Is there a Magic Trick Store Near Me?

So, you’ve started to learn some magic tricks and want to find out where you can buy more? The best place to start is just a simple internet search for: “Magic store near me?”


Physical magic stores are more than just a building filled with card tricks, mentalism or coins tricks for you to buy. These special stores are like a community gathering place for magicians. They are a place to not only learn about all the latest magic tricks, magic books, DVDs and magic downloads, but also see them in action. They also offer you an opportunity to meet with other magicians who can help your magic career.

While there aren’t as many brick & mortar magic stores as there once were, you can still find magic shops to visit, especially if you live near a big city or metropolis area like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or Toronto.

Buying Magic Tricks Online

But, what do you do if there is no physical magic store near you? Don’t panic!

Great online magic retailers like Vanishing Inc. Magic ensure the closest magic store is always right next to you on your phone, tablet or computer. You can shop 1,000s of products anytime you want.

With so many places to buy magic online, here are some ways the Vanishing Inc. online magic store sets itself apart from other online magic shops:

  • A massive range of products that has been carefully curated to suit any need from close-up magic tricks and street magic like David Blaine to grand stage illusions like David Copperfield
  • Fast, worldwide, trackable shipping with an extremely low minimum to qualify for free shipping
  • The lowest prices and a commitment to working directly with you if you ever find a lower price
  • A knowledgeable and friendly staff composed entirely of skilled magicians that understand how to help solve your unique needs

As Vanishing Inc. is truly passionate about magic and making every magician better, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to always give you the best possible service and experience. We're love learning about things like the history of playing cards, sharing magic at magic conventions, helping people improve their sleight of hand and even helping beginners get started with easy card tricks.

Discover more about Vanishing Inc. Magic or learn how to stay informed on all the newest magic tricks.

You can also check out these ways to learn magic tricks online for free or a variety of other amazing magic resources like 5 Easy Card Tricks you Can do Today or Vanishing Inc’s free crash course on card magic featuring a variety of fundamental card tricks and card sleights taught by professional magician R. Paul Wilson.