Best Magic Tricks for Kids

Looking for the best magic tricks for kids? Here are some easy magic tricks kids can learn for free right now. Even if you're not quite sure what card magic is yet, this is the best way to get started learning easy magic for free.

best magic tricks for kids to learn for free

There so many reasons kids should learn magic tricks. And the best part? There are so many ways kids can learn magic tricks for free. From easy street magic tricks to even the best mentalism for beginners, there's so much they can learn right now for free. That's where we come in!

We are Vanishing Inc., the biggest magic store in the world. Our team of professional magicians loves magic tricks. From street magic and David Blaine, to amazing close up magic tricks on TV like Michael Carbonaro and amazing easy mind-reading tricks anyone can do. We love it all.

You're probably pretty busy and don't have time to search through the best magic books for beginners. So, we've put together this free step by step guide to help kids learn magic.

Here are some of the best easy magic tricks, easy card tricks, easy close up magic tricks and easy mentalism tricks they can learn right now!

Learn How to Read Minds with Playing Cards

This is a simple and easy card magic trick for kids that will have everyone convinced they are a real mind reader. It's a great way to impress family and friend at a party.

  • This is one of the best card tricks with a shuffled deck of cards and it can be done with any ordinary deck of playing cards (they can even be borrowed from a friend)

  • Have someone shuffle the deck, then take the cards back and perform a face-up card spread to show that the cards are completely mixed

  • While you do this, memorize the card on top of the deck (the one farthest to the left)

  • Square the deck and turn it back face-down

  • Ask them to name any number between 1 and 10 (for example: 5)

dealing playing cards onto table

  • Tell them they're going to deal down this amount of cards to the table like they would during a card game

  • Here is where the secret to this amazing card trick happens: as you give them this instruction, you are casually dealing cards to the table as an "example"

  • So, in this case, you would deal down 5 cards to the table as you are telling them what "they are going to do"

  • Pick up the dealt cards and place them back on top of the deck

  • You've just secretly placed the card you memorized into the 5th position (or whatever number they named)

  • Hand them back the deck and tell them to deal to their number and memorize the card they stop at (secretly the one you already know)

  • Now you just have to do a bit of acting and pretend to read their mind as you reveal you know what card they chose

Pro Tip - Learn Magic Tricks from a Professional Magician

You don't want to just blurt the card out. It's important to build a bit of drama. Let's say the card the chose is the Ace of Spades. Act like you're reading their mind in short bursts. Start by revealing the color (black), then the suit or playing card symbol (spades), then the value (Ace).

Predict the Future like a Real Mind Reader

Some parents reading this may remember the TV show The Mentalist. But, did you know that a lot of the mind reading done on The Mentalist tv show is actually real? They used a lot of basic mentalism techniques like the one taught in this easy mentalism trick that kids can do

  • Before you begin, you need to grab three small items or even borrow them from a friend (for example: a phone, a set of keys and a wallet)

  • Secretly choose one of the items in your head to be the prediction and write it down and/or text or email it to a friend ahead of time (just tell them not to open it before you begin)

  • Let's say, for this example, you wrote "you will choose the keys" as your prediction

Phone keys and wallet

  • You're now going to perform an easy magic technique called the "Magician's Choice" — a fancy way of saying you're going to make them choose your prediction item (the keys) without them knowing

  • Ask your friend to cover any two of the objects with your hands and push them toward you

  • PERFECT SCENARIO: In a perfect world, they slide the wallet and phone toward you, leaving the keys behind. If this happens, quickly let them know that they have ELIMINATED the phone and wallet, and chosen to KEEP the keys as their final choice. Tell them to open what you wrote earlier and they'll be amazed to see you learned how to predict the future.

  • ALTERNATE SCENARIO STEP 1: If one of the two objects they push forward is your prediction (for example, they slide the keys and wallet), don't panic. Just ask them to then pick up both objects off the table. Then tell them the remaining object on the table (phone in this example) is ELIMINATED. You can now push it off to the side.

  • ALTERNATE SCENARIO STEP 2: Tell them to hand you one of the objects they're holding (the vague wording is crucial). If they hand you the wallet, say "Ok, you've also ELIMINATED the wallet" and then proceed to the prediction. If they hand you the keys, say "Great, you've chosen KEEP the keys" and then let them know that the remaining item in their hand (wallet in this case) has also been ELIMINATED. They can place it off to the side.

  • Proceed to your prediction and collect your applause

Pro Tip - Learn Magic Tricks from a Professional Magician

This easy-to-do mind reading trick teaches you the importance of surprise when performing magic tricks. The audience doesn't know what's going to happen, so you can always be in control. Make sure to practice each possible outcome so your responses flow naturally. Saying them quickly and confidently will convince your audience that there was no other possible way for the trick to go.

Make a Toothpick Disappear

This is an easy and amazing magic trick kids can do, and even adults too. Learn how to make a toothpick vanish without any sleight of hand moves required.

  • The secret to this magic trick is to put a small piece of tape across the bottom of a toothpick and stick it to the back of your thumb

  • If you bend your thumb forward and curl your hand around it, it should look like your simply holding the toothpick

  • While facing your audience (it is important that they are in front of you), use your other hand to make a magical gesture over the toothpick

  • As you do this, open your hands quickly—hiding the toothpick behind your thumb and making it look like it has disappeared from the front

secret to making a toothpick disappear magic trick

  • To make the toothpick reappear, you just reverse the action and pretend to pluck the toothpick out of thin air or from behind someone's ear like the classic easy coin trick

Pro Tip - Learn Magic Tricks from a Professional Magician

This is a super easy magic trick that anyone can learn in just a few seconds, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still practice before using it to amaze friends and family. Practice in front of a mirror so you can see what it looks like from the front and can learn what angle your audience needs to be at to avoid accidentally exposing the secret of this classic magic trick.

Learn How to Move Objects With Your Mind

That ability to move objects with your mind is called telekinesis or psychokenesis. It is an incredible feat that many famous mentalists like Derren Brown, The Amazing Kreskin and Uri Geller have performed. So, is it possible to move objects with you mind? Check out this easy mentalism trick for kids and find out.

  • To this magical moving pen trick, you'll need to find a pen that is round, smooth and flat (a BIC Round Stick pen without the cap works well)

bic round stic pen

  • Tell your friends that you're about to showcase your ability to move objects with your mind

  • As you say this, you will rub the pen vigorously on your sleeve or pants in an effort to "charge up the mental force field" (this is a bit of a fake out, but more on that later)

  • Place the pen on a smooth flat surface (like a table) and direct your hand toward it dramatically as if channeling your energy into it

  • When nothing happens, lean in closer as if to focus all your mental energy into your finger

  • As you do this, slowly move your hand closer to the pen and, at the same time, secretly (and quietly) blow on the pen

  • With a little practice, you can make it look like you're slowly moving the pen with your mind

  • If your friends think this is just a kid's static electricity experiment (based on how you "charged up" the pen), let them try for themselves and shocked to find out it doesn't work for them

See How to Move a Pen With Your Mind In Action

Credit: Howcast on YouTube

Pro Tip - Learn Magic Tricks from a Professional Magician

It will take a bit of practice to get the hang of quietly blowing on the pen without being obvious. Once you get this down though, it will look like real magic from Harry Potter. It's important that you not only be discreet about blowing the air, but also do your best to use your eyes to draw everyone's attention to your hand instead of your mouth. Some magicians will wear a baseball cap to better disguise their mouth. But, nothing beats a little practice.

Learn Spoon Bending like Uri Geller

Spoon bending is a super popular illusion that is a big part of the history of mentalism. There are a ton of methods for performing spoon bending magic tricks. Some of which are the easiest beginner magic tricks for kids to learn. Want to learn how to bend a spoon like Uri Geller? Check out this video from our friends at the Magic Tricks for Kids YouTube Channel:

More Free Magic Tricks for Kids

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