Easy Magic Tricks for Free

Did you know that learning easy magic tricks is one of the easiest ways to boost your confidence and be the life of the party? You’re never too young or too old to learn magic tricks or master some easy card tricks or pull off some easy street magic tricks. If you want to discover the secret to meeting new people and impressing everyone you meet, keep reading. Here are some easy magic tricks for free that you can start learning right now.

amazing magic tricks for free

Vanishing Inc. is the biggest magic store in the world and our entire team is professional magicians. We live and breathe magic tricks. From magic books to magic downloads. And card magic to coin magic, mind reading, and everything in between. We love it all.

There are truly so many reasons to learn magic tricks. Which is why we created our special series teaching you the best way to start learning magic tricks at home.

It’s important to point out that the best way to learn magic tricks for free is definitely to grab some of the of the best magic books for beginners from the library. But, we also know you’re eager to start your journey to becoming a magician like David Blaine, David Copperfield or Penn & Teller right now.

Here are the best free magic tricks for kids and adults to try on friends today!

Easy Magic Tricks for Free

The Disappearing Toothpick

young boy performs magic trick This amazing magic trick teaches you how to make a toothpick disappear. The easy disappearing toothpick trick is one of the best magic tricks for kids to learn. Adults can also use it as a great way to break the ice at the bar, especially when used alongside some other fun bar bets and party tricks.

  1. Add a small piece of invisible tape to the toothpick and stick it to the back of your thumb.

  2. Push your thumb forward and curl your hand as if holding the toothpick.

  3. Now comes the part you’ll want to practice a few times in the mirror. Use your hand to make a magical gesture over the toothpick. As you do, quickly open your hands. This aligns the toothpick behind your thumb again, making it look like it disappeared. Keeping both hands moving helps make this close up magic illusion more convincing.

  4. Tilt your open hand to show it’s empty. Be careful not to flash the back of your hand.

  5. You can now make the toothpick reappear by closing your hand and seemingly plucking it out of thin air. It's best to do this while your hand is in motion. For example, reaching behind someone’s ear like the famous easy coin trick.

The Mind Reading Crayons

Like a world famous mentalist, you are able read someone’s mind and guess what color crayon they have secretly chosen. This is such a a fun and easy mentalism trick that teaches you how to read minds without any advanced mentalism techniques like learning how to cold read someone.

crayons of all different colors

  1. Gather about 5-7 crayons and hand them to a friend.

  2. Turn your back and put out your hands behind you. Ask them to silently choose a color and place it in your hand. They should then cover up all the remaining crayons with their hands or put them somewhere out of sight.

  3. Turn around. But keep the crayon behind your back.

  4. Look into your volunteer’s eyes and tell them to keep thinking about the color. As they do this, dig your thumbnail into the top of the crayon.

  5. Bring your hand from behind your back and place it on your forehead in a thinking pose as if you’re struggling to read their minds. As you do this, take a quick glimpse at what color crayon wax is on your hands.

  6. Put the hand back down and look into their eyes again. Reveal that you impossiby read their mind and know what color they chose.

The Rising Ring Magic Trick

The Rising Ring trick is a super popular beginner magic trick because of how easy it is to perform anywhere you go. That's what's great about easy close-up magic. You can do it anywhere, any time. You borrow someone’s ring and magically make it rise up a string on its own. No invisible thread required.

beginner magic trick rising ring on string

  1. The secret to this famous magic trick for beginners is that the string is actually a rubber band snapped in half. As long as you perform from a few feet away, it will be hard to tell.

  2. Snap a rubber band in half and keep it in your pocket or wallet. When ready to perform, borrow a ring and thread it on the band.

  3. Take part of the band and stretch it between your hands. One hand should be higher than the other. While it looks like all the “string” has been pulled out. You secretly retain a good chunk of the rubber band in your lowermost hand.

  4. Slowly start letting the rubber band escape from your lower hand. The ring will begin to climb on its own as if using magic powers.

Disappearing Water Magic Trick

Learn how to make a bottle of water freeze on command. This amazing magic trick will teach you how science can be magic. It’s part science experiment, part magic trick and all awesome.

woman holding bottle of water

  1. The secret to this magic trick requires you to get the water bottle right to the point of freezing, without actually turning to ice. To do this, you’ll need to put the water bottle in the freezer about 90 minutes to 2 hours before you perform.

  2. Grab a deep bowl and fill it with enough ice cubes to cover the bottom. This ice should not be seen by your audience.

  3. Slowly pour the water directly over the ice. It should turn to ice as soon as it hits the other ice cubes.

  4. Once the water is done pouring, hand the bowl out to the audience. They’ll be amazed to see that all the water has magicially turned to ice.

Push a Cup Through a Solid Table

While this looks like an expert level magic trick, it’s actually quite easy to do. While the Cup Through Table magic trick is often listed as an easy magic trick for kids, don’t let that fool you. We know from experience that adults love it just as much. Pushing a solid object through another solid object is one of the most amazing feats of magic you can do.

As this one can be a tad tough to describe in text, here is a helpful video for you to learn the Cup Through Table magic trick:

The Ultimate Free Card Tricks Video

You may have noticed that there were no card tricks featured here. Don’t get us wrong. We love card magic and even have 1,000s of different custom playing cards available. But, there is simply too much awesome card magic to feature in a guide like this.

So, we went one step further and created a complete 80-minute masterclass in beginner card magic. And you can watch it for FREE!

Learn 10 amazing card tricks and 10 important card sleight of hand moves from a professional magician for free. Combine that with our card magic basics videos and you’ll be ready to amaze friends and family with card tricks in no time.

Other Free Magic Tricks for Beginners