How do Magicians Learn About New Tricks?

Whether you’ve just started to learn magic, have joined a magic club or are already performing magic professionally, you’ve probably noticed that it seems like there is an endless stream of new magic tricks, magic books and magic downloads being released by magic stores every day.

Trying to sort through all of these products can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to stay up-to-date on all the latest magic tricks from easy card tricks to coin tricks and even sleight of hand and mentalism.

Visit a Magic Shop

One of the easiest ways to learn about the newest magic tricks is to simply visit your favorite magic shop. If you’re lucky enough to have a physical magic trick store near you, go check it out! If not, online magic retailers like Vanishing Inc. allow you to buy magic tricks 24/7 and always have special sections dedicated to spotlighting the best new magic tricks.

Magic Newsletters

Nearly every magic shop also offers a magic newsletter that you should definitely consider signing up for. Vanishing Inc. Magic’s newsletters, for example, are one of the best ways to learn about new magic tricks, as well as a variety of other important news from the world of magic.

Social Media

Social media is also another fantastic way to stay informed about all things magic. Magic shops and magic creators will often use their social channels to tease products ahead of their launch (and sometimes even allow you a chance to win things for free!)

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Magic Reviews

These days, we don’t buy anything without checking the reviews and magic tricks are no different. There are a variety of YouTube shows dedicated to highlighting and reviewing the latest magic tricks like friend of the site Steve Faulkner's Real Magic Review, Magic Orthodoxy and Wizard Product Review.

Magic blog screenshot

Magic Blogs

As part of our commitment to helping every magician get better, Vanishing Inc. offers a totally free magic blog that is updated daily with advice, magic news, interviews, reviews and more. You can also check out some other similar magic blogs like MagicWeek, iTricks and The Jerx. (Please be advised: The Jerx is geared toward adults and features some NSFW language).

Magic Podcasts

Like your own personal radio show, magic podcasts offer you on-demand magic content that you can consume whenever you want. Each week, we release a new episode of our podcast The Insider featuring an exclusive interview with one of the most respected professional magicians in the world. This is one of many incredible magic podcasts available that discuss everything from new tricks to magic theory and beyond such as Discourse in Magic, Shezam and Two Magicians, One Mic.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a special list of our Our Favorite Magical Podcasts!

Magic Forums

Magic forums are an excellent place to discuss everything magic related with fellow magicians. For years, The Magic Cafe was the top place to visit. However, in recent years, Facebook has also evolved into a remarkably active magic community with places like SME Talk Magic and Magicians Only featuring daily updates, tips, and questions, being posted by everyone from beginner magicians to well-known professional magicians.

Magic Conventions

Magic Conventions like Magifest and The Session always have an exclusive dealer’s room where you can explore all the newest magic tricks, books and DVDs developed by magic creators from around the world. In fact, many magic dealers and creators will reserve their biggest releases of the year for magic conventions.

Before you try to become the next David Blaine or Justin Willman, you should probably first learn the fundamentals. We’re here to help with a variety of articles teaching free magic tricks and a free crash course on card magic. You can also discover where professional magicians learn their magic tricks.