What Are The Benefits Of Puzzles And Brainteasers?

Brain teasers and puzzles are thought to offer many benefits for cognative health. Brain teaser games benefit children and adults and make a change from more traditional learning methods. Whether you use an app, or website, a puzzle book or the range of puzzles you can find here, it’s easy to slot this sort of activity into your everyday routine.


Brain teasers will stimulate your cognitive ability and also help focus by making you concentrate on one task as a time. This can be calming and help with anxiety and stress too.


A brain teaser is a puzzle for your mind, where the only way to arrive at the solution is to use logic. Lateral thinking is required to solve a puzzle, be that a tavern puzzle, a japanese puzzle box or a brain teaser. Using a direct or indirect approach it usually helps to tackle a problem from a variety of different angles to find a solution. Brain teasers, by design, stretch your mind and because of this multi-approach it can help you in many other areas of life too.


Puzzles and brain teasers force your mind to exercise in a different way to regular learning. You need to keep the brain fit and healthy like any other muscle in your body. Starting from an early age helps this - just like getting card magic basics down early is easier. . Keeping your mind “fit” can help with so many things in life, from remembering your grocery list to people’s names at parties. Solving a mixture of brain teasers and puzzles helps your brain exercise and is shown to be more beneficial than sticking to one type of puzzle.


We all struggle with focus and concentration from time to time in our lives. Solving a tricky brain teasing puzzle encourages you to stay focussed because of the Dopamine hit you get when you manage to find the answer.

get creative


Because you need to think laterally to solve most puzzles and brain teasers, you’ll need to find creative solutions to the puzzles. This encourages people of all ages to develop their creativity because, when you do, you’re rewarded by the solution to the problem. Again, this has an analogue with many areas of life. From social interactions to work, even cooking a meal can all benefit from some creative thinking.


As children, we all played memory games to begin our journey of learning and information retention. Guess what? By exercising the memory part of the brain through puzzles and brain teasers, we strengthen it throughout adult life. There is even research that suggests it can slow down the problems memory can cause as we get older.

So, keep puzzling and keep teasing your brains, it will help you in almost every area of your life!

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