Easy Street Magic Tricks For Free

Want to learn how to perform amazing close-up magic like David Blaine or Dynamo or how Michael Carbonaro does his magic tricks? You're in the right place!

Believe or not, there are many ways to learn easy magic tricks for free. You can start learning easy magic for free right now! Everything from easy card tricks to easy close up magic tricks and even easy mentalism.

To help you get started, here's three amazing easy street magic tricks you can learn for free right now. You don't need to read any magic books for beginners either, just keep scrolling for the step by step guide to these easy magic tricks.

Stop Your Pulse

Free easy street magic tricks

This is an amazing street magic mentalism trick that you can do easily, when you know the secret. And we’ll tell you the secret in a moment. What happens is that you demonstrate you can control your heart and stop your pulse. You ask a volunteer to place their finger on your pulse and confirm they can feel it beat. Maybe get them to tap out the beat on a table, or their leg. You inhale deeply and pretend to enter some kind of hypnotic trance. After a few seconds, you slow your pulse, and then—amazingly—you stop it totally! And, before you pass out, you can start it up again whenever you want.

The Secret To The Finger On The Pulse Trick

This is so easy, but do not be put off by how simple it is. The best magicians in the world have used this technique. Derren Brown made it part of a stage show. David Berglas has performed it on national television. Here’s what you need: a small hard ball, or knotted up handkerchief. You place this (secretly) in your armpit. All you need to do now is apply a little pressure from your arm, the ball will stop your pulse. If you press it lightly, it will slow your pulse down, if you press hard it will stop your pulse. That's it. It seems stupid easy. Because it is stupid easy. But, it is a killer effect when you present it will. Maybe not one of the best magic tricks for kids, but adults and teenagers can really sell it well!

The Traveling Ash Trick

Free easy street magic tricks

This is a miracle-level marvel when you perform it well. And it is so easy to do, you’ll be performing it in no time. What happens is you drop a little ash, into your hand, and rub it in marking your hand. Then you ask the spectator to hold out their hand and close it. After a magical gesture, the ash travels from your hand to your spectators hand, leaving them totally amazed.

The Secret To The Traveling Ash Trick

This is bold. And you will think it won’t work. But it’s been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Trust us. It works. Even though you think you’ll never get away with it. To prepare, all you need to do is put a little ash on your middle finger. You can do this before you start, so no one notices. You ask your spectator to hold out their hand, and then you touch their hand lifting it slightly, telling them it needs to be a little higher. Seems natural, right? Well, you’ve just done the special move! As you adjust the height of their hand, you lightly touch your middle finger on their palm. They will not notice because the touch is so slight and so motivated.

The rest you can probably work out for yourself. You put some ash on your hand, close your fist, ask them to close their fist too, you then perform the magical gesture of your choosing and ask them to open their hand, and bingo bango bongo, the ash has mysteriously and impossibly traveled to their hand!

You could also use ground coffee, or a little mud, etc if ash if difficult to come by.

The Disappearing Pen

Free easy street magic tricks

Every good street magic trick needs something that disappears, right? Right. Now, although we cannot teach you how to make a lion or tiger vanish - because, well, you shouldn’t really have a lion or tiger on the street to begin with. But we can teach you how to make a pen vanish!

You show a coin on your hand, and have a pen as a “magic wand”. You say you will make the coin vanish. You tap the coin three times and then look confused. The coin hasn’t vanished. But, the pen has!

How on earth is that possible? Read on and we’ll teach you.

The Secret To The Vanishing Pen

It’s very simple. You put the pen behind your ear. Watch the video clip below and you’ll see what it looks like to your audience.

Now watch this video clip and you’ll see what actually happens.

Sneaky, huh! You just pop the pen behind your ear!

The real secret is everyone is watching the coin, because you've said you will make the coin vanish. You've told them the coin will go, so they will not be able to take their eyes off the coin. That's why it works. No one is thinking about the pen, or even looking at it!

Now, like with all magic tricks you will need to practice these free street magic tricks. The secret to this trick working well is to get the timing exactly right. So each time you bring the “magic wand” (pen) up, the timing is exactly the same.