Where Can I Learn Magic for Free?

Boost your confidence and be the life of the party by learning fun magic tricks to try on your friends today! Vanishing Inc. is the largest magic trick store in the world and the top place where professional magicians get their tricks. We have the best resources for helping you learn magic for free.

You can start learning easy magic tricks today. No complicated sleight of hand required. It doesn't matter how old you are either because it’s never too late to start learning magic tricks. Both adults and kids can take advantage of these amazing but easy magic tricks anyone can learn for free. You’ll be ready to impress your friends and family within just a few minutes.

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Magic Secrets Exposed

As an online magic store and the best place to buy magic tricks, you might be surprised to see that we have magic tricks revealed on our blog. But, every magician has to start somewhere. Even David Blaine, Dynamo, David Copperfield, Justin Willman from Magic for Humans or any other famous professional magician you can name.

So, we want to share the best beginner magic tricks and help you start learning easy magic tricks the right way. We’re opening up the magic vault and breaking the magician’s code to help you become a magician. Get ready to see how easy it is to learn how to do magic tricks yourself.

Learning Magic Tricks Is Easier Than Ever

For many years, if you wanted to learn magic tricks, you had to have another magician teach you the secrets. Since many magicians don’t share their secrets, the only other way to learn magic for free was to get one of the recommended magic books for beginners from the local library.

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This barrier to entry prevented a lot of people from becoming magicians. Imagine if Michael Carbonaro was never able to learn magic tricks? One of our favorite magic tv shows The Carbonaro Effect would have never been made. Who knows, you could be the next Mat Franco or Shin Lim, and be a magician who won America's Got Talent one day.

With help from the Vanishing Inc. magic store, you can learn card tricks, how to read minds, and even how to do easy magic tricks with coins for free.

No need to buy any fancy magic props either. You won’t need to buy flash paper, invisible thread, or trick decks of playing cards. All you need to start learning easy magic tricks is a few household items like some coins and an ordinary deck of playing cards like Bicycle Playing Cards (or one of these cool custom unique playing cards).

Why Learn Magic?

There are so many amazing reasons to learn magic tricks, including a variety of mental health and physical benefits. Learning magic tricks can help boost your confidence, make you a better problem solver and even improve your public speaking skills. Most importantly though, it’s a ton of fun to learn magic.

Magic is one of the easiest hobbies to start learning. We have free magic tricks you can start performing right away. And, unlike skateboarding or rollerblading, there are basically no physical restrictions. Magic tricks can be learned for free and magic performances can be done basically anywhere. In fact, David Blaine built an entire career out of taking magic out of traditional parlor magic theaters and creating a new genre of guerrilla close up magic known as street magic.

Beginner Card Magic Tricks Anyone Can Learn

Here is the best way to learn easy card tricks for free. This special magic download from professional magician R. Paul Wilson will teach you everything you need to know to get started in card magic. This includes all the essential card magic basics and 10 easy card tricks you can perform right away with any deck of cards. There are even some self-working magic tricks where all you need to do is follow the simple steps and the amazing magic happens on its own.

You’ll learn how to shuffle a deck of cards, as well as an essential beginner sleight of hand move known as a “false shuffle” where you pretend to shuffle the cards without disturbing their order. You’ll also discover how to impossibly find a playing card that was lost in the deck and learn how to palm a card (just don’t use this skill to cheat at cards).

All this and so much more is available to download for free. No credit card required.

Learn Card Magic for Free

We Want to Help you Become a Magician!

professiona magicians working at the vanishing inc magic shop We’re so excited that you’ve decided to learn magic and can’t wait to help you on your journey. The reason so many magicians learn about new tricks from Vanishing Inc. is because our team is filled with professional magicians that know how to answer their unique magic questions.

So, if you ever have any questions about learning magic tricks, just contact us by sending an email to our team at magic@vanishingincmagic.com.