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By Matt Szat - Monday, March 23, 2020

The magical world is filled with a variety of amazing on-demand magic content you can consume for free, most notably magical podcasts. These fun and informational podcasts are like a radio show you can listen to whenever or wherever you want. They cover anything impacting the magic community and the art of magic, from magical news to magic conventions, growing your magic business, improving your performances and much more.

With so many magical podcasts available, it can be a little overwhelming to find a place to start. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the top podcasts for magicians and our favorite episodes below. These are perfect for everyone from hobbyists to professional magicians.

We hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts! Click the links to hear them or find them on your Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast provider. Let us know which one you like best in the comments.

Vanishing Inc the Insider podcast for magicians and magic tricks

Vanishing Inc. Insider Podcast

While we might be a LITTLE biased, we definitely think you should check out The Insider, a weekly magic podcast from Vanishing Inc. featuring the world famous magicians you know and love. At 30 minutes an episode, The Insider cuts right to the chase, giving you only the interesting and important discussion of the art of magic that you desire.

Our Favorite Episodes of The Insider:

David Williamson (Live at The Session)
Legendary magician—and magical hero for most of the Vanishing Inc. team—David Williamson joined The Insider live in front of guests at The Session 2020 in London to discuss his touring show Circus 1903, developing new magic, updates on his magical life and more.

Avner the Eccentric
On this amazing episode, one of the greatest clowns and physical comedy artists of all time Avner The Eccentric shares incredible insight on performing arts, the importance of breath, why being "interested" is better than being "interesting" and why clowns have red noses.

David Regal
Amazingly talented magician and creator David Regal discusses secrets, his new book Interpreting Magic, The Carbonaro Effect, writing for Rugrats, the hot rod force and much more.

Discourse in Magic Podcast, the best podcast for professional magicians and beginner magicians.

Discourse in Magic

This weekly podcast hosted by Jonah Babins helps magicians improve their performing and marketing abilities through interviews with world-renowned professional magicians discussing magic, magic theory and the business of magic.

Our Favorite Episodes of Discourse in Magic:

Understanding Magic with Garrett Thomas (Ep. 85)
Incredibly talented sleight of hand magician Garrett Thomas discusses the difference between “fooling someone” and creating a “moment of astonishment,” how to be an authentic magician and ensuring your magic is the focal point of your performance.

Being Conscious about your Magic with Manuel Llaser (Ep. 151)
Argentinian magician Manuel Llaser, who spent years honing his talents under the guidance of legendary magician Juan Tamariz, discusses the importance of infusing emotion into your performances, learning from teachers, analyzing your approach to magic tricks and the state of the magic scene today.

Secrets to Developing Your Act with Carisa Hendrix (Ep. 137)
Award-winning magician and co-host of the magical podcast Shezam Carisa Hendrix discusses how to create an engaging and authentic performance, women in magic, cultural theory and how the “It Factor” is a convenient lie we often use as a crutch.

Magician Ben Earl's podcast the M-Word is a recommended magical podcast for magicians

M-Word with Ben Earl

One of the newest podcasts in the magic community, The M-word hosted by magician and creative artist Ben Earl takes you on a deeply personal journey through the meaning and mastery of magic.

Our Favorite Episodes of The M-Word:

Community is Everything
On this episode, Ben talks about bunkering down, film, TV, turning it up to 11, banishing jugglers, greatness, kindness and chorizo with lime.

Like A Fox Eating Popcorn
On this episode, Ben discusses deep basics, survival skills, grey men, Jedi’s, cards as weapons, Steph Curry, Zen, bad metaphors and also drums up support to assist an eldery friend.

Zombie Attack
On this episode Ben discusses the 'why' behind the 'what', meaning, connections, candles and communicating with zombie apocalypse survivors.

Please be advised The M-Word may contain strong language or content not suitable for children.

Two Magicians. One Mic. is a hilarious and helpful magical podcast offering tips and tricks for magicians

Two Magicians. One Mic.

What is Magic? Why is Magic? Who is…Magic? Nick Paul (Netflix’s Magic for Humans) and FISM Award Winner and Penn & Teller: Fool Us Fooler Simon Coronel get together twice a month to explore these topics, as well as hard-hitting existential questions about life, art, comedy, zen philosophy, magic, performing professionally, and more, on Two Magicians. One Mic.

Our Favorite Episodes of Two Magicians. One Mic.:

Jon Armstrong has Notes
World-class magician, and fan of the show, Jon Armstrong joins Nick and Simon to get answers to a list of questions he’s been writing down since he first started listening to the show.

Piff the Magic Dragon
America’s Got Talent Finalist and Penn & Teller: Fool Us fan favorite Piff the Magic Dragon, and Mr. Piffles, join Nick during Magic Live in Las Vegas to discuss Piff's headliner show at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Vegas and busy touring schedule.

The Macau Sessions #1 & The Macau Sessions #2
Nick Paul and Simon Coronel chat about living, performing the art of magic and experiencing Macau and The House of Magic.

The Magician's Podcast is a magical podcast feautring interviews with some of the biggest names in magic and magic tricks

The Magician’s Podcast

The Magician’s Podcast is a revered magical podcast and one of the top podcasts for magicians. It is hosted by UK-based magician Richard Young and features informal, entertaining and insightful interviews with some of the biggest names in magic.

Our Favorite Episodes of The Magician’s Podcast:

David Copperfield (Ep. 100)
This epic 2-hour interview with one of the greatest magicians of all time David Copperfield is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. David discusses his childhood before magic, his early influences, the man who discovered him and his TV specials including The Statue of Liberty vanish. He also talks about his tour of the UK, the scrutiny of British media, the development of The Death Saw illusion and provides exclusive details on the new magic in his nightly show at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Teller (Ep. 97)
Teller, one of the world’s greatest living magicians, joins Richard to discuss Penn & Teller’s most famous pieces, the success of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and the important role talk shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with David Letterman played in the duo’s rise to fame. He also speaks openly about his special relationship with the UK, how he feels about modern day Las Vegas and his thoughts on exposure and The Magic Circle.

Derren Brown (Ep. 72)
Derren Brown has revolutionized the art of mentalism over the last two decades. Producing more television specials than any other British magician and numerous stage shows filled with original presentations, methods and thinking, he has become a household name in the process. However, an unexpected part of Derren's remarkable success has been the spawning of an entire generation of magicians and mentalists that clone his distinct psychological presentations and material. In this episode, Derren discusses his thoughts on this phenomenon. His answer may surprise you.

Some of the Other Best Magic Podcasts

Magicians Talking Magic
On this weekly podcast for magicians, Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed offer magic business advice, performance tips, interviews with the best magicians in the world, magic tricks, the latest magic news and so much more. Featuring quick, jam-packed episodes, Magicians Talking Magic is a fun and listen for any magician that is committed to becoming the best version of themselves on both the show AND business side of show business.

With this magical podcast, Host and Professional Magician Kayla Drescher peels back the curtain on being a woman in magic. Co-created with magician and friend Carisa Hendrix (aka Lucy Darling), this thought-provoking concept was born out of Kayla's immense frustration about the treatment of women in magic, and the entertainment industry as a whole. Joined by other magicians, as well as comedians, directors, TV hosts and other entertainers, Kayla leads vital conversations about subjects that have never been spoken about on such a large platform before.

The Magic Business Podcast
Featuring concise and insightful interviews with some of the world's most successful and respected magicians, the Magic Business Podcast offers valuable tips and delightful wisdom about the business of making magic. In addition to supporting working entertainers, the podcast hopes to educate and inspire the next generation of working performers by sharing stories of success from those that came before them.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 20:20 PM - Reply to this comment

Though you mentioned it within the writeup for Discourse in Magic, I think Shezam deserves its own spotlight. It's teaching us how to be better performers by way of being better people in general. Some of my favorite episodes are:

043 - Jade on both the Lovely and the Hard things
035 - You’re Doing It Wrong: 5 Common Mistakes with Audience Volunteers
020 - Interview – Lindsay Benner
007 - Internet and Women (with guest Mistie Knight)


Friday, 27 March 2020 09:13 AM - Reply to this comment

Magical Thinking???


Thursday, 02 April 2020 14:27 PM - Reply to this comment

You missed "The Magic Word" with Scott Wells!

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