Magic by Asi Wind

Double Exposure Magic download (video)
Double Exposure
Magic download (video) by Asi Wind - $12.00

**A mind-blowing new take on a classic effect. Double Exposure by Asi Wind is a reality-altering version of Triumph that happens within a borrowed camera under your spectators complete control.** Performed by David Blaine on national television. For those of you who have seen the most recent...

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A.A.C.A.A.N. Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive A.A.C.A.A.N.
Magic download (video) by Asi Wind - $20.00

Constructed from years of trial and error, Asi's Any Card at Any Number is a masterpiece of modern-day magic. The effect is suitable for both close-up and stage with a method that is nearly impossible to reconstruct. It can be performed surrounded and may be repeated with no additional setup...

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Triumph and Triumph Again Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Triumph and Triumph Again
Magic download (video) by Asi Wind - $12.00

From the mind that brought you A.A.C.A.A.N and Double Exposure comes the next evolution in a classic of magic. Asi Wind, one of the greatest modern conjurors, shares with us Triumph and Triumph Again, a brilliant addendum to John Bannon’s Play it Straight Triumph. Triumph and Triumph Again enters...

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Chapter One Book
Chapter One
Book by Asi Wind - $34.95

This new book and DVD set from Asi Wind; a fabulous New York based magician and one of our favorite performers. The DVD runs for 1 hour, 36 minutes and features contains performances of the magic from the book. The book contains a mixture of Asi's trick and theories on magic: Magic Evolution...

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Time Is Money DVD
Time Is Money
DVD by Asi Wind - $35.00

The best thing I saw at MAGIC Live!" Paul Harris You totally, TOTALLY, fooled me!!! Chris Kenner The best money routine I have seen. Jeff Hobson On this much requested and anticipated new DVD, Asi explains, in great detail, his original routine that will enable you to make a...

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Three Card Routines DVD
Three Card Routines
DVD by Asi Wind - $29.95

Asi Wind is an astounding magician--he is equally brilliant with his original creations and his performance style. Quietly, he has released a DVD explaining three of his best routines, and they are incredibly smart. Let's talk about them: Double Exposure: This is the most commercial (and our...

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Gypsy Queen Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Gypsy Queen
Trick by Asi Wind - $50.00

After several years of development, Gypsy Queen is finally available. Inspired by working closely with David Blaine over the years, Asi's newest contribution to magic will leave your spectators with a memory and a memento that they will always treasure. The perfect walkaround miracle, Gypsy Queen...

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