Where Can I Buy Magic Tricks?

Whether you’re a professional magician or just starting to learn magic tricks, magic is a distinct art form that often requires equally unique props from magic stores to perform.

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Sure, you could grab a regular deck of Bicycle Playing Cards from any store and impress your friends and family with some easy card tricks you learned from a magic book at the library.

However, every serious magician will eventually need to start shopping at a magic store. So, we’re here to help you find the best place to buy magic tricks.

Brick & Mortar Magic Stores Physical magic shops hold a special place in the hearts of magicians. They’re more than just a place to go and buy the latest magic tricks, books or DVDs. For many, brick & mortar magic stores offer a sense of community centered around a shared passion for the art of magic.

Whether working behind the counter as a magic demonstrator, attending magic lectures, or just stopping by for a spontaneous jam session with friends, many magicians have fond memories of long hours spent in their favorite magic stores. Unfortunately, for the newer generations of magicians, this type of experience is becoming harder to come by.

In recent years, many magic stores have been forced to close their doors - making them more difficult than ever to find. However, if you live near a major city, you might be able to find a magic trick store near you with a quick Google search.

You can also visit some of these famous magic shops next time you’re in town:

  • Tannen’s Magic Shop (New York, NY)
  • Magic Inc. (Chicago, IL)
  • Abbott’s Magic Company (Colon, MI)
  • Misdirections Magic Shop (San Francisco, CA)
  • The Magic Apple (Studio City, CA)

See the full list on Atlas Obscura

Online Magic Shops

While physical magic shops are dwindling, the rise of online magic stores ensures the closest magic shop is always just a few clicks away.

With so many different magic websites available, how do you know which one is best for you?

Let’s take a look at what makes a great online magic shop.

Wide Range of Products

One of the biggest advantages magic shops have over brick & mortar stores is the fact that their products aren’t limited by the space of a physical store. A good online magic store should be a one-stop-shop for any magician’s needs from stage magicians, to street magicians, table-hopping magicians, restaurant magicians and children’s magicians.

Vanishing Inc. takes great pride in having one of the largest inventories in the industry featuring 1,000s of different products from stage and parlor magic to close-up magic tricks, magic books, magic downloads, playing cards, flash paper, invisible thread, magician’s silks and everything in-between.

On the rare chance you can’t find what you’re looking for. Contact us right away. We’ll do everything we can to help you get it.

Fast Worldwide Shipping

Without a physical store to visit, you’re always dependent on shipping when shopping for magic tricks online. If an online magic dealer has slow and unreliable shipping, this can cause a ton of unnecessary stress.

A good online magic store should offer worldwide shipping that is both fast and trackable for ultimate convenience. Vanishing Inc. is proud to offer the fastest shipping in the market, tracked packages and one of the lowest minimum thresholds for free worldwide shipping.

No matter where you are the world, Vanishing Inc. can help you get the magic tricks and magic accessories you need - when you need them.

Unbeatable Prices

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a magic trick or magic book, only to find out another online magic dealer has it available for a lower price. That’s why Vanishing Inc. carefully researched the market to ensure you can be confident we always have the lowest prices. However, if you ever find a product selling somewhere else for less. Just let us know. We’ll match the price - and that's guaranteed.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Customer Service

Every single person on the Vanishing Inc. team is a magician. This was not an accident. When founding Vanishing Inc., Cofounders Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin realized that only magicians can truly understand the unique needs and problems of other magicians.

Exceptional customer service is essential for any online magic dealer, and Vanishing Inc. has taken this to an entirely new level. We’ve essentially found a way to bring the camaraderie and community of physical magic shops into the digital space.

Everytime you email, you’ll hear back from a knowledgeable magician in less than 24 hours (typically in minutes!). Whether you have a question about how to repair a broken gimmick, want to know the history of a magic trick, are looking for suggestions for a new illusion you’re creating, or just need help completing your order, we’re always here to help.

Genuine Love of Magic

At the end of the day, the most important thing that sets Vanishing Inc. apart from other online magic stores is a genuine passion for magic. We live, eat and breath magic. Because of this, we can guarantee we’re going to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible service and help make you a better magician.

This is also why we love giving back to the community with programs like the ShareMagic and Vanishing Inc. Magic Youth Fund charities. We also offer a ton of advice, interviews and reviews, as well as our top-rated magic podcast The Insider, for free on our daily-updated blog.

Like free stuff? Us too! Beyond our blog, we have a ton of other free resources for you to check out where you can learn card tricks, magic tricks and sleight of hand. We even have a full-length, free card magic download from magician R. Paul Wilson that offers something for everyone from beginner magicians to seasoned professionals.