Magic by Astor

Astor's Top Secrets Book
Astor's Top Secrets
Book by Astor - 18.95

The famous Astor (Victor Jamnitzky) collected top secret routines from his best friends. These original manuscripts were so far only available in...

Desire Test Trick
Desire Test
Trick by Astor - 45.00

Effect: The mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the the spectator. For this experience the presenter uses some cards with the possible desires,...

ESP Boxes Trick
ESP Boxes
Trick by Astor - 49.00

EffectThe magician asks the spectator to choose one of five boxes in a bag. The spectator opens his chosen box and puts something inside (for example...

Astor Mental (Regular Size) Trick
Astor Mental (Regular Size)
Trick by Astor - 249.00

Effect For this trick the magician uses a transparent perspex board, five E. S. P. cards with blue back and five E. S. P. cards with red back. Every...

Pocket Illusion Trick
Pocket Illusion
Trick by Astor - 25.00

The magician uses 5 special cards each of them showing one part of an illusion box on their faces. You see the parts of an attractive assistant's...

Mnemorized Deck Trick
Mnemorized Deck
Trick by Astor - 39.00

Included in this beautiful deck are 50 full color picture cards, which together form an easy to master memory system. You will be able to...

Wonder Wallet Trick
Wonder Wallet
Trick by Astor - 49.95

Make money appear out of thin air. The "Wonder Wallet" by Astor Magic allows you to make real money visually appear in the blink of an...

Sympathy Trick
Trick by Astor - 45.00

The magician provides some information about each person shown on the cards. He tells the spectator that he can subtly influence the spectator's...

Mental Jackpot Trick
Mental Jackpot
Trick by Astor - 25.00

There are four transparent envelopes. One of them contains a banknote and the other three have only a small white piece of paper inside. Three...

Zodiac Test Trick
Zodiac Test
Trick by Astor - 39.00

With this fantastic pocket trick the magician can tell what sign the spectator was born under. The Zodiac Test is not based on any mathematical...

Astor Mental (Stage Version) Trick
Astor Mental (Stage Version)
Trick by Astor - 499.00

For this trick the magician uses a transparent perspex board, five E.S.P. cards with blue backs and five E.S.P. cards with red backs. Every blue...

Magnetic Card Express Trick
Magnetic Card Express
Trick by Astor - 45.00

The Magnetic Cards is the renewal of an old classical trick. While in the old version of the trick both hands are used, in the new one only one hand...

Rainbow Jokers DVD
Rainbow Jokers
DVD by Astor - 19.99

Four face up blue backed jokers turn over in a surprising manner, turn face up again, but now each joker has a different colored back. As a finale...

Handed Out Jumbo Deck Trick
Handed Out Jumbo Deck
Trick by Astor - 99.95

Imagine this. The spectators shuffle the deck, they peek at a card, and they shuffle the deck yet again. Still, the performer can name up to 4...

Ghost Cash Trick
Ghost Cash
Trick by Astor - From $25.00

With the help of this prop, you can "visually print" a real banknote.  Available in UK (£), US ($) and Europe (€)...

Astor Epic Trick
Astor Epic
Trick by Astor - 499.00

Astor Epic (No force Mental Epic) actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic. Similarly to the Mental Epic you can predict 3...

Zebra Code Prediction - Stage Trick
Zebra Code Prediction - Stage
Trick by Astor and Louis Black  - 99.00

Here's an amazing and very visual prediction effect. A special Zebra Card prediction is placed on the table at the beginning of the performance....

Motel Destiny Trick
Motel Destiny
Trick by Astor - 49.00

The mentalist presents a gift box from the small, quaint Motel Destiny. The mysterious motel has only 9 rooms. The performer takes out 9 chips and a...

The Astor Lecture Live at FFFF 2008 DVD
The Astor Lecture Live at FFFF 2008
DVD by Astor - 25.00

CONTAINS:Astor MentalVirtual DiceAstor's Ambitious CardESP BoxesZodiac TestNo Comment...Mental JackpotJumbo Mental JackpotMental CubesAstor...

Eliminator Trick
Trick by Astor - 49.95

"Eliminator" is a unique blend of mentalism and card magic that gives your participant the opportunity to win big and offers a surprising...

Cube Break Trick
Cube Break
Trick by Astor - 125.00

The Cube-break is an updated version of a classic. The Magician drops a cube into a prism. The cube has a hole running through it and is visible...

Card Frame Trick
Card Frame
Trick by Astor - 25.00

"Card Frame" is a fantastic prop that increases the effect of your card tricks. The chosen card can appear in the frame, it can disappear from the...

Firefly Trick
Trick by Astor - 39.00

EffectYou show a series of wonders with a box of matches. The outer box disappears inexplicably and jumps into the magician's pocket. The outer box...

Refill for Astor Mental Trick
Refill for Astor Mental
Trick by Astor - 25.00

Refill for Astor's Astor Mental trick.

Ring & Chain DVD
Ring & Chain
DVD by Astor - 49.00

The magician fishes out the spectator's wedding ring from a purse with the help of a chain. The magician gives the chain with the linked on ring to...

Eliminator Plus Trick
Eliminator Plus
Trick by Astor and Galambos - 55.00

This is a gambling effect where the spectators have the chance to win a banknote, with no financial risk. There are two envelopes, one red and one...

Astor's ACAAN Trick
Astor's ACAAN
Trick by Astor - 339.00

A giant board is sitting on a table in FULL VIEW of the audience. The board shows the backs of 52 cards. At this time, the audience names ANY...

Royal Rendezvous Trick
Royal Rendezvous
Trick by Astor - 25.00

This trick is ideal to perform for a two-some or a just married couple like a test.It is obvious that the result of this test is their perfect and...

Jumbo Champagne Card Trick
Jumbo Champagne Card
Trick by Astor - 89.00

Get ready to blow some minds with the Jumbo Champagne Card! A participant signs a picture of a champagne bottle next to an empty champagne...

Black Hole Trick
Black Hole
Trick by Astor - 25.00

Predict the actions of a spectator perfectly! No sleight of hand Works with any deckThe spectator places transparent plexi sheets on his two selected...

E. S. P. Chips Trick
E. S. P. Chips
Trick by Astor - 50.00

The presenter writes down a prediction. He takes out a few chips from his pocket and there are ESP symbols that can be seen on both sides. Then he...

Jumbo Mental Jackpot Trick
Jumbo Mental Jackpot
Trick by Astor - 149.00

You show four large transparent plastic envelopes. One contains a banknote, while the other three have a piece of white paper inside. On the back of...

Jumbo X-Ray Envelope Trick
Jumbo X-Ray Envelope
Trick by Astor - 99.00

Know exactly which ESP card the spectator has placed in the envelope. No sleight of hand Everything can be examined No marked cards or envelope No...

Telekinetic Boxes Trick
Telekinetic Boxes
Trick by Astor - 45.00

The Magician uses a blue and a red box for this trick. The spectator can place his/her own ring into any of the boxes. The magician closes the boxes...

Trio Trick
Trick by Astor - 199.00

The 3 predictions written by the Magician are exactly matches with the cards selected by the spectator. The presenter uses a deck of cards and a...