Easy Card Magic Tricks

Looking for easy card magic tricks? We got you. Card magic is our favorite type of easy magic trick. You can always have a deck of playing cards on you, and if you want to do easy mentalism or easy close-up magic, you can do it all with just a deck of cards!

Most popular easy card magic tricks

Wonder Deck Wonder Deck

A special, trick deck of cards that turns you instantly into a magician - with no skill needed.

Gambler's Marked Deck Gambler's Marked Deck

Find the four aces, control cards and look like you're a master gambler. No skill needed - the special cards do all the work for you.

The Psychic Deck The Psychic Deck

Performed daily all over the world, this is the most popular trick deck there is. Now, you can learn how to do it.

Instant access easy magic trick video lessons

Ultimate Easy Magic Course Ultimate Easy Magic Course

Huge savings when you buy this mega-collection of the very best tricks you can learn.

Complete Easy Card Tricks Course Complete Easy Card Tricks Course

Want to learn easy card magic tricks? This is the video for you. Amaze your friends in no time.

Mind Control Card Trick Mind Control Card Trick

Predict the future and control someone's choices with this mentalism miracle.

Lunch Bag Surprise Lunch Bag Surprise

Find the card your friend chose inside of... a lunch bag! Impossible and amazing.

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