Gypsy Queen

Trick by Asi Wind
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Gypsy Queen

50.00 usd

Trick by Asi Wind (50.00)

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A project years in the making. This is the ULTIMATE table-hopping card trick!

Gypsy Queen is the signature effect of Asi Wind, one of David Blaine's closest friends and trusted consultants. This surprising card reveal happens in your spectator's hands and allows them to keep an impossible memento that they are sure to cherish forever!

Asi covers many of the countless presentation possibilities for this close-up miracle, as well as a variety of different handlings for all skill levels.

You'll even get to see 3 full-length performances of Gypsy Queen to help you best understand the timing and nuances needed to make this trick truly unforgettable.

Each Gypsy Queen set comes with a full pack of specially-made gimmicked cards and a matching regular deck so you can start performing right away. The brand of cards will be the Superior Playing Cards from Expert Playing Card Company, which are high quality and very durable.


Customer reviews for Gypsy Queen



All hail the Gypsy Queen! Any chance to learn from Asi is a gift unto itself. He provides excellent instruction and two very different variations on the effect. If you ever need any motivation to master your "TC" technique, this is it!



Pro tip - do some magic with the Non Gypsy Queen Superior Deck first.
Deck switch and then close with Gypsy Queen.
I find the reactions much stronger to Gypsy Queen (always is strong though) when the crowd has seen the superior back design and the faces of the pack for several tricks. I feel this is because in the back track process, several methods get cancelled. You could also do Gypsy Queen first and then switch to the Non Gypsy and also hand the deck out or do some things after. But frankly some people will guess the method if presented as a one off or without thought or presentation.
This trick for me is great becasue it is unique. And really surprises people.
The other fun thing is if / when someone names "The Queen of Hearts" as their fav card or thought of card - you've got a deck to do another effect you can do as Card at Any Number with another thought of card being held by the queen that is at their number. This would use the same methods as described in the instruction to achieve the final effect.



I'm a big fan of Asi Wind's work, so of course I love Gypsy Queen. You get a normal and a gimmicked deck, both of course of great quality. I really appreciate the full performances that come with the project and the whole explanation is of course very well done.



Great tutorial and fun to do!






I've been told time and time again that if Asi Wind releases something to the masses that you should probably get it while its available. This was my first experience being able to snag something and I dont regret it one bit.

Although I have not had a chance to take this out in public yet (Pandemic and all) It has definitely made its way into my walk around sets and impromptu hangin out at the bat with strangers impromptu magic.

The effect follows such great principles of magic. The accompanying video with Asi was well worth the $50 itself. I cannot wait to perform this out in a crowd.



On the surface the effect of Gypsy Queen is a thought of card is randomly selected by a spectator, but Gypsy Queen is far more than that. Gypsy Queen does all of this in a surprising, deceptive and elegant manner, the spectator can choose ANY card and only says it out loud once it is in their hands, and in a completely unexpected shock the magi is proven to be right in an unexplainable twist of expectations.

Asi is a thorough teacher and explains everything you need to know clearly to achieve this dynamite effect. This is far from anything else you have in your repertoire in terms of effect and style, and the fact this constantly sells out is a testment to how many other magicians too think fondly of it.

If you want a powerful effect that is unlike any other in your repertoire that doesn't require expert levels of sleight of hand, look no farther than one of Asi's best creations, Gypsy Queen.



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One of the best tricks i have ever bought. Such a beautiful way to reveal a card. Exactly what i was looking for in my routine.



From Zero to Hero.
For my style of performing, being naturally a little fumbly the fact you (might) miss at first I love.
It drops the spectators consciousness to the conclusion that "I knew this guy was going to fuzz up."
"There is no such as thing as magic."
And then you hit them with the reveal. Which immediately puts in doubt their judgement.
Those huge quick contrasts in Magic are a rush for all.
So you've got them believing maybe magic could be real and this guy is different than I thought.
What a great way to open. And it also says we can do cool things with cards.
Asi notes and encourages the growth of this trick and credits D Blaine and others for the evolution.
The markings are the best and clearest you'll find. You get two decks. Both marked, but one is the Gypsy deck and the other a Poker deck. And this was a great add on. Cuz really you just need the one deck, but it's better to have an extra. And again these marking are so perfectly placed it's like a trick in itself. Basically zero time look for the marks, which leaves zero time for the spec to think of marked cards.
Even I am a little jealous that I'll never be able to experience this trick like a spectator will.
I'll try :)
Thanks ASI !



This might be the most powerful Card Trick I do!! Thank you Asi and vanishing inc., If only they made refills so I could pass these cards out as souvenirs that would be Amazing



Gypsy Queen, a great card magic trick, and yes the spectator can think of any card, then you do the reveal, as shown in the video add.
This comes with a video, including demonstrations, followed by how to handle this deck.
There are four different versions explained on this video in detail, on how to use this deck.




Despite guessing correctly how this is done (and it was obvious to me after seeing the trailer), I'm still giving this a 5 star rating and positive comment/review

The secret is exactly what I thought it was and personally I won't be handing the card out to the spectator afterwards either - that's just my opinion and if you personally choose to give the card away afterwards, that's your decision and you don't have to (we are all different obviously) and for £45, this is definitely worth the money in my opinion

The video explanation is 28 minutes and 7 seconds long and Asi covers three different variations of this and I think they're all genius ways of doing this effect

There is a move you have to perform in order to make this effect work, and it's easy to do - I already use this move and learnt it years ago so it was a nice bonus for me, and Asi teaches you this move in the video anyway. I will not mention the name of the move as it will spoil it but it's worth it in my honest opinion

For me personally, it's one of those "I wish I thought of this" effects and wish I could turn back time and invent it lol



I bought it at the Blackpool Convention. I learned it. But now I can't find the explanation video. Can you help - I have of course the code word.






WOW what an amazing effect! Leaves peoples stunned. True magic! Little set up, hardly any moves..... Let the Queens lead the way!



I knew from the video this trick would suit my personality and style very much. I had no idea that this trick would get such amazing reactions. A lot of people are saying this is the best trick they have seen me do, which is surprising to me, and I didn't expect that. You truly never know how people will react until you show them. Amazing.



The $50 is well worth the money. With the decks that you get and the tutorial by Asi, you are getting more than you paid for.



tutorial was horrible and not helpful at all
it was all about showing the trick and not teaching

waste money


Community questions about Gypsy Queen

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • glen asks: is this in stock if not please notify me when it becomes available Thanks

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Please email to for this kind of question
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  • Timothy asks: How many performances can you do before the gimmick runs out? What do you do after you run out of gimmicks? Is there a replacement deck you can buy for cheaper? Thanks

    • 1. Peter answers: Is it the same outcome every time?
    • 2. Tom answers: They say a full deck of gimmicks, so I would assume that means 52.
    • 3. Brian answers: Hi Peter The outcome is different everytime ANY card can be named and there is absolutely NO FORCE whatsoever used and they can change their mind if they so wish
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  • Lauren asks: Assuming you are handing out the gimmicked card to the spectator at the finale of the trick, what happens when you have handed out the last gimmicked card? Do you have to order another full deck for $50, again?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to order the deck again, yup.
  • Stephen asks: Are there any slights or funny moves with this

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: One sleight is utilized.
  • David asks: If you don’t give the card away can you re use the card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Robbie asks: I have seen this is in Asi Wind’s Masterclass that I have purchased, do I need the gimmicked deck to do this because it doesn’t come with it in the masterclass?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. You need this special deck in order to perform the trick.
  • Nayos asks: Will there be a refill option available in the future for those who purchase this effect? (hopefully at a lower rate than $50)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards do not get used up for this effect so you should not need to buy a refill as well.
    • 2. Nayos answers: What if you decide to give away the cards as souvenirs?
    • 3. Brian answers: Hi Nayos That's your choice if you wish to give the card away as a souvenir- you don't have to but if you do, that's your choice
  • Colin asks: Is this a limited run or will it be a standard, stock item?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It should be in stock for the foreseeable future.
  • Stephen asks: I'm a local Santa Claus. Can this be easily performed wearing white, cotton gloves?

    • 1. Jim answers: It will take some extra practice, but it is certainly possible.
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  • Paul asks: Now-a-days we see a lot of magic companies that post very skillfully edited videos. This gives a very misleading mindset to the customer. Having been in the field of magic for 54 years since the age 10, like everyone else, I am always looking for the wholly grail of card tricks. In your video it makes it appear that the spectator simply thinks of a FREE Selection without you forcing one on them. I can easily so this trick and make the same card myself if all I am doing is forcing the end result. My question is, "Is it truly the same as what the video depicts?"

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, it is.
    • 2. Michael answers: Here is another answer which I believe likely is more accurate. The video depicts what the spectator remembers happening, but does not show all the interaction when this spectator 'thinks' of a card.
    • 3. John answers: There is no force. It is a great trick, although if you hand the card out as a souvenir, the next spectator cannot name a card that you have given away. Your deck will be getting smaller.
    • 4. Peter answers: So the cards are marked?
    • 5. Peter answers: There’s no way you can give them any card out of the 52 before they name it without narrowing it down to basically what they’ll have to choose , I’m not convinced unless I see a true full performance with no cuts or editing.
    • 6. Peter answers: The cards must be marked as well
    • 7. Peter answers: Is it a different outcome every time ?
    • 8. Brian answers: Peter - They can take ANY CARD before you do anything (absolutely NO FORCE whatsoever used!!!) There are 3 routines taught by Asi Wind in the explanation video (which you can watch instantly online) and they are clever and well taught
    • 9. Brian answers: Michael - the clip where Asi asks the black guy to think of a card then picks one is as it happened in real time - there is no editing of what they think of (and there's no reason to edit out what they think of either) I could ask anyone to think of a card, choose one and they will both match as it happened in the trailer
    • 10. Ron answers: What exactly does that mean??? I think you just lost a sale. There is nothing worse than "Think of any card" except for a red one or a club or a number card or a picture card that is a male. OK.....Let me guess.....Did you think of the Queen of Spades.
    • 11. Clyde answers: Hey, I just read all of this & I think I will buy one as well. Clyde
    • 12. Michael answers: Ok. I’ve owned this effect for over a year and even purchased a second set because I’ve used my first set so much! And it’s a killer. I CAN CONFIRM. YOUR SPECTATOR CAN NAME ANY CARD FROM A REGULAR DECK OF 52 DIFFERENT CARDS, PICTURE CARDS AND NUMBER CARDS and you will always be right, also the ‘sleight/move’ will not be logical to your spectator so they will not even think you have done it!! 100% Peter I’m telling you as someone who has Performed this countless times. NO FORCE, the description of the effect from a spectators view it’s 100% accurate. Plus it’s Asi Wind’s material so that’s enough confidence to show it’s practical and a worker
    • 13. Peter answers: Ty sold!!!
    • 14. Peter answers: Took the plunge hope it’s worth my money I’ll write a review one I attempt it.
    • 15. Brian answers: Hey Paul, you say you've been in magic for 54 years yet you should know that it's HOLY grail and not wholly. For such an "experienced magician" you should know that !!
    • 16. Jared answers: Hey Peter was this everything you were hoping it was? Considering buying it!
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  • Royce asks: You said a sleight was required. I am a beginner so is this a hard sleight to do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As far as sleights go it's a fairly simple one, you should be able to learn this with some practice.
    • 2. Michael answers: Definitely not hard however it would take some practice, especially since the ‘move’ so to speak will not be under scrutiny because of the method, I wouldn’t advise it as a beginner effect but more intermediate.
  • John asks: If someone thinks of the three of hearts and you give the card away as a souvenir does that mean that if someone else asks for the three of hearts that you would have a problem.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, we do not suggest you give these cards away, unless you plan on buying a few of these.
  • Rishabh asks: I bought this trick and its a beautiful and awesome trick. Just have a request. Can anyone link me to the matching normal superior deck (mark/unmarked) with the same shade of red on the back as the one in Gypsy Queen. I bought some normal superior deck to go with the trick but the shade is just slightly off to the one in the gypsy queen. I know they provide a single matching deck to do the trick but I really do need more decks of the same shade for my routine. Thanks

    • 1. Michael answers: Ok had this problem ages ago when I purchased Gypsy Queen (like well over a year ago before it came back in stock) The decks you receive are the superior brand readers old red.....but with a new shade box, yes the decks you purchased are the superior brand new red. Unfortunately the expert playing card company do not supply the boxes that are used in Gypsy Queen anywhere than with the truck. I suggest using the Gypsy Queen red shade box with refill decks of either readers or even the new red, no one will notice in the box
    • 2. Michael answers: ANSWER So basically if you purchase classic back readers they will match the Gypsy Queen deck....but the tuck case is different!
    • 3. Brian answers: You can buy these decks on Ebay or UK magic website I bought a brick (12 decks) of these for £30 brand new and sealed and they're perfect
    • 4. Dottore answers: I don' think that shade of color is available outside of this product. Sorry!
    • 5. Rishabh answers: i did buy a normal deck but the shade of deck did not match with the one that i got from the gypsy queen.
    • 6. Rishabh answers: I figured that the reader back matches the queen. But the superior brand new red (non-reader) available on their website would match the gypsy queen?
    Post an answer to this question
  • Kendra asks: Does the size of your hand matter I have small hands

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The size of your hand does not matter.
  • Ehrin asks: It’s been out for over a year! What’s up check your website . When. Back in stock

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry, I don't understand your question? Please email our Support Wizards ( and someone will help.
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