health
When you learn how to practice magic properly, you’ll discover that it forces you to focus on achieving certain goals. This focused state enables you to enter a state of mindfulness, especially when practicing a particularly tricky sleight of hand close up magic trick. There are so many benefits to practicing mindfulness from teaching you how to be more empathetic to helping you improve your relationships with others.

3. Better Interpersonal Skills
blonde woman performs card magic trick Learning magic tricks can help improve your interpersonal skills. Many hobbyist magicians have found learning magic tricks drastically improved their public speaking and presentation skills. They also become way more comfortable in front of crowds. In general, magic tricks are a universal language that will help you be a better communicator and make a memorable impression on every person you meet.

4. Build Self-Confidence
Learning magic tricks pushes you out of a comfort zone and gives you obtainable goals that are incredibly rewarding to achieve. Nothing gives you a bigger confidence boost than finally mastering a difficult sleight of hand move or watching a magic trick you perform be well received by an audience.

In fact, our very own Matt Szat became a magician after his struggles with undiagnosed ADHD made it difficult for him to make friends as a kid. Magic tricks gave him something positive to channel his physical and creative energy into. He ultimately became more confident in his own unique abilities and is now a professional magician that performs magic shows around the world.

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5. The Perfect Icebreaker for Meeting New People
Most people will go their entire lives without ever meeting a magician or seeing a magic trick in person. So, by being a magician, you automatically have an inherently fascinating icebreaker for everyone you meet. Knowing a few easy magic tricks is one of the best ways to stand out in a crowd.

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6. Inspires Curiosity and Improves Creative Thinking Skills

Magic tricks give us free reign to embrace our inner curiosity. We are encouraged to discover new things and experience the satisfaction of learning new things. This often requires us to sharpen our problem-solving skills.

Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Joshua Jay actually realized he wanted to become a magician after his dad showed him a basic magic trick as a kid. He was so fascinated by the trick, yet his dad wouldn’t break the magician’s code and expose the magic trick secret. So, Joshua spent the entire afternoon working out the secret himself and has been hooked ever since.

7. Improve Fine Motor Skills
Magic allows us to disconnect from the screens that consume much of our life. While there are some really cool magic apps that enable you to do some popular mentalism tricks on your phone, for the most part, magic tricks are a physical act. As you learn card tricks or practice essential sleight of hand moves, you will ultimately improve your dexterity and coordination.

8. Being a Magician Can Be a Rewarding Job
This probably only pertains to a very select group of people reading this article. However, if you are committed to the hard work and dedication it requires, magic can be a very rewarding profession. Oftentimes, the professional magicians on our team will pinch themselves when they realize that people are paying them to do something they love.

But, you also need to remember that it’s show business, meaning there is a lot more to being a working magician then just performing some cool card magic tricks for friends and family. In fact, prior to revolutionizing how magicians learn about new tricks with the Vanishing Inc. magic store, Cofounder Andi Gladwin worked a normal day job in the tech industry. He highlighted his journey of pursuing his dream job in his free ebook Going Pro which teaches you how to become a professional magician.

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9. Magic Tricks are Just Really Fun
At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember about learning magic tricks is that they are a ton of fun. Nothing beats the joy of finally nailing a sleight of hand move or cardistry flourish you’ve been practicing for weeks. Watching a magic trick come to life in your hands, or making someone smile when performing magic tricks, is a rewarding experience unlike anything else.

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