Three Card Routines

DVD by Asi Wind
29.95 Possibly discontinued.
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Three Card Routines

29.95 usd

DVD by Asi Wind (29.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.

Asi Wind is an astounding magician--he is equally brilliant with his original creations and his performance style. Quietly, he has released a DVD explaining three of his best routines, and they are incredibly smart. Let's talk about them:

Double Exposure: This is the most commercial (and our favorite) effect in the collection. After a card is selected, the cards are mixed face up and face down. You borrow the spectator's phone and take a picture of him HOLDING THE FANNED, FACE-UP-FACE-DOWN DECK, smiling and looking goofy. Then, you straighten the cards magically, causing all the cards to turn face down except for the selection. But you do this BOTH with the deck and the photo of the deck. The spectator looks back at the photo you took and now all the cards are straightened out, and they have a permanent souvenir of the experience.

AACAAN: This is the finest "Any Card at Any Number" ever devised. That's high praise, and at Vanishing Inc we don't like to make hyperbolic statements. But it's true! We just saw Asi destroy all the attendees at our Session Convention with this effect. The work is done as you remove the cards from the box, and the rest is completely hands-off. ANY card (truly) and ANY number. It's the purest, most effective version of the plot we have ever encountered. This is worth the price of the DVD alone!

Triumph and Triumph Again: This is a lovely card routine for 5-10 spectators. It's smart, fluid, and highly highly deceptive.


Customer reviews for Three Card Routines



This is so strong for lay audiences, it should be forbidden... Well, it's not. But if you want to do real live TV-magic with methods that cannot be backtracked, this is worth your time. In fact, it's so strong, the effects have been used on TV-magic specials. If that doesn't say enough...


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the June 2015 Genii magazine. Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

This short DVD contains only three routines, but they are workers from the repertoire of one of the most exciting performers in the business. "Triumph and Triumph Again" starts out like a familiar combination of "Triumph" and "Play It Straight," but then takes a turn that will fry you. "Asi's Any Card at Any Number" is simply one of the most direct and effective handlings you will ever find. And "Double Exposure," which shifts the revelation of a "Triumph" routine into a spectator's borrowed camera or phone, is the first trick in years that makes me feel like it's worth it to shuffle my memdeck. It went into my strolling repertoire immediately.

Copyright 2015 by The Genii Corporation.


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