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The Insider | The Trustmans

Sarah and David Trustman changed how the world memorizes things. Especially magicians. Especially stacks. In this week's episode of the show I chat with them both about how and why they turned nmemonics upside down with their amazing graphical system. You can find the original here: And the new expansion pack here: And you can keep up with their antics here: Don't forget to subscribe to The Insider, wherever you listen to podcasts. ...

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The Insider | DMC

In this week's episode of Vanishing Inc.'s podcast, The Insider, I chat with DMC. Drummond Money-Coutts (or DMC) stars in the recent Netflix series Death By Magic. He chats with us about "coming out" as a magician to his Father, his early days as a jobbing close-up magician in London and of course his wonderful DMC Elites. A show as popular as his will, of course, attract its fair share of online ...

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